birthday 2012

It’s my birthday today! Well, it’s technically yesterday, on the 5th of April but what the heck. You can only write about something after it’s happened right? ;) I got inspired by someone who wished me happy birthday with a simple “HB”. Happy Birthday (to) Huai Bin, geddit? Heh.

Anyway, I was out at a “surprise” birthday house party the previous night and was just chilling last night when Masako asked me if I was free for dinner. I don’t celebrate my birthdays per se, at least not in the traditional sense – look through the archives – I was either messed up or in rehab. ;)

masako lee

I didn’t expect you to actually buy me dinner so cheers for the wonderful Japanese food Masako!

A big thank you goes out to each and every one of you who sent me cards, gifts, Facebook and Twitter birthday wishes! It’s much appreciated! :D

I’ve turned 31 but there’s still plenty to do in the road ahead. As Ji San put it – Life is LIFE! :)

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18 Responses to “HB to HB”

  1. yes, you’re still young! (31 is not super old; 60 is). hahaa.

  2. Oooo…you got a card!!! How sweet! And so very nice of Masako to buy you dinner. Glad your birthday’s great…

  3. oh same age as my man! happy belated birthday!

  4. HBB TO HB!

    Hint: Belated ;)

  5. Haha wow so it was a special celebration! I can’t believe you never celebrate your birthday on the day itself.
    I wouldn’t ask the birthday boy out if I don’t intend to belanja XD

    Happy Birthday again ;)

  6. Happy Birthday ^^

  7. Happy belated birthday!

  8. wah~ your birthday ah? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! HBHBHBHBH! HBD HBD~;D

  9. Happy Birthday!!

  10. Glad your birthday’s great…

  11. Happy belated burfday, mate

  12. Happy Birthday! May you always be happy and young looking (without botox). Have a fun shiny day!

    Kind regards. ;-)

  13. HBB to HB, stand for..
    Happy Belated Birthday to Huai Bin. ahahhaLOL

    yeah, Life is Life ^^

  14. happy birthday ;) there’s just too many people having their birthdays this month.
    my 31 – my car broke down in a basement parking. my 32, was awesome.
    looking forward for my 33 now with the same spirit.

  15. happy bird day!! muuuuuuahhh !! show us all ur gifts ;]

  16. happy burpday:D i loved the food that you guys ate that night. oh yummeh!

    btw…how come you don’t celebrate on the actual day per se? of is yours like a whole week of celebration? i know mine is:D

  17. HB to HB! that’s cool! Glad you have a good time

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