Fake Monster Beats by Dr Dre Tour at Low Yat Plaza

I just got scammed!

fake monster beats by dr dre tour

I bought a pair of fake beats by dr. dre headphones at Low Yat Plaza. I wasn’t familiar with the range and was amazed by the sound quality – the deep, rich bass and perfect pitch range literally floored me. It wowed me enough to lust after the in-ear noise-canceling earbuds.

Here is how the scam works:

how to tell fake beats by dr dre

  • The sales girl offers you a pair of demo headphones and plugs it into an iPod. I think this is the ONLY real unit.
  • The fake Monster beats by dr. dre Tour high resolution headphones are sealed in boxes and stacked nicely at the counter.
  • She lets you listen to the music and marvel to yourself at how awesome the sound quality was for just RM 60.
  • You purchase the earbuds, patting yourself on the back for your bargaining skills and the amazing deal you just got.

fake monster packaging

I only realize I’ve been had when ShaolinTiger told me about this website which details the (apparently rampant) fake Monster beats by dr. dre tour going around. Mine was definitely a counterfeit one – it shows all the hallmarks of the fake version and the price was too good to be true. I later found out that the real ones retail at RM 850 while I got mine at RM 60.

Monster Beats by Dr Dre Tour

fake beats by dr dre low yat

I wrote this BEFORE I knew it was a fake pair of headphones. I was gushing about it and typed this at rapid staccato excited mode in 30 minutes. It just goes to show how stupid I am. -_-


I was walking around Low Yat, intending to get a pair of headphones to replace my busted stock Apple ones. I noticed one of the smaller shops displaying a line of headphones and ear-buds made (endorsed? collaborated?) by Dr Dre.

I stopped and took a look at the boxes. They came in several variants – the biggest of which are limited edition full earmuff studio headphones with Lamborghini/Ferrari partnerships. I asked about the price – the high end limited edition stuff was RM 599.

Now this was nothing more than a curiosity on my part, just looking around ya know…until I saw the beats by dr dre Tour range. It’s a noise-canceling earbud headphone – the type you jam into your entire ear so the drivers inside will direct the sound right into your ear canal instead of dissipating it.

I like the design and the earphones look pretty nifty too – it’s black and red, two of my favorite colors. However, they were going for RM 90 – I finally bargained down the price to RM 85 at which point she woefully agreed, saying that she’ll only get a RM 10 profit.

I said I’ll come back but purchasing the earbuds was just a possibility in my mind at that time. An option, if you will.

I wanted to look around and as I took the escalators up, I was accosted by a particularly enthusiastic sales person. She was selling the same range of products. I asked how much the Monster beats by dr dre Tour was (I couldn’t afford the RM 599 studio headphones) and she said RM 75.

Now that’s much cheaper than the price quoted by the person downstairs but in the spirit of bargaining (see woeful RM 10 profit feigned reluctance above) I said that I was quoted a cheaper price at the shop downstairs. I creatively mentioned RM 70 instead of RM 75.

The passionate sales girl immediately said she can match the offer and sell it for RM 70. She pulled out an iPod and insisted on giving me a demo. Well, you know, these things go RIGHT INTO your ear so earwax and stuff like that can stick on it, but I’m not particular so I shrugged and donned the buds.

She played the song Like a G6 and I listened to it…in growing amazement. I was in music nirvana. I don’t like the song but damn was that a fine rendering of sound. I could hear ranges I never could with the stock headphones that came with my iPad 2 and it was LOUD!

I think I couldn’t keep the ecstasy off my face and the sales girl, sensing a potential customer, immediately launched into a play list that shows off the bass reproduction of the earbuds.

Jesus Doggystyle Mary!

I have never heard music with such clarity since my AUD 300 purchase of a rather expensive studio headphones back when I was in university. The design of the earbuds is what makes it so good – it’s noise-canceling coz when you jam it into your ears, it fills up all the empty space around it.

