I’m 32 today!

birthday present
Best birthday present ever!

It appears that I was born on this very date, 32 years ago. 1981 to be exact. I’m not big on birthdays coz I’ve never really had positive experiences with them. However, certain things have changed. I’m totally clean now (except for the cancer sticks) and I’m in a very happy relationship.

ling hb
Photo taken by the big one

That’s the best thing that happened to me. You’re the best thing that happened to me. :)


I just came back from dinner at McDonald’s (it’s the place we had our first date – the Kota Damansara branch) but I didn’t have the food there. I ordered an iced caramel latte from McCafe and the little ones had sundaes and chicken nuggets.

roasted chicken dinner

I ate a very nice home-cooked dinner made by my girlfriend instead. It’s roasted chicken (there are 2 drums and a thigh inside) with potato salad and rice, all packed into a large Tupperware the size of a large pizza.

huge dinner

I’m not kidding, it’s huge!

I’m surprised no one told me that I shouldn’t be eating outside food. Haha!


I know you spent a long time in the kitchen making this and I’m thankful for the food and the chocolate chip cupcakes.

They’re delicious! I appreciate the effort you put into making all this. <3 eating birthday dinner

I also like hanging with the kids, it makes me happy to see them happy and I like talking to the big one and taking care of the little one. I brought a round of Ramune (the Japanese drink with the glass ball) coz no one seems to have heard of it before and I wanted everyone to try it.

glenfiddich 125 anniversary edition

She also got me a Glenfiddich 125 Year Anniversary Edition box for my birthday. I was looking at it on the trip back from Melbourne but didn’t want to get it coz I still have a lot of single malt whisky.

birthday gift

…but while I was in the toilet, she *ran* back to the duty free shop in Tullamarine and bought the damn thing! She said it’s coz I wanted it and also coz the “25” in 125 years is our anniversary date. I thought that was really sweet of her.


I’ll be off tomorrow for a surprise weekend birthday trip that Ling has arranged. I don’t know exactly where we’re going but I’ll update after my birthday trip. :)

Thanks for everything dear!

32 birthday

I don’t think I can be with anyone else but you. You’re everything that I’ve been looking for, someone who loves me for who I am, who accepts that the past is the past and who can tolerate this emu cassowary. I always say I’m lucky to have you and I always mean it. I love you Yee Ling! *hugs*

P/S – Cheers for all the birthday wishes, everyone! :D

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62 thoughts on “I’m 32 today!”

    • Cheers Adel! :)

      Will do! I’ll be driving to destinations unknown in a couple of hours so I’m going to get some sleep. Surprise birthday trip tomorrow.

  1. huai bin, happy birthday! i feel so happy for you. i remember you mentioned once upon a time that you want to be with a caring, nurturing, naturally beautiful woman and ling is all that..indeed your best birthday present! have an awesome birthday trip and wish you guys continuous happiness together!

    • Thanks Kim! :)

      Yup, I have found someone that I’m happy with and I’m lucky to have her. That’s the best birthday present I can hope for and I’m glad everything happened this way.

      Cheers for all the well wishes!

    • Thanks Kelly! :)

      We appreciate your support! Yup, it’s been great, I’m really lucky to have her and we’re happy together.

      Going on the surprise weekend birthday road trip soon! I don’t even know the place yet, she won’t tell me until tomorrow. Haha!

    • Indeed! Nothing better than to spend it with a loved one. :)

      Haha! Well, if all goes well and if she wants to, I guess I’ll have to ask you about your hourly charges as a wedding singer next year after our birthdays, so 33 would be about right. ;)

  2. Hi! I have been reading your blog since forever, I think from back in the days when you were still in Melbourne. It’s wonderful you’ve found YL – very coincidentally she was in the same high school as me (of course my jaw dropped when I saw her pic on your blog) and we were not close but we knew each other. She is the sweetest person, so soft spoken and nice. Hope you treat her well and wish you guys all the happiness in the world! Happy Birthday!

    • Yeah, those were the days! It’s been over 10 years since I started blogging. Thanks for reading! :)

      Small world! You’re both in the same school! She is indeed the sweetest person I know, and I’m lucky to have her.

      Cheers for the well wishes mate! :D

    • Thanks buddy! :)

      Yup, we’re having two long weekends in a row coz our birthdays are just a week apart. Haha!

      Cheers Andrew!

  3. Hei hei, have a blessed birthday, and a good one. Enjoy your day….

    Its good to be able to share your birthday with a loved one, who does lovely things for you. ^^

    • Thanks Chea Yee! :)

      Indeed, that is a blessing, and I hope I can do even better for her next week. She’s also an Aries, our birthdays are just a week apart. I just had to one-up her by making hers an overseas trip, but probably not to the destination she thinks it is.

      I’m lucky to have her though, she’s really someone important to me. I met the parents (kinda) dy, so it’s her turn during elections when we fly back to Sibu. :D

    • Thanks! :)

      Yup, our birthdays are just a week apart! Haha! We have essentially two long weekends, I planned a trip for her too, but probably not to the place she’s thinking. I only told her to bring her passport but I think she’s thinking one place and I’m thinking another but I hope she likes it anyway.

      Cheers, we’ll be leaving in a bit!

    • Thanks! :)

      Yup, it was delicious, I ate half during dinner and ate the other half before I slept. I finished that huge “large pizza” sized Tupperware of food!

      I’m lucky indeed, cheers for the birthday wishes and have an awesome weekend!

  4. Happy Birthday Huai Bin. Happy to see you guys are happy together.
    Her home cooked dinner and muffins are awesome. Its really sweet of her.
    Surprise trip?! Ahh…that’s great…I like surprises. Look forward to read ur next post. Enjoy ur birthday trip with Ling. Cheers. :-)

    • Thanks Mel! :)

      Yup, it’s good being with her – we are happy together! She’s a big fan of loh shi fan too and we tried the place in Seremban you blogged about. Great stuff, especially the special chilli sauce.

