Great lou shu fun @ Restaurant Yi Poh, Seremban


I’m typing in the dark at Philea Resort & Spa in Melaka while my girlfriend is sleeping. We’re waiting for breakfast in bed at 10 am. I woke up early and decided to blog about this awesome lou shu fun that we had in Seremban.

yi poh noodles

I read about these wonderful lou shu fun from Melissa’s blog and told Ling about it. She likes lou shu fun and Seremban is on the way to Melaka so we decided to swing into the town to have this for lunch. It’s just a 10 minute detour from the PLUS highway and worth the side trip!

lou shi fun

Restaurant Yi Poh seems to be really famous for their lou shu fun – everyone we saw was eating this very dish! The menu is brevity distilled – there’s just a couple of noodle dishes with Yi Poh Noodles featuring as the flagship dish.

That’s the lou shu fun (literally translated as rat noodles).

Yi Poh Noodles (RM 3.80 / RM 4.50)

seremban lou shu fun

There are two sizes and the smaller one is the better sized portion. I had the large one and the lou shu fun comes with minced pork, char siew and a dark sauce that you mix into the noodles. It’s a dry dish with a side of soup.

Ling: This doesn’t look like lou shu fun.
(after eating it)
Ling: It tastes like lou shu fun though…
Me: Maybe it’s the Seremban version of lou shu fun?

The interesting thing about Yi Poh Noodles is that the lou shu fun is not the same as the ones you get in KL or Sarawak – it’s long noodles but with exactly the same taste and texture as regular lou shu fun.

special chilli sauce

One of the kind waitresses also presented me with a small saucer of chilli sauce, telling me it’s “special chilli sauce” (different from the ones on the table) and it’s very spicy.

Ling: How come she didn’t give it to me?
Me: I don’t know, maybe she likes me more. 😉

The chilli sauce is really spicy! I strongly approve! It improves the taste of the lou shu fun exponentially! It’s so spicy you want to put more than one exclamation mark! smirk

(seriously, it’s very good, ask for it if they don’t give it to you)

pork balls

We asked what else is good and the waitress recommended pork balls and pork tendons. It’s RM 1.20 for two and we ordered two of each – the pork tendon balls also comes in the shape of a cylinder. Not too bad, and made in-house

pork intestine soup

I also had a portion of mixed pork intestine soup (RM 5) which has “smelly vegetable” inside and makes for a good peppery soup. It was the main soup we drank from.

yi poh seremban

We both enjoyed the Yi Poh loh shu fun noodles. It’s really good, especially with the chilli sauce and worth a detour to Seremban if you’re heading down south. Restaurant Yi Poh is listed on Google Maps and GPS too so you won’t have a problem finding it – the huge store front sign helps too. 😉

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36 thoughts on “Great lou shu fun @ Restaurant Yi Poh, Seremban”

    • Yeah, that’s the lou shu fun I’m used to also – the tiny ones with the pointy ends that looks like rat’s tail. 🙂

      We’re both surprised when the Seremban lou shu fun looks different, but it tastes the same!

      It’s really good too! Glad we went there for lunch on the way to Philea, read it from Mel and my gf likes lou shu fun.

    • Well, it’s pork tendon, so it’s technically offal. 🙂

      There are two types of meat in the cylindrical meat ball – pork and pork tendon. The pork innards (intestines and stomach) is in the pepper soup.

      Lai fun? Interesting, thanks! I didn’t know of a noodle called lai fun, the Cantonese name is foreign to me, will ask the gf, but the lou shu fun I know is short and pointy.

  1. phew……glad Ling and you enjoyed it. You are right. It’s nicer to be eaten with their chili..spicy n siok 😉
    I think the Lou shu fun that you often sees is the short type.

    Hey….you were at Philea! I’ve been there once…and I love that relaxing place lar…

    • We loved it! 🙂

      Thanks for the great recommendation Melissa!

      Yeah, it’s the chilli sauce that sold it for me – it’s *super spicy* and I like spicy food. We were on the way to Philea for my birthday and I saw your blog post so I told Ling about it and we decided to head there for lunch while driving down.

      The lou shu fun we usually see is the short type. Is this type native to Seremban?

      • Hhhmmm….not quite sure. But probably becos its influenced by the Seremban Beef Noodle. Which is using this type of noodle. Moreover the short type here are commonly use for claypot style and fried lou shu fun. 😉

        • Oh ya, I think I had that too! 🙂

          My friend brought me to the top of the market once to eat that. It’s either that or Hakka noodles, I can’t really remember.

          It was good.

          Okay, thanks for the information! Short type for claypot and fried, long type for tossed lou shu fun!

  2. Have never seen lou shu fun before, but it looks like the Japanese Udon.

    I almost thought that it’s “rat’s rice” because of the pronunciation in Cantonese. >.<

    • I’ve never seen the likes of lou shi fun like this either! 🙂

      It tastes exactly like regular lou shu fun though, it’s just longer so the mouthfeel is a bit different.

      The ones we see is usually short and pointy, kinda like a rat’s tail, but shorter. 😀

      I think that’s why it’s called that in Cantonese and Mandarin – it’s supposed to look like rat’s tail.