I could hardly hear the crowd and when I scratched myself, it didn’t sound like it normally would – the fingernail against fabric noise sounded distant…like you were on a heavy dose of opiates and was about to nod off. I don’t even know why I used this analogy since 97.3% of you won’t be able to relate but that’s how it sounds like. smirk

I was hooked. I WANTED the headphones. I would lust for it as a lover pines for his unrequited love until I bought it.

fake monster beats by dr dre-tour-box

The girl let me have her iPod and listen to it while she rummaged around and opened the RM 599 limited edition studio headphones. She insisted that I listen to it. It was good, I would buy it if I had the cash but it’s not a lot different from the Tour version…at least not enough to justify the huge price gap.

She said she’ll let me have the studio headphones for RM 450 but I was interested in the more affordable earbuds. I said I’ll consider it if she can sell it to me for RM 65 and after a bit of hemming and hawwing she said okay. I then said I’ll buy it right off her now if she’ll give it to me for RM 60.

I was looking at the packaging while talking to her and I saw that these are MONSTER headphones! Not the recruitment company, the one that sells professional grade high quality A/V cables! Dr. Dre apparently has a collaboration with them or something, giving us this very cool looking red and black earphones.

Heh. I haven’t bargained in a long time and it’s good to know that I still can push down prices. She agreed, but much more reluctantly this time. I don’t know how much the cost price is, but I’m guessing RM 60 is towards the low-profit end of it.

I just did it for shits and giggles, RM 5 is less than what you’ll pay for parking but it’s fun to do.

However, she did mention that she will sell it for RM 50 apiece if I buy 3 or more. Considering how I treat my headphones, that would be a rather excellent idea, but I still had to buy an external HDD so I just bought that one.

fake beats by dr dre low yat plaza

It was the demo that got me – listening to the quality and sheer power of the driver in such a small earbud design blew me away. Literally.

The other good thing I noticed is that the wires won’t tangle coz it’s flat like linguine – that makes it harder to snag and tangle around.

It’s a really good buy for RM 60. I really am loving it – at this price, it’s unbeatable. I also tried another popular mainstream consumer electronics brand’s noise-canceling earbuds for RM 110 (cheapest price) and it doesn’t even come close to beats by dr dre tour’s quality.

Highly recommended.

I just wrote over a thousand words about a pair of earbud headphones. I guess that says something.


I wish I had said that I’ll just take the demo pair, no need to trouble yourself in getting a new one for me. I’ll love to see the sales girl’s reaction and what excuses she’ll come up with. Heh!

fake beats by dr dre

Beware of fake Monster beats by dr. dre Tour high resolution headphones in Low Yat Plaza!

fake monster beats by dr dre

I didn’t get a receipt for the purchase, but I didn’t think anything of it at the time. No wonder the staff all ducked when I took a photo of the headphones on display. It’s amazing marketing though – get a real pair to wow the potential customer and sell them the fake ones…or maybe I’m just naive. 😡

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96 thoughts on “Fake Monster Beats by Dr Dre Tour at Low Yat Plaza”

  1. hahaha that was fast. its ok i have been scammed into buying fakes before this too. the last time i bought decent earphones i got a razr low end ear bud which was rm 110. Its much better than stock apple ones for sure.

    • Yeah, I actually wrote that 1,000 word bit before opening the package. I write better (in terms of memory recollection) when I’m not listening to anything. 🙂

      Sorry to hear about your experience bro. This fake pair is worse than the stock Apple ones, which I was replacing.

      I then realized that I’ve been had and wrote the rest and took the photos of the cheap flimsy box. 😡

      • hahaha nice pun there! yes better focus now. After this article i have been reading up on Dr Dre’s Beat by Monster. It apparently seems that there’s alot of fake ones out there especially for this range. And the reviews aren’t very impressive tho.

    • It’s about making an informed decision. I wouldn’t have minded an iota if the sales girl told me it’s a fake and it’s going cheap for just RM 60 and let me listen to the quality on the fake one instead of keeping a real pair for demos.

      That’s just plain conniving.

      It was NOWHERE close to the quality of the real demo unit that I was shown.

      …if I had known it would sound this bad, I would have forked out another RM 50 to get the other brand instead of using this.

      The sound reproduction of the fake ones is worse than stock Apple earbuds. Oh well. 🙂

    • Hmm…I don’t know. This is Malaysia after all, and it’s not that it’s a bad deal per se but rather one of principle.

      …if I had been informed that this is a fake and listened to the quality of the counterfeit ones, I would not have bought it. 🙂

      I would have shelled out extra to get a better quality (the above mentioned RM 110 pair).