      Cheers, we’re having a blast, she’s still asleep.

  5. Happy Birthday again Huai Bin! Wish both of you enjoy yourself during the upcoming trip! That Glenfiddich 125 Year Anniversary Edition super expensive la , i saw it in Perth Airport too >_<"

    • Thanks buddy! :)

      The Glenfiddich 125 Year Anniversary Edition was on offer at Tullamarine – AUD 115 (about RM 365) for the boxed set with certificate and a baccarat stopper. Not too bad for a single malt Scotch whisky, I’ve had some that’s way more expensive but it’s the thought and the fact that she ran to get it while I was unsuspectingly in the toilet that made is such a great surprise since I liked it but didn’t want to get it coz of my existing collection.

      I’m not going to drink it – it’s for display only! :D

      Cheers, we’re having a great trip!

    • Thanks Sue! :)

      Yeah, you were the only one beside my family I talked to about the relationship. Thanks for all your input and advice, very solid stuff. It’s been awesome, we’re very happy together and I love her kids.

      Cheers and all the best in the Great White North!

    • Thanks Reana! :)

      Yup, it was delicious indeed! I finished it…in two sittings. I love the roasted chicken.

      Cheers for the birthday wishes!

  6. Dude, you made it to 32. We, the Sixthseals’ die fan fans from way back when thought you’ll never pull past 30. Hey Happy Birthday, I’ll down a shot of Islay for you.

    • Hey there buddy! :)

      Haha! Yeah, I’m surprised I made it this far too and that I’m so happy with life to boot! I didn’t think I’ll make it past 30 with my heavy drug use in the past.

      Cheers mate, I’ll have a dram of Islay here too!

    • Thanks Constance! :)

      It’s a wonderful weekend at Philea in Melaka. Awesome resort with a great ambiance. I love the place, perfect for a romantic birthday getaway.

      Yup, she’s a great cook (although I’ve cooked twice for her, I’m nowhere near as good).


    • Yup, it’s good to finally end my quest after so long – I’ve found The One (TM).

      Thanks for the birthday wishes Charmaine! :)

  7. Happy 32nd Birthday, HB! A special occasion means spending it with the someone special. =D

    Your darling is definitely a good baker and cook. The cupcakes with chocolate chips look really, really lovely!

    • Thanks Ciana! :)

      Yup, the best birthdays are the ones where you celebrate with the ones you love. I had a splendid time in Philea – nice resort in Melaka, wood and nature, quiet place that’s perfect for a romantic birthday getaway.

      She’s a great cook – I’ve only cooked twice for her and it pales in comparison with her fare.

    • Thanks mate! :)

      Appreciate the birthday wishes! I had a blast this year, nice romantic getaway at Philea in Melaka.

  8. Happy birthday ! Hehe. So so happy fr you ! I am sure you have done many good things in the past to deserve a nice girl like her! Wishing you another great year ahead ! Xoxo

    • Thanks Mel! :)

      I’m happy for you and your bf too! Haha! I don’t think I was doing a lot of great things in the past but I’m blessed that God saw fit to bless me with someone like her.

      Cheers for the birthday wishes! :D

  9. omg she’s awesome!!

    happy belated birthday hb, very very happy for you and yee ling, every post about the both of you warms the heart very much =)

    • Yup, she’s awesome and I’m really lucky to be with her! :)

      Thanks for the well wishes Grace! I feel grateful that God saw it fit to bless me with her and we’re really happy together.

      Just spent the weekend at a resort in Melaka – Philea, perfect for a romantic getaway. Cheers for the birthday wishes!

  10. Oh, crap… I nearly kena diabetes.Sweetness overload! LOL! Yes, the kids are really, really sweet. Especially the lil baby. I mean Small E. I’m especially fond of her. Seeing this, I kinda miss her now. Been awhile since I met her last year. I am so happy for both of you. Ling’s bday coming up. :D I tink you have plans up your sleeves? :D I sure hope to celebrate her bday this year, but I think the best gift is to let her have fun with you and the kids. Kakakaka!

    ps: Happy birthday again, and here’s a praying for both of your happiness. God bless you both always.

    • Haha! Yeah, it’s been a sweet journey and we’re really very happy together! :)

      Yup, I like them both. The bigger one is older so I can talk to her but it’s fun to take care of the little one too.

      It’s her turn next week and I’ve got plans for her, our birthdays are just a week apart. I just told her to bring her passport, got everything planned out. :D

      Sure, meet up sometime to celebrate for a second time when we get back!

      Thanks for the birthday wishes Eli!

    • Yup, the big one took that photo of us! :)

      She’s great with the camera now – it’s a bit blurry but I like the photos she takes. She’s really cute, the camera almost looks too big for her.

    • Thanks Eve! :)

      Yup, it’s pretty good, though I’m not opening it, promised to leave it until our 25th anniversary. Haha!

      I have other unopened bottles at home. I don’t mind having a meetup, should be fun!

  11. Goodness you are 32 years old!!!!!! So young and i am so damn jealous dei!!!!

    I could see that you had a good birthday with your loved one and she knows how to make you happy always! Good for you as happiness brings good health and wealth. Hope you will quit your cancer sticks someday. I could quit after 18 years, so why not you?

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes mate! :)

      Yup, I’m lucky to have her in my life, she’s the best thing that happened to me. Hmm…you might be right about happiness bringing health and wealth. ;)

      I promised her I’ll quit before the end of this year – the cancer sticks will be gone then. I don’t smoke much nowadays, maybe 5-6 per day and slowly cutting down.


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