I will survive…


I have practically slept since Sunday and haven’t had anything to eat. Today is a Wednesday. I know I’m getting better because going through our photos doesn’t hurt so much anymore.

I will survive. This is the last emo post guys. Promise. πŸ™‚

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33 thoughts on “I will survive…”

  1. All these turmoils built us to be better lovers. Once you’ve gone through all the emotions then you will be ready for the one. It hurts but that’s good. You have a heart. Stay good, it is a though road and a less popular one but in the long run there is a hero in all of us looking to save their leading lady…

    wtfish did i just wrote??? o__O”

  2. People come and go. God puts someone in your life, and take it away, because he has a better one for u ! In the future! πŸ˜‰ But one thing you need to know is to learn from your mistakes, and never repeat it again. πŸ˜‰

  3. Everything have two sides of the story. True! We all agree.

    True, we don’t know Rainie’s story. True, everything have two side of the story.

    Wait, get dumped 3 times by 3 different ladies under similar circumstances.

    The facts speak for itself.

    It’s good to comfort HB but don’t be hypocrites! He is old enough to face up to reality so stop Molly cuddling him. He need a wake up call. It doesn’t help comforting him like a little boy when he need to take serious action about his life or risk injuring himself.

  4. Yes u definitely will survive a breakup…Give it some time. I know cos i did love someone truly madly deeply, and gave him my all, but it ended anyway. So yea…

    Anyway, i came across your blog cos i was searching in google for something i won’t type here. But hey…One of the thing we have in common is that we speak English (at those places where ppl dun expect you to) and we have the same piercer. Would be great to be able to comm with you in private…Seeing what an experience person you are in stuffs. Anyway, take care of the broken heart…And have a beer to chill.

  5. Dude, you must have been REALLY into her.

    I know how it feels like man, been there and done that so many times.

  6. Hello Huai Bin! I am a loyal reader of your blog since your drug days till today!

    This is the first time that I am leaving a comment though.

    That Rainie girl sure played you. I know how this feels man. Thankfully she never suck your money till dry.

    But all in all you got to respect her decision & move on. All the best in your next relationship & hopefully it ends with marriage. Peace out bro.

  7. YEAH!!!

    (don’t like commenting if I have to., unless something to do with radish, Chai Poh!)

    Yeah, you are okay!! Yeah!! πŸ™‚

  8. Keep it up!!!! You are an intelligent guy, and I know you will sort it out! I wish you health and happiness. Take care>;-)

    Kind regards.

  9. I am much better now. Thank you all for the support. πŸ™‚

    The thing that started my road to recovery was a revelation that I was basically nothing. I won’t say I’m emotionally ready for another relationship – far from it, but God strike me dead should I ever treat anyone like that.

    I have treated people like that in the past, and perhaps this is my karma. I take it humbly, and receive it with thanks.

  10. Don’t worry bro, relax and here’s just for a laugh lah:

    Sex-deprived flies drink more alcohol, study finds
    By MALCOLM RITTER, AP Science Writer, 15 Mar 2012

    Barflies: Sex-deprived male flies go for the booze

    NEW YORK (AP) — Guys, when your sweetheart says “No thanks” to sex, do you knock back a few stiff drinks to feel better? Turns out fruit flies do pretty much the same thing.

    That’s the word from a new study that may explain why both species react that way.

    In Friday’s issue of the journal Science, researchers propose a biological explanation for why “Not tonight, dear” may lead to “Gimme another beer.” If it proves true in people, it may help scientists find new medications to fight alcoholism.

    In that case, we can thank thousands of frustrated flies.

    One by one, these eager Lotharios were put into a container with a female that had just mated. So she was really, really not interested in doing it again anytime soon. She would run away. She would kick the male. She would stick out her egg-laying organ to hold him at bay.

    The male flies went through three hour-long sessions of this every day for four days, enough rejection to discourage them from trying any more.

    After that experience, rejected flies were put in vials and given a choice of regular food or alcohol-laced food. They consistently went for the alcohol more than did the male flies that had just mated. In fact, they evidently got plastered.

    Some rejected males were moved to a different environment, where groups of guys mingled with receptive females. After the guys had sex, their yen for alcohol declined.

    The researchers also paired thousands of other male flies with dead virgin females, so that they didn’t experience rejection but didn’t have sex either. They still hit the sauce.

    What’s going on here?

    The researchers did other work that implicates a substance in the fly brain called NPF. They theorize that pleasurable activities like having sex boost the activity of brain circuits that use NPF, and that feels good. If a fly is denied sex, the system goes into deficit, driving the fly to seek other rewarding activities such as drinking alcohol.

    “I think it’s a pretty good bet that it will translate to humans,” said Ulrike Heberlein of the University of California, San Francisco, who led the research. If so, “one can say we could now understand why a negative experience, such as a sexual rejection, could drive somebody to drink.”

    Further research into NPF brain circuitry could shed light on the biology of alcohol abuse and possibly point to treatments someday, said Troy Zars of the University of Missouri in Columbia, who didn’t participate in the new work.

    Fruit flies are a favorite lab animal in part because scientists have exquisite control over their biology. Here, the researchers were able to alter brain function to zero in on NPF’s role.

    Whatever the relevance to humans, the work already pays off when Heberlein meets people at parties.

    “It makes for wonderful conversation,” she said. “When you tell them this story, they just really can’t believe it.” – Associated Press

  11. Yes, definitely sad but still it will help a lot as we grow there are certain things that we cannot bring till the end. Are you feeling well now or you both get back together?


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