homemade otak otak

The proprietor actually makes it himself every night! Anyway, I’m heading off tomorrow for a little trip and coming back on Friday.

What are your plans everyone? :D

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18 Responses to “Hand made otak otak”

  1. No plans today. Just laze around at home and go for Indiana Jones marathon in front of the tv. I dun like to eat fish, but I kinda like otak otak… :D

  2. Otak from Muar? lol

  3. wow, so rajin!

  4. i think in Singapore they actually have machine made otak otak!

  5. omg can i have some

  6. Where to? Not back to Sibu, I hope…and you did not call me!!!

  7. Certainly a nice one!

  8. hand made otak otak? hmmm aren’t they all hand made? perhaps they are indeed mass made with machines in the factory these days seeing the number of frozen ones available at the grocers.

    just got back from a makan trail in Gopeng and Ipoh for the weekend….write about yours soon!

    • Yeah, I’ve always thought that the sheer uniformity and inhumane similar sizes in places like Otak Otak Place shows that it’s mass produced. :)

      Nice! Will do! :D

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