Chilli Crab Noodles with Scallops and Asparagus

This is a really simple but delicious meal. It’s basically ramen that’s been spiced up with “premium” ingredients. The chilli crab instant noodles caught our eye while grocery shopping in Seremban – all of the ingredients were bought there while on the way back from Melaka.

chilli crab noodle scallops

The “semi dry” bit sparked a bit of discussion between us about how it’ll turn out so we chucked it into the basket. It turned out to be a great decision! Myojo Chilli Crab Flavor Semi Dry Ramen is currently our favorite brand of instant noodles.

chilli crab noodle

It’s a lot more expensive than regular instant noodles though – there’s only 4 packets in the RM 12.99 pack but this Singaporean ramen weighs in at 135 grams per packet (regular ones are somewhere between 65-80 grams)! I remember my girlfriend telling me it’s like eating out since each packet is slightly over RM 3 (!!!).

frozen scallops

I also got a packet of scallops – these cost RM 32.50 for just five (5) of the juicy mollusks but I wanted to follow the seafood theme. 😀

sandwich ham

Ham was her addition. It’s pork sandwich ham from the cold cuts section but she insisted and I have to admit, it turned out well.


The final item to round up the chilli crab noodle dish is asparagus! I’ll tell you a funny story about it:

pan fried asparagus

I was doing all the cooking and heated olive oil in a frying pan before dumping in the asparagus. I was using a spatula to push it around and we were both standing around the heating element chatting and noticing nothing amiss.

cooking asparagus

It then dawned on me that we didn’t have water so we had to scramble to add water and salt to cook the asparagus.

cooking ramen

What was even funnier was that we found out (much) later you *can* actually pan fry asparagus but we didn’t know it at the time.


The scallops were pan fried till golden brown and an egg done sunny side up for good measure.

chilli crab instant noodles

Ham was added to the chilli crab noodles and since we didn’t have bowls big enough, we used a rice cooker pot to serve it. Haha! It was good though, we couldn’t finish it and reheated the rest by using the “Keep Warm” setting on the rice cooker the next morning (which tasted even better).

scallops asparagus egg

It’s pretty good, these semi-dry noodles – if you follow the instructions carefully, it turns out to be like noodles coated with gravy. It’s so good we’ve been looking for it ever since! 🙂

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37 thoughts on “Chilli Crab Noodles with Scallops and Asparagus”

  1. HB, wow You Cooking Again! Since you met Ling this is good in she inspire you to do so. When you going make this dish called Lover Seafood ? It Chinese but I forgot if it shrimps or mixed seafood.

  2. Yum, such a delicious dish! You know, HB, I’m sure it’s tastier when it’s cooked with love. xD

    I’m however surprised to see Zenxin’s asparagus, as organic vegetables are a little on the high side.

    • Indeed! I like cooking for her, it’s a change, although she cooks much better! 🙂

      Yup, Zenxin’s asparagus is probably 2-3 times what you pay for local ones but it’s organic and more importantly, the portion she wants. Haha!

  3. All your photos with her looks so different with any other photos. You look like you’re genuinely in love and she’s the one! Hehehe. I can never cook with the bf.. Somehow it’ll always end up in arguments. Haha

    • I’m in love with her! 🙂

      I’m really lucky to have her too, we balance each other out.

      Haha! I know what you mean, I get that with other ex girlfriends too but not with her. She’s very Zen in the kitchen. 😀

    • Yup, it’s something we both share – the love of cooking, and I like cooking for/with her. 🙂

      It’s fun to do.

      We only found that out after Googling much later. Haha! Grilling sounds delicious though!

    • We never found it since! I’ve been to Jusco again but didn’t see it. 😡

      Maybe we missed it, we shall check again!

      It’s quite good, the noodles! 😀

    • Indeed! We didn’t see it ever since though. 🙁

      I’ll go and have a look again, will get you one if we find it again! 😀

  4. Oh my… those scallops! but quite pricey eh. Korean instant noodles i supposed (judging from the name)? Never really seen one before in supermarkets in Penang

    • Expensive eh? RM 6+ for one scallop! 😡

      It’s Singaporean instant noodles – we bought it in Jusco in Seremban but never saw it again here.

      We shall try again! 😀

  5. i’m gonna look for this instant noodle during my next grocery-shopping!

    but you kept it warm and let it soak in its gravy till the next time? the mee texture still okay? or was it meesua?

    • It’s a bit elusive though! 🙂

      We haven’t found it since the initial discovery in Seremban.

      Nope, I just left it at room temperature on the table and reheated it using the rice cooker the next day. Nice!

      The texture is still okay (didn’t get soggy), it’s good instant noodles, justifies the price, I guess. The gravy was heavenly the next day – it became even more semi-dry. 😀

  6. Myojo is very expensive nowadays hor.. but then again, if compared with so called Ramen that we eat outside.. It is still consider cheap. Haha..

    I love the way you cook it.. I guess I should consider myself fortunate because I always have Mama to cook for me ^.^

    • Yeah, I think it’s coz they import it from Singapore and convert the price! 🙂

      It’s the scallops that made it expensive.

      The noodles are really good though, gotta find them again!

  7. Hmm…my mom bought a pack of that noodles from Jusco. But I haven try cooking it.
    I am more attracted to the last photo 😉
    Runny egg yolk, juicy plump scallops and crunchy asparagus.hehe…

    • Yeah, we bought it as Jusco too, but the one in Seremban. 🙂

      I couldn’t find it here – we have to look harder.

      The semi-dry chilli crab flavor is really good! Too bad it’s all gone now – there’s just 4 packs inside.

      Haha! Yeah, that last one has the colors right and plating done by Ling. 😉

    • Haha! I think it was a spatula at first and then we talked about how sharp all my knifes are. 🙂

      It’s coz I seldom cook alone so it’s still sharp.

      We’re rectifying that though – cooking a lot more now! 😀

  8. wow… really premium… I guess nowadays ppl don’t just eat plain ‘instant’ noodle anymore.. my friend always make noise that I just simply defeat the purpose of instant noodles.. hahahaa… by making it not instant anymore..

    • Haha! What do you add to your instant noodles? 🙂

      I reckon it’s good to add at least some vegetables to it – makes a more balanced meal so you don’t feel so bad even if it’s instant noodles.

      I like to make “artisan instant noodles” too (whatever that means). 😉

    • Yeah, we never saw it anyplace except the one in Seremban! 🙂

      I’ll have to go and do some poking around of my own – these are good, would love to find them and cook it again.


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