      I did take a photo – the second one, but I was more interested in the studio headphones than the sales person.

      …besides, I reckon they’re just doing their jobs for minimum wage and commission. *shrugs

    • Yeah, from the link to the article about massive counterfeiting of Monster Beats by Dr Dre Tour, it seems that it’s a huge problem.

      You’re right, but then I didn’t know anything about the range then. 🙂

      I just listened to the demo unit and decided to purchase it.

      It’s the deceitfulness that irks me, I would not have minded if I was told it’s fake and sold at a cheap price and given a chance to listen to the quality of the pair I’m getting instead of the real one kept as a demo only unit.

      I know it sounds too good to be true, but then again, there is a HUGE sale at Low Yat Plaza now and the stall was adorned with large NEW *PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT PRICE* signs on the earbuds. 🙂

    • Yeah, I didn’t even realize they didn’t give me a receipt until I got one from the place where I got my external 1 TB HDD. Gotta backup my notebook. 🙂

    • Yeah, it retails for RM 850 for the real ones.

      Insanely expensive eh?

      I would probably pay RM 300 give or take for a good pair of headphones but not RM 850. 🙂

    • Hello Ian! 🙂

      Well, this is Malaysia. Intellectual property means next to jack shit around here.

      The fake are really cheap earbuds – they make it look like the real ones, so at first glance, it looks like an authentic Tour but it’s really some cheap made in China crap with a nice coat of paint on top.

  2. that’s why i dont like shopping at lowyat.. lol.. i always have this mentality that the merchants will scam me or smth 😛

    well, at least you didn’t pay hundreds for a fake one..

    • Yup, there’s at least that. Cheers Ken! 🙂

      It’s not really about the money, RM 60 is nothing (pay RM 90 for parking last time when I go on extended holidays – and that’s the cheap price, claiming a lost ticket, it would have been thousands if it went by the meter).

      It’s about the deceitfulness of it all. Tell me it’s fake la.

      I buy pirated DVDs too (at least I used to, now I just torrent) and I know it’s fake, they don’t try to con you that it’s the real thing and sell it to you for RM 30 or something.

    • Haha! Good point there. I would spend RM 300 on headphones at the most. I wouldn’t spend anything more than that coz I tend to go through them really fast.

      I use (abuse?) them a lot. 🙂

    • Exactly Diana! 🙂

      That’s a perfect analogy, I borrowed it in a reply up there.

      Thanks Di! 🙂

      Erm…nope I’m gonna use this one until it’s done and then get another pair of quality earmuff type headphones. 😀

    • Not really actually!

      I have good experiences in Low Yat generally. 🙂

      Cheap but original stuff, especially in the larger stores.

      Thanks for the support through Mary! 😀

    • Heh! Well, that’s one way of looking at it Rose. 😉

      …but it’s a really crappy pair of earbuds for RM 60. I could do better by paying more.

    • True mate, but I just wish she told me that it was fakes so I could make an informed decision.

      I would have forked out more for a real pair, different brand of course. 🙂

  3. “She played the song Like a G6 and I listened to it…in growing amazement. I was in music nirvana.”

    She Work Hard For The Money by Donna Summers, that’s the correct song to describe this con artist girl.

    “It’s amazing marketing though – get a real pair to wow the potential customer and sell them the fake ones…”

    It’s the Marketing Foreplay 101 – Kiss Me Before We Get Laid.

    It’s probably even worse when these fraudsters lurking around at Lelong, Mudah, Low Yatt Forum etc websites! If they can conned you on retail store easily, surely it’s a wild west conjob galore at online sites!

    “Kiss Me Before We Get Laid” – so beware folks! Shop smart!

    • Heh! Well, online sites are different, like ebay, they have ratings for trusted sellers and you can check the feedback.

      I do use Mudah and the other sites as well, but I get in touch with the person first and it’s COD anyway.

      I will also do research on the product I want to buy before getting it.

      I was just in a rush that day. 🙂

  4. RM60 surely a big time Charlie when these fraudsters got it from China for RM10 but then in China it would cost RM4.65 no thanks to their trained monkey slave labours.

