Nadeje Patisserie Cafe in Melaka serves a lot of food you’ll expect to find in a fusion restaurant but the menu has been eclipsed by their fabulous Mille crepes. Nadeje is famous for Mille crepes and a lot of people come in just to have that. Mille crepe is a popular French cake made of many layers of very thin pancakes sandwiching a sweet cream concoction.

nadeje melaka

The name “Mille” implies that there is a thousand such layers, but of course, that would be near impossible to pull off. However, it does have a lot of layers and the beauty of Nadeje’s Mille crepes is that each individual layer is razor thin, with a delightfully thick cream filling.

mille crepes melaka

I was in Melaka a couple of days back and headed Nadeje in Dataran Pahlawan to see what the fuss is all about. There is a wide range of Mille crepes at the counter, with favors ranging from Banana Chocolate to Tiramisu. The Mille crepes goes for RM 9 per slice – it’s very reasonable pricing considering this is likely to be one of the most orgasmic cakes you’ve ever had.

banana cafe latte

Banana Cafe Latte
This is a rather intriguing coffee drink that I ordered to go with the Mille crepes. It is basically a latte with banana pulp at the bottom, which acts as a natural sweetener. I wouldn’t have thought of it but banana goes very well with coffee.

roman holiday

Roman Holiday
Mel had this cocktail. Nadeje also serves a wide variety of fancy non-alcohol cocktails and this three layered soda-based drink is one of the famous ones. It comes complete with a heart shaped stirrer.

nadeje mille crepe

Original Mille Crepe
This is arguably the best – the original is Nadeje’s signature Mille crepe sans fancy toppings. It is still regarded by many as the definitive Nadeje Mille Crepe – if you haven’t had this in Melaka, you totally missed out.

original mille crepe

It’s incredibly light and fluffy due to the multitude of layers and the creamy aftertaste is simply divine. I could eat this all day long and not get tired of it. It’s rich and creamy without being cloyingly sweet.

nadeje melaka mille crepe

Mille Crepe Melacca
I had a slice of this coz I figured it would be apt. We were in Melaka for a road trip after all and I thought it would be interesting to try this East meets West fusion. It’s Mille crepe topped with Gula Melaka (palm sugar) and whipped cream.

melacca mille crepe

I like how the gula melaka works with the Mille crepe – it adds an extra boost of sugar to the confection and you get the unique signature aftertaste of palm sugar. Delicious!

mille crepes

The Mille Crepe in Nadeje was one of the things that we planned to eat in Melaka and it did not disappoint. I would even go so far to say that it’s worth driving down just to savor this fluffy delight. :)

However, if you don’t feel like hitting the road, there’s a rainbow buttercream cupcake promotion on MilkADeal that looks very promising.

rainbow buttercream cupcake
RM15 instead of RM27 for 6 Rainbow Buttercream Cupcakes OR 6 Glorious Chocolatey Muffins from Craves4Cakes, Subang Jaya [44% OFF]

If you have a sweet tooth, you can now get a variety of cupcakes, chocolate muffins and even an interesting swirly tricolor marble cake to satisfy your craving. The deal expires in a couple of days so grab it quick! They even do free delivery to some areas. :)

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39 Responses to “The famous Nadeje Mille Crepe in Melaka”

  1. i never tried this before. :) it’ll be interesting to know what it’s like

    • It’s delicious Michelle! I love Nadeje’s Mille crepes – the pancakes are really thin and the cake comes across as fluffy and creamy. :)

      Awesome stuff.

  2. Ooooo…I love crepes and pancakes. Would want to drop by and try…but it looks like a place for young people to hang out. I’d stick out like a sore thumb… LOL!!!

    • Heh! There were actually a wide range of people there…families included, there was one that comprised of three generations (I think, judging from their ages) sitting two tables down.

      I think some people come in for the food but most come for the Mille crepes.

      I see a lot of out of state people here too. You’ll love the stuff, it’s light and fluffy. :)

  3. yet another post on nadeje.. ok, need to go there in my malacca trip soon.. haha :)

  4. They are available in KL to from the founder of the Malacca shop. The downside is they have no shop instead a delivery based service.

    Still best price and convenient!

    • Interesting!

      Thanks for the infomation mate. :)

      Delivery is still better than nothing, at least you can get it for birthdays and such. :D

  5. OMG, they all looked so good!

    • Yeah, I wish I could try all the different flavors but there are so many and only two of us.

      It would be awesome to go again so I can try the other ones! :)

  6. not bad cake. . .and real nice to lepak late evening . . .breezy

    • Yeah, I imagine it would be nice to sit outside during the evenings, bro. :)

      I love the Mille crepes, they do it really well here. Best I’ve had in Malaysia. :D

  7. Food Foundry at seksyen 17 also serve a pretty good version, heard it’s the same recipe from here too.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard about FF too, but I’ve only had it once – someone’s office birthday and I think they bought it the day before. I should go and try it again. :)

      • Yeap! I just tried it last saturday and it is fluffily nice! After craving Nadeje for quite some time, at last, am able to tried some in KL to satisfy my tastebud first. Anyway, still looking forward to try Nadeje’s deli one day :) Cheers………

  8. HB, this Mille is also sold in Taipei. The people order a whole one in boxes every day it so popular. Martha Stewart showed how to make it also on her tv show and one day I will make it get together party.
    I thinking of using mango cream in it.

  9. i miss the taste. I had it 2 years back!

    • Yeah, it’s lovely stuff. :)

      I like the original one although the fancy new toppings does add a lot to it – especially the Malacca Mille Crepe with gula melaka.

      Nice localization. :D

  10. these damn delicious mille crepes must be eaten at there fresh! coz the i’ve tried eating the take-away ones and they taste quite different afterwards…

    • Yeah, I figured as much! I’ve had FF’s previously for an office birthday but it didn’t seem so good to me, probably coz it was purchased the day before.

      …or as you mentioned, since it’s take away.

      I agree, eating it at the place itself is key. :)

  11. you’re right. the crepe does look so beautiful and so yummy! I wished i could have a slice now. Why never ta pao?!!

    • It’s awesome!

      I was on Twitter and Facebook at Nadeje, if you asked, I would have tapao for you, no problems. :)

      I’ll get for you next time Eiling! :D

  12. wow! they must be doing so well, they renovated! i still have old pic on an old blogpost, where Nadeje had some crappy blue shutters and grafitti on the side of the walls.. times, they are a changing!

    • Heh! I suspect it’s coz they’re doing rather well.

      The al fresco seating was empty, no doubt, due to the extremelly hot weather in Melaka, but the inside was full.

      There were people coming in just as a table clears and queues to have Mille crepe to go too.

      Nadeje is open is two places in Melaka now. :D

  13. i made them once… pretty tiring coz u need to ‘fry’ and put the cream layer by layer… it taste pretty good.. would love to make them again this time with some flavour (choc or fruit).. yummeh!!!

    • Nice! Yeah, I imagine it’s very time consuming to make – all these layers you have to wait to set before putting on another.

      Good work, you’re inspiring me to make one when I’m free. :D

  14. Omg!! This is an evil post. Im craving so badly for the mille crepe. T_T

  15. Sucks Services and poor management. This is the first time i went to Pahlawan and will be the last. I wont recommend my fren to enter this cake shop. Terrible experience….!

  16. How can you post such bad slogans ?

  17. thanks for the article! i have been searching for this place for long. a good place to hang with ur friends.
    anyway can u tell me, is the restaurant serve halal food & drink?

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