The loudest firecracker face-off

firecrackers comparison

These two look similar (they even have the same name) but they’re actually very different firecrackers. Crazy Bang is just a marketing moniker – a wrap around the salutes. It doesn’t really mean anything – chai lei was called Pop Pop (the contact firecrackers kids play) one year.

crazy bang thunder king

The large one is actually the original Thunder King while the smaller one is the new Thunder King. It’s a very “Luke, I am your father” moment. It’s really hard to find the old ones nowadays.

Original Thunder King a.k.a. Caucasian dick

thunder king size

It has an OD (Outer Diameter) of more than 1 inch. 3 cm to be exact.

thunder king length

It is almost half a foot long – 14.5 cm.

New Thunder King a.k.a. Asian dick

size thunder king

Diameter of less than 1 inch – about 2.3 cm. You can’t really go much smaller than this for loud salutes.

length thunder king

The length is nearly 4 inches. It’s 9.5 cm.

Of course, the size doesn’t mean a thing – it’s the flash powder charge inside and how it’s constructed that determines how powerful and loud it is so I have here…a side by side test!

I lit both of the Thunder King salutes within close proximity of each other (but not so close that the first blast will send the other firecracker flying) and recorded it while I stood in the middle.

It sounds almost similar but the original Thunder King has more flash powder inside and you can actually feel the strength of the salute as it sends flying debris around. You can see that in the video. The originals are the bane of schools everywhere as kids tape it inside toilet cisterns with a time delay (usually a mosquito coil) and breaks it.

firecracker size

There was one memorable year where the girl’s toilet had more ruined cisterns that needed replacing when I was in high school. I know the girl who did it. Heh.

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20 thoughts on “The loudest firecracker face-off”

    • I know right!

      The original Thunder Kings a.k.a. “da di lei gong wang” or “gigantic thunder emperor” so we just called it Thunder Kings are huge and loud and destructive.

      It’s half a foot by 1 inch. A firecracker of that size!

      Not something you wanna hold in your hand. 😀

    • junfook, hahaha, same here, burnt it at night n kena scolded by neighbor with kids
      … i still have vivid memory of the sound… feels like the whole town can hear the loud boom!

      • Well, it’s a good thing my neighbors are more tolerant. Haha!

        They let off heaps of firecrackers and fireworks too.

        Yup, it’s very loud alright. It can crack even the porcelain cisterns. 🙂

    • Haha! Yeah, this was very popular in my high school too – especially the weeks leading up to CNY.

      They use it with a mosquito coil time delay to destroy the cisterns in the toilets.

      I heard someone was *really* traumatized when he took a dump and it went off while he was doing that. HAHAHA

    • Yup, it’s perfection. I don’t know any other commercially available salutes which are as powerful as this.

      …and to be accurate, these aren’t even “commercially available”.

      It’s illegal and smuggled in and very hard to find the original ones to boot. 🙂

  1. HB. my uncle used to toss firecracker and fireworks into trash can to get the very loud sound from it. My grandfather almost beat him up for damaging a perfect good trash can. That when he was a kid.

    • Yeah, that would make a very loud noise indeed! 🙂

      …but it depends on the thrash can – if it’s very contained with no opening e.g. the top, the explosion won’t have a “path of least resistance” and will blow it up.

      That’s how we…I mean, they, used to blow up the school toilet cisterns – you have to cover it after you double tape the cracker inside. 😀

    • Yeah, even the small triangle firecrackers would do that.

      I had hearing problems twice for a couple of days coz I was too close to it (was actually just a foot away while filming it – the triangle ones, not these). 😀

    • Haha! Well, amongst other things…the fireworks cakes produces *a lot* of debris too – cardboard, chalk, plastic etc.

      That’s why there’s a lot of random stuff after CNY eve. 😀

    • Yup, it’s actually quite powerful too. 🙂

      It’s something I would not want to hold in my hand and I’ve had chai lei’s explode in my hand before. It just caused burns and numbness but I’m not sure it would be that mild with the original Thunder Kings.

      I think the results would be interesting, I mean, catastrophic. 😀

    • Yup! Definitely A LOT more powerful than the newer ones.

      Problem is the older, original Thunder Kings are really hard to get now. It’s not only illegal (all firecrackers are illegal anyway) but apparently it violates some kind of flash powder content limit on firecrackers.

      I still manage to get a couple every year though, there are floating around, just very hard to find. 😀

  2. Guys guys relax, the loudest firecrackers are sold in East europe from countries such as the chech republic, poland etc…. These are Delova dana and big boy profi etc. If you want to look at some serious fireworks look up on youtube “illegaal vuurwerk compilatie 2013-2014” These people are nuts, its in dutch but based on just fireworks you will understand. Fireworks are a big deal in holland and every year the dutch citizens spend millions of euro’s on fireworks, it has become a real passion for many. Enjoy!


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