This is how we ride


I climb on things. I was passing by the mall one time when I saw this Twitter contest where you follow @fordrangermy and check out their updates to stand a chance to win prizes like a G-Shock. They will be giving away Ford Exclusive Merchandize (laptop backpack, limited edition New Ford Ranger t-shirt, and a heavy duty torchlight – nifty). This contest runs from 9th April.

I shall caption this This is how we ride.

…coz that’s actually how we ride in rural areas of Sarawak. Haha! I remember being transported as a kid and all of us were squeezed in the back of the pickup. Funerals, school events, you name it – that’s how you get lots of people from Point A to Point B in the areas where cars cannot pass.

It’s the reasons why pick-ups like the Ford Ranger is so popular in my home state. There are a lot of poorly maintained roads and sometimes a dirt road with just gravel is the best you get. It gets mighty slippery when it rains too, which is does and often. Cars get stuck in conditions like that.

That’s why:

  • Hefty towing capacity exceeding 3 tons
  • Best-in-class horsepower and torque on the beaten track
  • 80 liter tank
  • 800 mm water wading
  • 1 tonne loading capacity
  • Adaptive Load Control

The last three in particular is useful in flood prone Sarawak. Imagine how many people you can fit at the back with a 1 ton loading capacity. 😉

Get more details about the all new Ford Ranger here.

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  1. HB, this may be slightly irrelevant given the nature of this post but if you think a little, my following question might fall as a coincidence with this post. So whats the most memorable road trip that you had within malaysia and did you blog about it? (p.s im asking it because im just too lazy to sieve through all your road trips back catalog as im planning one for one of the coming weekends.)


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