    Well that’s good for a country with 1 billion folks, endless supply of slave labours and cheap plastic parts. You name it they got it produced, cost-effectively!

    • I know! 😡

      I used to work in a security company, in R&D so I try out lots of stuff – mostly US or London ones (just got a comment from someone I used to buy from a month ago – he tracked down my blog and got back in touch).

      The ones in China, they’ll ask you how much.

      I didn’t get it at first, coz I sent the specs of what I wanted to be fabricated.

      They said how much do you want it to be? We’ve got RM 1, RM 5, RM 10, RM 20 ones…but I don’t recommend the RM 1.

      I tell you, I was flabbergasted coz I sent them the exact specs but apparently they can still skimp on the parts. Amazing.

  5. The next time i meet you bro you should try out my SHURE headphones.. Cost me more than RM 1000 but it is worth every single cent.. Has been with me now for more than 2 years and the sound quality has not dropped one bit.

  6. Sorry to hear that.. Although people in and around lowyat can get pretty scary and aggressive. I never go there alone. Well for now I guess you can have fun with the cheap pair till ure ready to pay 600 bucks for a genuine pair! Heh..

    • Hello Alycia! 🙂

      I think Petaling Street is worse, I’ve had friends go over and get shouted at. A friend of mine blogged about it – fortune teller getting all in her face and everything. 😡

      Low Yat’s not so bad if you go to the larger stores, they have really cheap prices compared to the smaller ones.

      Heh! True that, or use to X-mini that a friend of mine gave me yesterday. 🙂

  7. I’ve seen these fake Beats lying around in Low Yat Plaza. Be more careful next time. One of the very few places you can trust they are selling genuine units are the reputable Apple resellers (you’ll know when you see one).

    Prices that are too good to be true are indications of a fake lying ahead.
    Having owned a few pairs of Beats by Dre, I’d say they actually do sound really good despite being slightly overpriced due to the celebrity endorsements. Just too bad these fakes they are selling are killing Monster’s reputation. I actually met quite a few who have been wearing these fakes for months, never realizing it.

    Tour never goes below 600 ringgit while Beats by Dre Studio never goes below 1400 ringgit in Malaysia. They are still pretty rare back home and even in the US, prices are pretty much controlled so discounts are minimal at best.

    Just suggesting: Sennheiser IE8 actually sounds better than Tour IMHO 🙂

    • Yeah, I heard that Machines has it.

      I didn’t know about the brand previously. I also think it sounds awesome, I heard the original in the “demo unit”.

      Okay, thanks for the pricing information and tip bro!

      Much appreciated Ryan! 🙂

  8. This blog include more and more postings looking like advertisements for products, hotels, restaurants etc.
    Would it be an idea to add a disclaimer telling that you receive money and/ or goods from writing about brands / companies / hotels?

    • Haha! Bro, I was lamenting the Low Yat scam here.

      The restaurant reviews on the front page that you’re talking about are just postings about what I did when I went back to Sibu. I paid for the food, or in some cases, my dad or a friend.

      Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Just coz others do subliminal advertising doesn’t mean that I do. This post was not sponsored or endorsed by Monster and I had nothing to do with them except buying a pair of their fake product. 😉

      I ALWAYS label it as a “sponsored post” if it’s an advertisement. 🙂

      Don’t worry bro, if it’s not tagged as a sponsored post, it’s not.

  9. BTW the biggest scam is still Dr Dre – a non-medical doctor self-conferred the Dr title himself. Much worse than some Kuching towkeys here shameless lot buying themselves Dr title from dubious university aka. fake but glamourous intellectuals / professional idiots!

    It’s better for HB to resell this earpiece junk back at Mudah special offer RM39.99 and trust me still lots of idiots would buy it Ha, Ha!

    • Heh! Well, I used to hate Eminem (am more of a West Coast rap kinda guy, loved Tupac Shakur) until I listened to one of his albums.

      I like Eminem but I’m not a fan of Dr. Dre.

      I’ll listen to him if he collaborates with Eminem e.g. I Need A Doctor but otherwise, I’m meh. I think of him as the guy who “discovered” Eminem and the smart half of Death Row Records (Suge is an idiot). 🙂

  10. Erm, I saw many of them in Sungai Wang but they are selling it for RM300. But that’s headphone, not earphone. Do you have anyways to find out anything about the fake headphone?

