Where the wild things are

Prostitution in Tbilisi, Georgia

dark side of georgia

In post-Soviet Georgia, the flesh trade is alive and well. *ends pretentious investigative journalistic piece

I was brought to this hotel to play billiards and from the moment I stepped in, I knew that the billiard table was a secondary entertainment fixture rather than the centerpiece. My Georgian companions seem to know the working ladies pretty well (later learned that they live just around the corner) and the place is run by a severe looking old woman with several tough looking Georgian guys beside her on the ground floor office.

The billiards cum hostess joint (no pun intended) is located on the second floor, right opposite room number 6, which is used by the girls and women to change. I took a dump in the toilet, that’s how I know. smirk

However, the place exudes nothing but fun, probably coz I didn’t pay a single honest cent for the frivolities of the night – will tell you why later – and it’s a little like the legal gentlemen clubs in Melbourne where you mingle with the working ladies before you decide which to pick.

…and the best thing of all is that you can just drink beer (don’t know how much it costs since my companions picked up the bill) and chill and talk to the girls without feeling pressured or obliged to engage in their services.

There are several distinct cliques – three at my count:

1. The young Russian and Georgian girls (teens to very early 20s)
2. The professional types who lounge around and can do some pretty serious stunts (like exotic dancing while holding on to your waist by the sheer grip of her thighs)
3. The old cunts who are fat and used up

It was a study any sociologists would have found interesting. The old and ugly ones are grumpy and mainly sit at a corner table smoking cigarettes while attending equally old men. The professional types comes and dances and plays billiards with us, giving us plenty of glimpses and encourages groping and touching, often initiating it themselves.

I love the young girls most of all. Their sheer innocence (not in sexual matters of course, you can hardly say that to someone who says she’s 20 but looks 17 and instantly diagnoses you with curiosity tinged with a bit of concern – “You can’t get off unless by hand?” in heavily accented broken English) is rather refreshing.

Now I have followed people to prostitution joints before (the politically correct term is “whorehouses”) but never have I seen the friendliness and playfulness of these two girls:

georgian russian girls

Meet Anna (Russian) and Lola (Georgian).

Both claim to be 20 but Anna has this self esteem issue where she thinks she’s butt ugly. She would be a great blogger if she has chosen another line of work – at least in camwhoring. 😉 She anxiously looks at each photo to see if she looks good and takes another one if she’s not. -_-”

I’ve met people in this industry who is all business (and indeed, one of my companions went for the professional ones and came out disappointed, saying that she wanted more money for extra time – to be fair he was gone the better part of an hour smirk) and the girls clique isn’t one of them.

They are friendly and playful, always calling out “Huai Bin, Huai Bin” (not too shabby, managed to learn my name and some random Chinese phrases too – wo ai ni and wo shi huang ni – while all I managed was Ruski nien but that’s all right coz these two speak pretty good English) and giving you kisses and chatting with you. Hell, they even bought me food and I didn’t even pay for their services.

Anyway, these two intrigued me as they seem to be the only ones (besides one of the more mature professionals) having fun in the place. They dance and practise moves and rope you in as a not-entirely-unwilling partner and is genuinely interested in learning about new places and even exhibit interesting and unprofessional emotions like jealousy.

I guess their childlike personalities made them rather likable – didn’t see them drink a drop of beer or take any illicits, they’re more like teenagers in a line of work which they have accepted and made the best of it. Have you even heard of a prostitute (who’s bread and butter is paid sex) offering sex for free?

I would have put on my most cynical countenance with an appropriately sarcastic “Yeah, right” and either given you a look of sympathy, wondering about the fantasy land you’re frolicking about in your mind or rolled my eyes at how delusional you are to think that people in this line would throw you a free fuck just coz you think you’re a stud.

In short, I’ll have said that is a load of bullshit that I can smell from a thousand miles away…before yesterday night.

I’m just another face in the crowd growing rounder and rounder in the belly but now I’ll probably shrug, smile and think about the two girls in Tbilisi.

Part 1 of the Tbilisi, Georgia Chronicles.

(To Be Continued)

Next up: There is such a thing as a free lunch

Posted: 8:26 pm Amsterdam time (GMT +1)

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24 thoughts on “Where the wild things are”

    • Yeah, I’ve been there once, it’s totally legal, you get a stub and you go in, mingle around and then do your thing. I gave mine to a friend though coz I wasn’t really interested at that time. No kidding. 🙂

    • Hello Aud! Yup, these are the two youngest ones…some professionals about your age or so and the old ones are my age and higher. In total about 10 girls and women. 🙂

    • Man, that could be Tbilisi’s tagline. Heh!

      I kinda took a gamble though, deciding to trust and head out for a night with these guys. Turns out to be better than okay, one of them took care of everything.

      It’s easier when traveling alone. 🙂

  1. HB, many women and also men do it for money to live due poor background and many women do have children being single parent. I readed many women have husband that pimp them for the moeny too. It sad life and people should count their blessing in their life may be better than those who is misfortured.

    • True, true, I guess a lot of Russians do it coz of the money and poverty. Saw an article in Time a long time ago to that effect. :S

  2. Many of the girls in Amsterdam are from Russia etc. Basically, old Eastern block countries where they leave to seek a better life in the West and end up in prostitution and on drugs.

    Anna looks okay, but must agree with previous comments concerning Lola’s NOSE! One huge updraft and she’ll be hang gliding. 🙂

    • Yeah, I read a lot of articles about that too. Russian girls.

      HAHA ya I must admit that struck me a little but then I just watched Wicked the musical the day before. 😉

  3. in post soviet georgia the flesh trade is alive and well… but so it is here in the atlantic south east of the u.s. My bet it’s that way all over the world. ain’t nothing new. You seem to be adept at gettinng yourself into and out of difficult or unusual places and situations. like me. God help you hb, been following your blog and site for several years now. ( two employers, two broke wrists, 4 broke ribs, a dislocatated shoulder, and that’s just mine) so be careful. I am 51. were you my son or brother, I would … never mind. You are neither. Just a friend I have yet to meet in person. but be careful. please. all i can do is say a prayer for you, and I do. still… where you are traveling, people somtimes disapeare. hope you know what you are doing. I’ll say a prayer, some times thats all you CAN do. Sorry, but I’ve come to like your writings. tom

  4. Hey HB what’s up with part 2 ?!?! 🙂

    You shouldn’t keep your faithful readers waiting this long for the juicy parts 😛

    • I’ve actually already written the rough drafts bro. 🙂

      However it would be too much of a good thing if it’s back to back, I reckon…figured it would be better as a once a week thing. 🙂

      I also have other stuff I want to write about. =D

      Thanks for reading Joe!

    • Hello Pat! I’ll love to but I don’t even know where it is.

      I took the train with some locals I met in Georgia and after that it was a 20 minute taxi ride to this place.

      All I know is that it’s near the airport.

      Sorry I can’t be of much help but it’s a dodgy hotel.


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