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I went to the launch of the Tupperware One Touch Airtight Challenge a couple of days back. It was held in Aquaria, KLCC. I was there quite early and Joanna spotted me from the registration counter. I was interested in what Tupperware was unveiling since I heard it was going to be something unusual.


I met Christine and Ee Ling inside the cordoned off area. I was talking to Ee Ling (Senior Manager of Marketing Communications & Corporate Affairs) about the Tupperware brand. Somewhere during the conversation, it was mentioned that they have added new colors to the containers to counter the “aunty” image of Tupperware.

ee ling

I was surprised – that is news to me! I’ve been living with Tupperware for ages – lunch boxes and water containers when I was in primary school – it has always been a premium brand to me. Heck, I was telling my girlfriend that I’ll be attending a Tupperware event and her first reaction was to get all excited and ask if they’ll be giving away Tupperware containers as door gifts.


I told her I didn’t know, maybe, maybe not. It turns out that Tupperware WAS indeed kind enough to give us some. I’m sure that’s going to make my girlfriend very happy. Heh!

You know, back in the days way before man roamed the Earth (and people and to walk 3,000 miles to go to school – one way) people used a lot of interesting but ultimately slap dish ways of maintaining freshness. I call this period of darkness BT (Before Tupperware).

old skool

One of the common things that my grandma’s generation does is to use a serviette (or a piece of newspaper) to “seal” a container tighter – this container usually being a cream cracker aluminium tin. They were big fans of recycling and reusing stuff back then. 😉


It’s all well and good but it doesn’t work very well – the mee sua (longevity noodles) that was given to me for my birthday started going a bit off. It won’t keep very long, unless it’s in a REAL airtight container, not something an old Martha Stewart playing MacGyver thought up several generations ago for making a semi air tight container. 😉


Anyway, back to the Tupperware One Touch Airtight Challenge launch, have you ever wondered why the snacks you put inside Tupperware never goes stale? It’s airtight! In fact it’s so airtight they’re putting a Samsung Galaxy Tab inside it and submerging the Tupperware in a glass aquarium!

Karen of Tupperware went down in SCUBA gear for the launch of the Airtight One Touch Challenge. She was accompanied by two other divers who were feeding food to the fish in the huge tank in Aquaria, KLCC.


The Tupperware One Touch container she’s carrying in this video has a Samsung Galaxy Tab inside it! It’s switched on and fully functional. It’s meant to show the air tight capabilities of the Tupperware One Touch container.


There was a banner unfurled underwater and turtles slowly gliding past us – it really was a grand launch. 🙂

We were brought on a tour around Aquaria, KLCC and reached another area of the aquarium where there will be a permanent fixture of a Samsung Galaxy Tablet inside a Tupperware One Touch container. The unique thing about this is the placement of the container – it’s inside an aquarium in DEEPFOREST.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab is fully functional – I tried calling it from my cell phone and it rang with my number on it! It’s going to be there for about two months and it’s there for a reason. More about that later!


Tea was served after the launch and we headed back with goodies galore from Tupperware. We received a box of One Touch airtight containers and I’ve already put it into good use!

I bought some of my favorite cookies – this one is replacing Tim Tams as my favorite due to its slightly more complex coconut flavor. It’s two biscuits sandwiching a chocolate center. Arnott’s Kingston biscuits, which I hated when I was going through university in Melbourne but have grown to love now.


The problem with buying cookies is that I can’t finish them in one sitting (but chips is another matter) and if you just put it in the fridge, it goes a bit off and absorbs the other smells in your refrigerator. 😡

It’s just not meant to be stored that way…which is why the packages have “Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place” printed on it. Now that I have the Tupperware One Touch containers, I can indulge without having to worry about finishing the entire pack or risk it going bad.


This allows me to make great discoveries like this Italian delight. Forno Bonomi Savoiardi Ladyfingers is awesome! It tastes great when you dunk it into hot coffee – the entire biscuit rapidly absorbs the liquid like a sponge. You can even make a no-bake tiramisu with the biscuits when you’re bored of eating it.

I also included my current favorite brand of chocolate chip cookies (from the US of course). This is Pepperidge Farm Sausalito Milk Chocolate Macadamia with whole macadamia nuts in a chocolate chip cookie. It’s not cloyingly sweet…in fact it’s rather bland (in a good way) compared to most choc chip cookies – you can taste the subtle flavors – definitely a product for adults.

onion rings

…and my current favorite snack – Burger King’s onion rings! It’s also made in the USA and it’s quite expensive at RM 9. However it tastes REALLY good and somewhat like the real onion rings from BK. Of course, onion rings from BK would be cheaper but it won’t be as crunchy as this!


I have the gene that causes me to eat a whole bag of chips so putting this into a Tupperware container makes the excuse “Oh it’s going to go stale if I don’t finish it so I might as well eat the whole bag” moot. 🙂


I like how the One Touch containers are stack-able too – it really saves space – the snacks and cookies go into one cupboard and the noodles go into another.


I’m loving it!