  3. Aiya, I missed wishing you ‘Happy Birthday’ from your last post. Happy Birthday, young one! ;)) May you always be happy and God is blessing you to the brim! 😉

    Never a fan of lou shu fun=Mickey Mouse Noodle. Saw roadside poop in India with wriggly lou shu fun on their brown poop. Since then, no lou shu fun!

    The Mickey Mouse Noodle you had looks more like udon. Different states of Malaysia have diff of lou shu fun?

    • Thanks Yvonne! 😀

      No worries about the belated wish. It’s the thought that counts!

      I’m really happy in life – it’s been treating me well and I’m in a really awesome relationship with a really awesome person.

      OMG! You mean maggots?

      Yeah, it does look like udon but it doesn’t taste like udon – it tastes exactly like lou shu fun. I’m not sure if this is native to Seremban too, must ask Mel!

  4. I really like philea! Great placeeeee , awesome pool and service is top notch thr. I went there last valentine’s with my then friend, now boyfriend. Lol

    • Haha! That’s a great way to start off a relationship! 🙂

      I can see why, the place is really romantic. One of the most underrated places in Malaysia and it’s so close too!

      I had a most excellent birthday there. I agree, the service is awesome, and we went at a great time (not much people around).

      I’m happy for you Mel! 😀

  5. Tell Ling Seremban’s lou shu fun is made of real white mice’s tails. They rare so many of them and chop of their tail just so she can eat them! 😛

    Anyway, love Philea and the butterfly park next to it 🙂

    • Haha! She loves lou shu fun! 🙂

      It’s just interesting to see (for the both of us) that the lou shu fun in Seremban is different from the usual ones – long instead of short and pointy.

      It tastes the same though and it’s delicious!

      Yup, Philea is a great place for a romantic and quiet birthday getaway. We had a lovely time there. 😀

      • @Merryn Ermmm..i reckon the white mice tail is red color. After they chop it, still need to go through the ‘BLEACH’ process in order to get the pearl white tail.hahahha

    • Yeah, it’s Seremban so prices are cheaper than KL generally. 🙂

      It’s delicious too, and the place is huge – there’s an air conditioned area too and almost everyone was eating lou shu fun there.

      Great recommendation from Mel, I saw her blog post before we went and decided to swing by Seremban to eat it since it’s on the way to Philea, where I celebrated my 32nd birthday!

  6. Hmm…. somehow it looks like those Laksa noodles instead of Lou Shu Fan, anyway, visit Penang next time! I’ll be your tour guide 😛

    • Laksa noodles! Yeah, I guess the ones from assam laksa. 😀

      Our Sarawak laksa noodles are more like rice vermicelli, so I was wondering there for a bit. Haha!

      Yup, I love Penang, it’s a frequent destination for road trips. I love the seafood at Tambun too!

  7. Saw it when my friend (Not you! Tsk! Tsk!) took me on a day trip to Seremban and Malacca – went to the shop across the road to buy stuff. Too full then as we ate at the stalls above the market – people said so nice…not nice at all. So disappointing.

    • Oh, you mean the Seremban siew pau opposite Restaurant Yi Poh?

      We saw that too but was too full to get any – it was the other way round. Haha!

      Which stall did you go to? I thought the Hakka noodles one above the market was okay but the last I went was a long time ago. 🙂

  8. i kinda lost interest in Seremban food – but your post just re-ignited my interest! Looks good la.. i’m gonna check it out next time I am in town:)

    • Yeah, it looks great eh? 🙂

      That’s why I thought we’ll make the turnoff into Seremban while driving down to Melaka – looks like it’s worth checking out from Melissa’s post.

      It’s really good! Remember to ask for the special chilli sauce – it’s fiery!

  9. I guess they just ‘squeeze’ out the noodles continuously instead of taper off periodically to make the tails. Either way I love Lou Shu Fun too and these look simply irresistible. Miss the one my grandma makes (she makes the noodles herself). This reminds me to try and get her recipe.

    • Yeah, I reckon that’s what they do too! 🙂

      I like the lou shu fun here, it’s dry and good. I don’t like wet lou shu fun.

      Wow! Your grandma makes her own noodles? They must be awesome! 😀

      I’ll look forward to you making them if you get the recipe.

      Cheers Kelly!

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes buddy! 🙂

      Yup, going on to 11 years of – will definitely keep on writing. It’s my life in words and photos now, basically.

      Good lou shu fun, this place!

    • Haha! I think she thought you can’t handle the chilli sauce. 😉

      It is really spicy, even half a small bowl of that with my large noodles made my eyes water.

      I love it though, good detour to Seremban for lou shu fun and glad you like it too.

      I had a great weekend at Philea – love you dear!

    • I wouldn’t know the difference since the names of Cantonese noodles are a bit foreign to me. 🙂

      Lai fun eh? I haven’t heard of that, I would know the Chinese or Hokkien name maybe though.

      It’s loh shu fun – tastes exactly the same, just looks different.

      It’s pretty good too!

    • Nice! I know quite a few people from Seremban. 🙂

      It’s a nice place, a bit quiet compared to KL, I like the pace around those parts.

      The lou shu fun here is really delicious too! Especially with the special chilli sauce.


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