Bak kut teh for breakfast in Klang and KEN Rimba

teluk pulai klang

It started with one of the best bak but teh sessions in Klang. Sam wanted to bring us to this great BKT place he knew but unfortunately they had sold out (at 11 am in the morning!) so we headed to the popular fallback – Teluk Pulai Clay Pot Ba Kut Teh.

bak kut teh klang

There’s just something about eating bak kut teh in Klang – it’s the real thing, it’s what it’s famous for, and nothing quite beats plate of lard enhanced rice with various cuts of pork simmering in herbal soup. They do an excellent dry BKT as well.

pork innards soup

There’s even a healthy order or stomach, intestines and other innards.

How awesome is that? I had two plates of rice, and with that awesome start to the day we headed to KEN Rimba, which is surprisingly just minutes away.

living area

KEN Rimba is Malaysia’s first green township in Shah Alam, but don’t let the address scare you off – it’s not that remote. Despite it’s Shah Alam postcode, it’s actually a stone’s throw away from Klang…

ken rimba klang

…and I mean that literally. I could probably throw a stone from the eco-friendly development and hit Klang. I think. Heh.

ken rimba legian

The concept of KEN Rimba is inspirational – it’s a 60 acre freehold development that is built on environmentally sound practices. We were shown around the still-building JIMBARAN Residences (168 units) as well as the completed LEGIAN Residences (328 units). There will also be two phases of condominiums in this township and the streets are split up by rain trees in mini-roundabouts.


The former is a scaled up and larger version of the latter, and it brings the concept of ecologically friendly houses to life. The basics are all there like building houses in a north-south orientation. It helps prevent the worst of the glare from the sun to come in and the consequent build up in heat while roof tiles that removes heat and proper ventilation meant to catch the natural wind is installed.

green alleys

The back lanes and turfed walkways running along the each carefully planned terrace house blocks has Palawan trees for shade (and good ol’ CO2 to oxygen conversion) – little oases that you can walk through that provides a burst of green that’s quite soothing to the eyes.


There are even water features there that are being seeded with marine life. It all makes me feel like I’m in Bali, which is why I suppose the names of the residences are chosen. Heh. I like how this both works as a carbon sink and aesthetic feature.

ken rimba shah alam

The terraced units utilize some of the same green features incorporated in the high end KEN Bangsar luxury condominium – which goes to show that building green does not necessarily have to be limited to expensive developments.

ken rimba ecological

The bit I love most is how the homes are illuminated by a skylight – it allows natural light to shine down straight from the roof and reaches down to a small plot of open garden right in your living room!

living room earth plot

It’s dubbed an in-house green planter for internal landscaping in the industry. This is what it looks like in an unfurnished unit – you can do whatever you want with it, even tile it up, but that’ll be a shame considering the novelty of the area.


Here’s what the potential of that (relatively) little plot can do. This is the show room and I thought that having real plants inside your living room would be something different, a real area you can put your green thumb to and introduce some greenery into your daily life, right where you can see it all the time.

breakfast bar

The terraced units looked small in the unfurnished lot that we went to but it was just a question of scale – without furniture inside, it’s hard to tell how space can be utilized and I was amazed when the show room provided a visual example.

living room

The living and dining areas are huge and can easily fit a family of four with rooms for everyone, including a maid if you’re so inclined.

master bedroom

The second level contains the master bedroom with its own en-suite bathroom and toilet while the other two rooms are spacious enough for future developments of your own. 😉


They can be your kid’s bedrooms or a study and library, depending on how you want your lifestyle to be. JIMBARAN Residences has a slightly larger lot size of 22′ x 65′ while LEGIAN Residences is a standard 20′ x 65′ but it’s what you do with the area that matters! The latter has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and the photos are from that showroom. It has a built up area from 1,800-2,200 sq ft.


Sam also showed us how rainwater can be filtered and recycled with the rainwater harvesting tanks provided at the back, which you can reuse to water your lawn or wash your car.

ken rimba showroom

KEN Rimba has the 328 units in Legian Residences ready to live in (although it’s almost sold out) and the upcoming Jimbaran Residences is going to be built with a loft, which increases the area of space available (from 2,100 – 2,500 sq ft). That makes a total of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and an attic/loft. I think the loft would be great for a teenager to live in, at least I’ve always wanted that growing up. 🙂


There is also a commercial area which will have F&B outlets (so you don’t have to drive to Klang if you don’t want to), an existing playground and other thoughtful conveniences like the covered walkway to the nearest KTM station. Both JIMBARAN and LEGIAN Residences are guarded communities and the security is awesome – it’s a place where you’ll feel safe having your kids play outside.

corner terrace pool

It’s easy to lose yourself in the greenery that is KEN Rimba – the trees planted to flank the area not only shuts out the surrounding enterprises, but also reinforces the feeling that you’re walking into a green township. It’s won several prestigious awards like the BCA Green Mark GOLD and GOLD PLUS (Provisional for JIMBARAN) as recognition of it’s ecologically friendly status.

ken rimba pool

The corner terraces all have a swimming pool! I think that’s awesome – a place to cool down after the stresses of the day.

ken rimba homes

The terrace homes are not just green, it’s affordable too and has all the nice touches that makes it desirable. You can find out more information at the KEN Rimba website.

Green Awards:
green logos

Sales enquiries: 1300-22-9933


I really liked how there are bicycles available for residents to use free of charge.