    • I was quoted RM 450 in Low Yat.

      I think it’s overpriced for fakes, can hardly find any real ones over here unless you go to Machines or something.

      Don’t get it for RM 300 bro, it’s probably a fake, and fakes aren’t worth RM 300. You can get better ones. 🙂

  11. the problem is in this era is that nearly all products are made in china whether or not original or fake. i guess factory in china have 2 shifts. Morning shift, produce original stuff, night shift, produce fake or illegal staff.

  12. Hi Huai Bin,

    If you want to demo Beats by Dr Dre, you can also go to Harvey Norman outlets.

    I’ve been to the one at Ikano Power Centre and they have all kinds of Beats by Dr Dre as demo. And you can try all of them there!

    And yes they are certainly not RM 60! 🙂

    • Thanks Alex! 🙂

      I’ll keep that in mind. Yeah, the things are quite expensive, I didn’t know there were so many fakes going around. I saw a lot in Hong Kong too.

  13. I tried out a fake dr. dre solo HD, seems okay for me, though I would prefer the original one. =.=; but who the hell would go and buy it (especially a student like me…) for 1000+ *sigh* no thanks pls D:

    • Ya I accidentaly bought a fake one, and I search the internet whats the difference all they can say is the slight physical changes, but the sound quality is still totally awesome, It’s really good, so why the hell we gonna spend high? Think about it…

  14. Looks like I have just joined you to become one of the victims in getting counterfeit product from Low Yat Plaza.

    I have purchased a SONY Memory Stick Pro Duo 8GB and happily try using it on my camera when I was home. Somehow, it does not work correctly on my camera, thus I Google it and found out it is a counterfeit memory stick and packaging.

    I am going back to the shop later and talk to the sales person. I know Low Yat sells cheap China made products, but I did not know they sell counterfeit goods as well. I am utterly disappointed.

  15. Hey 🙂 Sorry to hear about your incident.

    I too am looking for a pair of Beats, the same one that you bought. The last time I checked, the price was RM299. He blabbed on about how those pair of earphone are the original ones and when I asked him how come it cost so much less than the ones sold at Machines, he told me that it’s because of the rental of the Machines lots are way more expensive than his shop.

    I would want to purchase it. But do you think this is a scam too? :/

  16. Thanks for this heads up.. I was nearly convinced of getting it (beats solo) at sg wang for a cheaper price coz i saw the authentic one at Robinsons The Gardens selling at rm1699 while the beats pro version was selling for rm2000++.. As u already know, it sounded superb… So I was wondering why in the world it was selling for much lesser at sg wang… Read the fake counterfeit warning in the official website n subsequently in yours with regards to Malaysian shops… How lucky im feeling now.. Thanks again.. You should try to expose this truth to more people out there as (like myself) im sure there are tons of them who dont know bout this and might end up getting conned into buying the more expensive FAKE Beats.

  17. actually i want to know actual price and a little bit more about ds earphone. thank you for great info. Actually i interested of buying the real stuff and i saw in the phone shop is about RM 20 only compare u bought for RM 60. WOW i know is fake.
    But u need know whatever branded stuff all make from CHINA and whatever fake stuff also make from CHINA.

  18. I bought mine for 300AUD in Australia. Thats around RM1000. To be honest it is not much. I don’t know what you guys complaining about -.- You can easily earn RM7000+ a month in Australia and that is just by doing part time jobs. It really isn’t a big deal.

  19. Beats are overrated anyway. You can get something as good at beats with lower price of you buy other brands like sennheiser or Sonic Gear.

  20. you are just plain stupid. u shud have known it is a fake by its price,
    u also got what u deserve, by haggling the price like crazy,
    if its petaling street, u have been beaten to pulp by the bastards there.
    u r lucky it lowyat, u playing around with the girl, constantly
    wanting lower price,75, then u said 70 , then u want more, and then u want 60.
    if its anything , its karma. u got what u deserve., _I_

  21. i bought a fake beats audio yesterday….
    when i searched the internet and this blog just now….i’m suddenly realise that its okay if u bought a fake beats because audio on ur phone or mp3 will play, right??