Do you want to win your own Tupperware hampers and Samsung Galaxy Tabs? Just type <TupperwareAirtight>space<Your Name> and send to 012 783 0790. It’s a regular cell phone number, not one of those short codes where you have to pay though your nose to text. I like the consideration given – you only pay the regular SMS charges that your cell provider charges! 🙂


Every 100th SMS received will get a Tupperware hamper full of products worth RM 50 and a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab! There are three (3) Samsung Galaxy Tabs to be won. The contest ends on the 31st May 2011 and you can actually see it happen in real life if you head down to Aquaria, KLCC!


Just go to the DEEPFOREST section and look for the aquarium with the Tupperware One Touch container with the Samsung Galaxy Tab inside. It’s fun to text and see your SMS appear. 😉

enjoy rings

The number you’re looking for is 012 783 0790. Head on over to Tupperware’s Facebook page for more information on the contest!

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26 thoughts on “A touch to remember”

  1. Hey a Samsung Galaxy Tab! I have been eying that one. I am not an iPad fan so this is great! Thanks HB! I will try my luck with this Tupperware contest. 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s a pretty nifty contest eh? The best part is that you just have to text a regular cell phone number, not one of those short codes which charges an arm and a leg. 🙂

      I’m regularly texting too. Heh! 😀

      Good luck bro!

    • Yeah, us too! 😀

      We use it to store rice, meats and leftovers (coz I sometimes tend to cook more than we can actually eat). No worries though I’ll just eat it for breakfast the next day.

      Cooking is fun, we do it almost everyday now since we both enjoy it. 🙂

    • Yup, Tupperware has been working for ages! 🙂

      It’s tried and true, it’s totally airtight so we use it to store a lot of different stuff. It can keep for practically forever. Heh!

      I like how I can ration my snacks – I don’t have to force myself to eat the entire bag and not enjoy it towards the end. I can keep it like this and unlike the Rubber Band Method (TM) putting it in Tupperware actually keeps it as good as when you first opened it. 🙂

    • Hello Eiling! 😀

      Yeah, me too. We actually have several before this already. It works very well if you cook a lot – which we’re doing almost everyday. It keeps snacks and other stuff fresh too. 🙂

      …and since I live in a 500 sq ft studio apartment, Tupperware being stackable is a huge plus point since space is at a premium over here. 🙂

  2. i dun think tupperware is auntie too. its a cool brand. we use it for years and it never spoils and they replace the top of the container foc if its broken. ^^

    • Oh yeah, I remember they do that for the water bottles when I was in primary school. Heh!

      Yeah, I love the brand too, very nifty, good with keeping lots of different stuff. 🙂

      • Yup! That’s the point my friend! 😀

        A lot of contests uses short codes e.g. 36000 or something like that which costs more than regular SMS charges. It can be any amount in fact…

        The good thing about this Tupperware contest is that it uses a regular cell phone so when you send an SMS – it’s at regular rates by your telco plan. 🙂

    • Heh! Well, not exactly, you have to factor in all the other people who ALSO sends in texts e.g. you can send in 100 SMSes in a row, but if there are people who break your continuous cycle by sending texts in between, you won’t be the 100th SMS received. 🙂

      …but it is pretty good odds. This is one of the two text contests I’m actually participating in now. 😀

      • Yalor…imagine, you’re the 99th…and while you are sending the next one, somebody else potong jalan andbecome the 100th while you end up becoming the 101st. With my kind of luck, I’m sure this will happen – born loser. 🙁

        • Heh! Well, you don’t have to send 100 in a row, just send one once in a while when you feel like it. It’s what I’m doing. 🙂

          Who knows, you might be the one. 🙂

    • Hello Mel! Yeah, I’ve seen that flavor around too but I like the regular ones. It’s quite expensive for a snack though eh?

      RM 9 for a regular pack…but then it’s not very mass market over here. It’s really delicious though. 😀

    • Morning Ellie! 🙂

      Yeah, it’s pretty standard equipment – my mom made me bring over some when I was doing my uni in Australia too. Heh!

      I did find a lot of usage for it though. 😀

  3. The Tupperware will be inside the aquarium at KLCC for two months?
    How do they charge the phone? I am sure it cannot last for two months without recharging.
    I do want a Samsung tab though. I will be trying my luck with the contest.


    • Yeah, it’ll be in Aquaria, KLCC for the entire contest period. 🙂

      Good question! I asked that during the launch too. Heh!

      Well, I was told they take the Samsung out every night to recharge it and also to download all the text messages received to choose the winners from before putting the phone back into Tupperware and then re-submerging it.

      Good luck in the contest Riz! 🙂

    • Hello Diana! Well, yes and no. It’s a new colors to an existing line of Tupperware. 🙂

      Good luck in the contest. 🙂

    • Heh! Tell me about it! I’m cooking almost everyday to boot! 😀

      It used to be just something fun I do once in a while but now that there’s two of us and we both enjoy cooking, we cook almost everyday!

      Heck, we’ve even got a routine for grocery shopping now. 🙂


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