Broken egg yolks

this has so many meanings its mindblowing

Why do I keep on breaking eggs? It seems that the shell crack sometime during transport and I don’t get a full dozen when I get home.

I don’t know.

Psychologists may say it has something to do with my “crucial formative years” and throw around prescriptions (yes, there is a medication for everything – all diseases real and imagined – better living through chemistry, ya know, they can even treat previously non-existent mental conditions nowadays too) and I totally forgot where I was going with this paragraph.

I shouldn’t have made that aside, that one really made me lose track and go into another line of thought, chasing it through the neural pathways, perusing the synapses okay I’m going to stop with stupid oh-i-forgot-what-the-blasted-word-is-suppposed-to-be-called now).

Anyway, you probably may (or may not I don’t really care which) have probably heard that I have broken up with my ex-girlfriend. She’s leaving today and going back to Sarawak.

Goodbye and all the best! Take care! 🙂

I was about to end this with something related to egg yolks but I totally forgot what I wanted to say. No matter.

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27 thoughts on “Broken egg yolks”

    • Heh! I don’t get it either after reading it today Michelle. 😉

      I think I was in a different state of mind when I wrote this.

    • Yup, pity about the egg…all the king’s men won’t be able to put him back together again. 😉

      Thanks for the support Kate! 😀

    • Well bro I do my grocery shopping in bulk so when I carry it back it’s like two armloads…

      …so there’s bound to be things bumping into each other. 😡

      I ought to buy eggs with sturdier cartons.

    • how about bring your own container next time? After you pay at the check out, plonk the eggs into your own super duper container.

      I once had to carry 20 cartons of milk up 3 flights of stairs. Call me crazy coz i am.

      • Hmm…that’s actually a pretty good idea bro.

        Containers for eggs. 🙂

        Hey, I find that the 30 egg cartons makes for a MUCH BETTER transport mechanism than these 12 egg flimsy plastic ones.

        The proper egg cartons are sturdier, stackable and protects the eggs better.

        …but yeah, carrying 20 cartons of milk up 3 flights of stairs…that’s gnarly. I would have asked some people to help me with it. Heh!

    • Heh! Well, it contributes to existing problems but that’s not why we broke up Mel. 🙂

      It was actually coz we were together for the wrong reasons in the first place. She was single, I was single, and somehow during Chinese New Year we decided to be in a “serious relationship” due to our age.

      It turned out to be a bad idea but at least we’re still friends. 🙂

    • Good idea bro! 🙂

      Unfortunately, that’s not the problem with me bro. It’s when I get back and carry the groceries to my condo that all the groceries bump into each other.

      I have to lock my car door, scan the card three times to get in, take the lift and go into my block so doing all that while carrying armloads of groceries always lead to problems. 🙂

  1. Sigh! Another one bites the dust…but all for the better, I would always say. If things don’t work out, better now than later…when already tied the knot. Cheer up, buddy! You do sound a bit down this time around…

    • Yup, thanks for that buddy! 🙂

      I totally agree, better to find out now and still remain friends than let it fester and become a really bad break up.

      No worries, it’s just life and life goes on. 🙂

  2. Your relationship with her just like the egg shell, so easy to crack. Any, i see the egg still eatable. Eat it. And, did she call you asshole this time?

    • Nah mate, it was a very amicable split. We’re still friends. 🙂

      She’s a nice person, Jeanie, it’s just that we’re together for all the wrong reasons.

  3. I think the MAIN reason why you guys can broke so easily is because you, HB “carrying armloads of groceries” (hanging around with so many girls).

    • Nope, wrong on that account bro. It’s not coz of girls at all, that wasn’t even an issue in our relationship. 🙂

      Our split was not caused by any living thing, but rather something inanimate.

      It was something else, and mostly it was coz we were together just coz we wanted to be in a relationship, Wrong reasons.

    • Hey, sure thing mate, but if I had to go through it again (without hindsight), I probably will.

      It’s just life. You life, you learn. 🙂


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