  22. I was also amazed when I saw the beats retailing at around RM51. I was surprised because from what I saw a year back when I was in cambodia, these things were retailing at around 179USD. So I was excited like hell, and bought one. At with excitement, opening the box up, and quickly plugging it in my walkman. The moment I put it in my ear, it suddenly reminded me of an extremely cheap pair of earphones I got when I lost my original walkman earphones. And when comparing it to my Cliptec Metalica inears, those fake beats sounds like shite =.= ….

  23. hello bro…
    i want to buy beats headphone at Low Yat
    if they sell for me for RM100….
    should i buy it?
    of course benda tu mesti ciplak punya tapi 1st class bro…the bass sounds great..
    the question is…should i buy it?please reply thanks 😀

  24. Well a lot of replica of Dre’s Beats Monster, even you can get it at pasar malam for RM15!! Of course its different quality with the real deal, but still some of the replica quality is quite good as the real ones, but honestly RM800++ for a headphones, not worth it..

  25. Just bought a pair of these in Langkawi and have to say they are brilliant, 70riggits for a brilliant pair of fakes, in fairness if you thought these were real then more the fool you, after all this is Asia the palace of fake gear.

  26. Honestly they sound better than the real Beats. At least that’s my humble opinion. I think they use the same drivers and casing as the Beats earphones, just that the price is cheaper. I tested a pair of RM50 fakes with my friend’s original ones and we found that the fake headphones had better clarity and soundstage compared to the real Beats. I think the real Beats had a problem since I couldn’t hear the vocals , there was just too much bass in it.

  27. so stupid.
    you dont have to ask them it’s fake or not or waiting for the girl to tell you that.
    she’s just working there to sell it.
    and you greedily thought you get a bargain for Dre’s beats at RM60..idiot.
    btw Beats are totally overrated and overprice.
    man u’re an idiot.

  28. looking forward to buy one..
    i would like to buy it also if u recommended this…by the way which floor the shop at?

  29. Accually u can purchase it @ RM35… I’ve tested it before the sound was same at all… It’s just the problem of price

  30. Night market, mall, it’s almost everywhere. Actually it isn’t fake but just “alike”. And this kinda “alike” cost only 10 in night market 😛

  31. You got an insane deal bro. They both sound the same anyway. It’s not like the RM850 goes towards amazing mastering levels of sound fidelity. It mainly goes towards the Beats logo.

    If anything, you got that same logo for RM60. It’s a stinkin’ deal.

    Now, if you got a pair of RM60 Shure SE535s…, I could see where you were coming from.

  32. Today I bought in Shanghai (Science Museum market):
    Beats by Dr Dre Studio, top quality (all cables, adapters, pouch, details like: serial number and signature on the battery compartment, TM symbol on the box) for 200RM = 32$
    Beats by Dr. Dre Tour, like the photos above (same box) for 30RM = 4,8$
    And a couple of LV belts and a couple of good chanel ceramic watches for 180 each, jeje, but that’s another story.

  33. you know i also got scammed , in a huge mall between the border of Macao and china i went into a store and got dazzled because i saw a couple of beats headphones, in that sort off mall , all products come , nearly all i think from the same Chinese factories that makes the merchandise that goes for huge prices in Europe, america, you name it purses , jeans , watches , videogames , clothing, bluray and video players etc(beats are actually made in a huge factory , the biggest in the world with over 300 thousand employees in hong Kong , and there you cans buy them like say i got my beats pill for us 13 or less us dollars , in Macao they use mops 100 mops=10 bucks .and this one was legit, i checked it,same sound, design and battery issues as the real one but the beats detox i got for 8 dollar wasn’t , first it had a cheap cable , not a removable one and its all plastic the whole headphone , next time ill ask them to try the one in the box, the real beats pro costs there about 36 dollars so you see i also got scammed and know i need to wait to go there again and buy a legit one

  34. huai bin, this post is bloody good. i was looking up to get a fake beats headphones in pink and your post surfaced. it’s been awhile since i read your blog but the ‘staccato mode typing’ phrase really sent me LOL. i can imagine your excitement heh. also enjoyed your bday post that led me to a couple of your old drug posts. i’ve left blog reading for awhile now but this has certainly renewed my interest.


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