Bloemenmarkt – the world’s only floating flower market

amsterdam flower market

The Bloemenmarkt is the world’s only floating flower market on Singel (one of the oldest canals in Amsterdam). It’s built on houseboats and I’m a bit dubious about the claim since I’ve seen other floating markets…perhaps “only floating permanent flower market”? I wouldn’t even have noticed it was floating unless I looked at it from behind – stalls don’t usually set up shop over the banks of the canal:


I’m not the type to list down “Sights to See: Floating flower market” in my travel itinerary. I was looking for a smartshop on Singel and bumped into a couple of people purchasing the same items inside said smartshop.

flower market us

They were the ones who told me about the floating flower market and we went and did the tourist thing that afternoon. Quite a few museums around here.

flower market

The Amsterdam floating flower market is pretty nice though if you’re into flowers. It’s quite beautiful even, once you’ve had some truffles to enjoy nature. They also have a lot of tulips, it being the flower of Amsterdam.

tulip bulbs amsterdam

Remember tulip mania?

Posted: 9:59 am Amsterdam time (GMT +1)

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25 thoughts on “Bloemenmarkt – the world’s only floating flower market”

    • Hello Magnolia! Your name is a flower too. =D

      Just happened to bump into them at a smartshop, buying the same thing that’s all. They’re travelers too. 🙂

  1. HB, love the flowers very much. When you were in Australia did you ever had pea mash with pie? I heard it popular there and would like to make it with recipe I found after seeing in Travel Channel of food.

    • Hi Vickie! I’ve had pea mash with just about anything in London – it’s like a side order there, but not so much in Aussie, at least not in Melbourne. I’ve heard of pies in pea soup though.

    • Haha! Just happened to meet the bunch while buying truffles. 🙂

      Tulips are too fragile! I can get you a tulip bulb…but I’m already back home. 🙁

      Sorry Eiling!

    • I actually met them in a more interesting place…in a smartshop buying truffles. I was going through all the different ones and one of them asked me how it felt like.

      Thanks ciki! I will, appreciate the kind comments. 🙂

  2. PHB, this is a pleading request for some sixthseal nostaligia.. how about posting a euro cigarette or alcohol review? a suave dunhill, a handroll, maybe an absinthe ?

    • Hey mate, no worries on that account! I have several lined up already. Expect magic truffle reviews, kratom, ayahuasca and more. 🙂

      I hear you bro!


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