The all new Toyota AE86 Hachi-Roku!


This truly iconic car from the 80’s is probably one the most recognizable vehicles in the world. Fans of Initial D would immediately recognize the AE86 as the car the protagonist Takumi Fujiwara drives. If you’ve ever read the manga or watched the anime and live action movie (featuring Jay Chou) you’ve probably dreamed of having one to drift with.

keiichi tsuchiya

One interesting fact that I gleaned during my obsession with everything Initial D is that there really is a “Drift King” who popularized the drifting style of racing and downhill driving. Keiichi Tsuchiya is a real life racer who started out in underground and street racing and the character of Bunta (Takumi’s dad) is actually based on him.

toyota 86 black

He drives a Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno and has appeared in Initial D as a special guest. He also had a cameo role in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. He actually said “This is fun! I wish that Toyota could make cars like this again!” when asked about the AE86.

toyota 86

His wish just came true.

I was at Sepang International Circuit for the all-new Toyota 86 and Camry launch and was suitably impressed with the launch gimmick.

toyota 86 launch

They drove the original AE86 and Camry into a garage and the new models came out amidst smoke and much fanfare. The car is beautiful. It’s a work of art.

hachi roku

It’s the new Toyota 86 “Hachi-Roku”!

I also went on a drive on the all new Toyota Camry with Rachel. 🙂

tetsuya tada 86

The chief engineer of the Toyota 86, Tetsuya Tada, came down to talk about the features of the brand new car. I had a lot of fun listening to him talk about the 86 – it’s illuminating to hear why certain things are done that way and the heritage from the man who designed the 86.


The Toyota 86 is the “spiritual” descendant of the original AE86 – I first saw photos of it in 2009, it was designated FT (Future Technology) then – a concept car. It has gone through some changes and there’s a lot of “86” features in there – the tailpipe is exactly 86mm, the bore and stroke of the engine is also 86 mm.

toyota 86 engine

It’s supposed to be a fun-to-drive sports car instead of a full-on competitive muscle car (though it excels in the latter too). I’ve talked to a lot of people about the Toyota 86 and all of them fell in love with it.

toyota 86 interior

Bucket seats, key-less ignition and advanced aerodynamics considerations makes this a beautiful car that performs excellently.

me 86

I just came back from Jakarta and brought the brochure along (it was in my bag when I packed) and it was the object of much lust from everyone who read it.

toyota 86 front

There’s a lot of technical specifications for you to gawk at – too many to list here, so surf on over to the Toyota 86 site for more information.

The 86 comes in six colors (love the Crystal Black Silica) and it’s priced at RM 243,000 for the manual transmission version and RM 249,000 for the automatic version.

toyota 86 back

The latter has a VSC SPORT mode for a more adventurous semi-manual driving experience.

toyota 86 usb

This is my dream car. I can’t stop talking about it and I want it sooo badly that it’s not even funny. I wish this is the real key to the 86.

toyota 86 pit girl

It’s a legendary car that I can’t wait to save up and buy for…drifting. 🙂

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21 thoughts on “The all new Toyota AE86 Hachi-Roku!”

  1. i’m a huge fan of initial d. i am lusting after the toyota 86 too. the dream of drifters!
    second car soon. do they accept trade in?

    • Yeah same here! I love Initial D. 🙂

      Hmm…I’m not sure about that but you can ask at your nearest Toyota dealership.

  2. Dude, awesome car, rumbling Boxer engine sounds great, FF drives one. I’d get the Subaru version here thought. Should I get a red one ? “According to chief engineer Tetsuya Tada, the unique shoujyouhi red colour was based on the colour of a Japanese monkey’s backside”. ( quote from Wiki)

    • Jealousy is a really negative emotion, try and improve your life instead of being envious, you’ll be happier and a better person in the end.

      I’m constantly trying to be a better person too, anonymous person. 🙂

    • Yeah it is eh?

      The car has an excellent heritage with the AE86, loving’ the Toyota 86 too.

      I’m a huge fan of Initial D too. 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s a beautiful car eh?

      Wonderful provenance too…with the AE86 as its spiritual predecessor.

      Unfortunately, I didn’t get to drive it.

      Maybe next time! 😀

  3. Toyota AE86 new price imported from Japan
    Price plus shipping and marine insurance: USD$34,800 + USD$900 + USD$120 = USD$35,820.00
    USD$35,820.00 = RM114,283.71
    Compare with local Malaysia price OTR = RM 249,000.000
    Price difference = RM134,716.29!
    Easily TWICE the original price for Malaysia buyers!

    So RM134K being ripped off from buyers in the name of extortionate car tax policy and to protect Proton! WTF!

    • This is a reason why only rich people can enjoy such cars and poor people can only use proton, and this is another reason why I always wish to be born in Japan…..

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  5. such a beauty… I got my eye stucked on hachi roku and RX7-8… it’s very great!!…
    this new series… really something haha… i hope i can get it someday ^^.. best luck for all of U who love initial D and sport car xD


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