Happy Easter and the search for God

salvation costs 200

Do I consider myself a religious person? No.

I’ve not stepped foot in a church for years. However I am quite well versed with the Bible, having read the scripture twice during an unfortunate time when reading material was not readily available. *cough*

However, something in Bali made me realize that I *do* believe in the Christian God. Yes, a kafir like me. I am not an “agnostic atheist” – not deep down in my heart where the id reigns supreme and the ego has no place.

I don’t know if this is going to be one of those temporary religious moments. I’m not an evangelistic Christian. I see no point in publicly announcing my return to the flock – another lost soul saved, Lord be praised.

Do you see the irony in that last statement? smirk

However, I do believe that religion has a place in our lives. Call it the opiate of the masses if you want.

I was raised as a Methodist so going to church till I was 12 during my childhood formative years might have something to do with it.

It’s a personal thing, this religion business. I think I helped my family to be strong in their faith, despite having next to none myself (this is slowly changing).

God works in mysterious ways. He helps us, guides us and tests us when we stray from the path he has designed for us. I was blind to the little things that probably made my life a helluva lot easier (and longer) – attributing it to luck, skills, or experience.

I believe the hand of the Lord guides us when we need Him. This can happen subconsciously (see formative years of Christianity) – a nanosecond of neurons firing, sending the message, Lord if you’re there I need you now. You probably aren’t even aware of doing that.

…but He answers. I have seen his work and I am humbled.

This Easter, let us give thanks to the Lord for all the small and big things he has done for us.

Praise the Lord. Amen.

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17 thoughts on “Happy Easter and the search for God”

    • He already answered mine. πŸ™‚

      It was Easter Sunday too, so I thought maybe it’s God’s way of saying, hey, how many times do I have to do this before you start believing? πŸ˜‰

      Kidding aside, prayers, yes, I do believe that prayers of the faithful does help. The truly faithful, not the routine “Let’s pray for (insert stranger’s name) etc”. There’s no passion in that, no sincerity.

      That’s why I prefer to keep my beliefs to myself. I’ll never be a good testament for God’s cause. πŸ˜‰

      …but who knows? He works in mysterious ways.

      I am still learning.

  1. I find your state so similar to mine, mate!

    Growing up, I’ve been constantly trying to find balance science and faith, but alas to no avail. However, there’s always a constant admonition which is out of my immediate consciousness, reminding me about the cores of a Christian inside me. I may not speak religion wherever I go (or else it’s just going to render me a hypocrite), but my respect for God is infinite. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I think I’m still not even close to enlightenment. However, it’s not stopped me from seeking.

    I hope nothing stops you from seeking God too. Maybe we will find it, maybe we won’t but if we don’t keep trying, we’ll never know.


    • People come into your lives for a reason.

      Thanks for sharing bro, that helped me a lot.

      I will continue seeking the path to enlightenment.

      God bless mate. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi HB, great post! I believe there are many many people in your shoes right now (myself included). He makes all things beautiful in His time πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Aileen! It started out being a phone conversation which I truncated into a tweet and expanded into this post.

      No, actually the real catalyst happened on Easter Sunday.

      I’ve started gravitating towards going back to Christianity but I realize that He does indeed intercede when you need Him. Ask and ye shall be given, seek and ye shall find.

      Such a simple statement, yet loaded with promises, no strings attached.

      I think that’s the appeal of Christianity – free salvation – to many people, but not for me. I was practically born a Christian. I try and understand the Scripture – I’m not an evangelical Christian and most definitely will not fit into a church like that.

      This may be blasphemy but it’s all political – the crusades, the war to win minds – which is the right Abrahamic religion. The in-fighting and corruption within megachurches makes a lot of people jaded and disillusioned.

      If these pastors from the huge profit oriented churches act like unbelievers and break almost every commandment Moses set out (or the Beatitudes if you prefer New Testament) why should the congregation look to them?

      The answer is simple. Don’t look at the CHRISTIAN – look at CHRIST. People sin, they make mistakes, they’re not perfect.

      I believe a person should read whatever they want and think for themselves and decide which is the right religion for them.

      There is no god but God. πŸ™‚

  3. Bali hmmmm yea something in bali did make me realize god also, great easter post by the way you’ve made this so far after 8 years checking sixthseal reading all of yours up and down certainly the higher power did always save you in the end. Happy easter HB may god always be with you

    • I’m starting to realize that too, my friend.

      It’s either that I accept I’ve an extremely and extraordinary run of good luck, breaking the laws of not only man but science, exceeding the LD50 on a daily basis a couple of years ago and still be alive today.

      (which isn’t impossible)

      Or open myself to the possibility that there’s people who genuinely loves me who prays for me and there’s a God who watches over me and has shown Himself when I subconsciously prayed to Him.

      I’ve read all sorts of religious books and don’t even get me started on the “militant atheist” (or agnostic since the Oxford Uni public dialogue) Richard Dawkins, who is nothing but a smart guy with a keen sense of entrepreneurship.

      I believe in science. I believe there is a God. I don’t think these are conflicting statements – they’re my beliefs.

      Happy Easter brother. May God be with you too.

  4. very paradoxical, this post.

    i don’t believe in god myself but i believe in the teaching of buddha, Confucius and some christianity (i’ve read the picture bible once and learnt quite a bit from it). it’s strange right?

  5. I know there is God but I can’t confirm in what form. I read the Quran for 2 years, the Bible for 2 and spent a little time with my late aunt of Buddhism…I conclude there is God. In what form…I am still searching but I sure agree there is God and someone’s answering prayers and my questions:D

  6. Happy Belated Easter! LOL
    Not a true Buddhist myself as I do believe that Christian’s God existed.
    I tested it myself XD I joined Christian Fellowship when I was in secondary school πŸ™‚

  7. A Happy Belated Easter to you too! =)

    Well, it’s simple for me; it’s alright to believe in God and in His existence even though one isn’t a devout Christian. Like you, I was born into my faith and am having my own struggles with it even though I’m a strong believer in Him and in all His works.

    But I shall leave you with these words: God will not turn against you just because you’ve left the flock; he’ll welcome you again with open arms if and when you do decide to return. Just keep an open heart…


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