Great concept, eh? 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Bak kut teh for breakfast in Klang and KEN Rimba”

    • The BKT is awesome! I always love Klang BKT! 🙂

      I haven’t purchased a unit in KEN Rimba, but I really like the green concept and the corner swimming pools! It’s a really great place to live with all the communal bicycles and greenery.

      The new units looks tempting – the these Legian and Jimbaran Residences but I don’t have a family to fill that kind of space yet.

      I’ll love to move into one if I am engaged – would be awesome as a home for kids especially with the pool.

      Cheers mate! 😀

    • Hello Elliz! 🙂

      Yeah, I’m looking around and I do like the KEN Rimba concept of green. The houses are slightly bigger than what I am currently looking for but I guess I can grow into it and I still have one year to find a partner and move in. 😉


      Anyway, I lost your number when I lost my phone! Buzz me again?

      Cheers! 🙂

    • Yeah, that’s one upside to living here – you can have bak kut teh for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you like. Heh.

      I’m pretty sure I won’t get sick of it too, I can eat chicken rice every day.

      …and I love Klang BKT!

      Cheers mate! 🙂

    • Hey, how about that!

      You’re living in Klang? Or Shah Alam?

      It’ll be good eh? I really like the green concept that they’re doing, and the community efforts like the communal bicycles.

      Cheers mate! 🙂

  1. Ooooo…the bak kut teh looks soooo good!!! Never been to Klang – they say only in Klang can you get really nice bkt, none can compare but nobody bringing me there – so far. Sobbbsssssss!!!! Wink! Wink! Hehehehehe!!!!

    • Haha! Do give me a buzz when you’re here buddy! 🙂

      I’ll be sure to take you to Klang for some awesome bak kut the. It’s the best, and that I do agree on – Klang is to BKT as Sibu is to kampua (and Kuching is to kolo mee, Penang is to char kueh tiaw etc etc).

      Teluk Pulai is one of the originals and it’s delicious. I love the BKT there.

      Come, let’s go next time you’re in KL.

      Cheers buddy! 😀

  2. Yay, it has an open-concept kitchen. The area looks good – except that it doesn’t have much space for an outdoor garden. You see, I’ve a parent who loves to have plants and flowers.

    HB, I presume you’ve already paid the deposit for a unit there?

    But anyway, the BKT looks good. If I know how to drive around Klang without getting lost, I certainly wouldn’t mind going for BKT every once a month. =D

    • Hello Ciana! 🙂

      Yeah, I love the kitchen – it’ll be great to cook it, that was my first thought when I saw the breakfast bar. Excellent!

      I’m not much of an garden person but I get what you mean. There is a lot of greenery around though – in the walkways and such and you can even have a small plot of garden in your living room!

      I found that a nice touch.

      I haven’t managed to put a deposit on any houses yet though, but hey there’s always GPS, you can go to Klang anytime.

      I’ll love to have BKT there too.

      Cheers! 😀

  3. HB, you get a better deal if you purchase the model one they use to show people. I told my cousin to do in new house develpment and she so happy it had lot of extra in home compare to other which was just regular design. The catch was they want you to pay extra for special added on item to home while the model already included is better deal.

    • Hello Vickie!

      I don’t know if the show house is for sale though…but if it is, shouldn’t it be priced competitively instead of having to pay extra since it’s a show house?

      I know it’s fully furnished and decorated but it’s kinda like a showroom car, it should be competitively priced if it’s sold at all.

      Maybe it’s different in the states or that’s the way it goes here too, I’ve never inquired about buying show rooms.

      Cheers Vickie! 🙂

  4. huh? so your advice is to go for those ‘showhomes’ because you get the bonus chattels, extra stuff and special designs, but you do have to pay ‘extra’ for it too…. oh hoookay. But I suppose the extra you pay will be less than ‘regular prices’. However, the developers do not mind that considering the toilets in those showhomes would have already been used by ten of thousands of people ….. LMAO ROFL

    • Hello there! 🙂

      Well, I don’t know how it’s done over in the states (or even here), I’ve never inquired about buying a showroom before…and I certainly won’t pay extra for it. I think of it more like a showroom car – it should be competitively priced, since, despite all the furnishings and all, it’s basically, like what you mentioned, a show room.

      BTW, the toilets can’t be used in the show rooms. 😉


    • Hello Teck! 🙂

      I know the price range of it but it’s different if you want a corner unit (which has a swimming pool) or just a middle unit. I think it’s better for you to contact them directly to inquire about prices:

      Sales enquiries: 1300-22-9933

      They have a website and Facebook too.

      Cheers mate! 🙂

    • Hello Constance! 🙂

      You’ve never been to Klang for BKT? It’s a must go for the original one! 😀

      Yeah me too, I think this would be an ideal kitchen to cook in. I like the KEN Bangsar kitchen too, wonderful to do cooking projects in.


  5. My friend purchase a showroom home and indeed got a good deal from it. Cost of it pretty good due being a use showroom home but well made building to show customers . While other people have to pay extra for added on so try to look in to showroom home or demo model of things.

    • Hello Mike! 🙂

      Well, if I guess you get a good deal from it it’s alright. That’s what I was wondering too – why would it be more expensive e.g. having to pay extras for it. I was under the impression it’s sold at a very competitive price.


    • Hello Merryn! 🙂

      Yeah, I thought that was really nifty too!

      I like that little plot of land with sand in the living room. It’s like a piece of the garden got transported into the house.

      Nice concept that, first time I’ve seen it here too.

      Cheers! 😀


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