Bangkok: The airport security incident, RM 1 Red Bull and pork, pork, pork!


Sawadeekap! I’m in Bangkok, Thailand! Six of us flew in late last night – it was supposed to be a couples trip planned after a HCMC trip was cancelled. We’re staying at Indra Regent Hotel, which is just a stone’s throw away from the overrated and commercialized Platinum Mall.

hotel room

Oh! I’ll tell you an funny incident last night. I was going through airport security, and took off my belt to go through the metal detector. I don’t know what happened, but it must have been stuck in the machine coz I didn’t see it – worse – didn’t realize it until the plane landed in Bangkok, I reached to tighten my belt…


…and noticed it wasn’t there. -_-

sliced milk bread

Anyway, we hit the local 7-Eleven opposite the hotel as soon as we finished checking in. The 7-Eleven over here is really quite good – it has a lot of interesting stuff and it’s cheap!

red bull

The Red Bull over here is particularly cheap – all of them going for THB 10 or less. That’s about RM 1 – a price which you’ll be hard pressed to find in Malaysia! In fact, I paid less than the equivalent of RM 10 for all my purchases!

pork tom yam noodles

There’s a lot of nice pork wares too – even the store branded instant noodles is Pork Spare Ribs with Tom Yam Flavor. It sounds very Thai. 😉

pork pocket sandwich

We had this Shredded Pork Mayonnaise Pocket Sandwich for breakfast just now. THB 12 or RM 1.20 for a sandwich stuffed with pork floss and mayo with the edges (crust) sliced off, just like your mom used to do for you when you were a little kid. smirk

sliced butter bread

I also found this interesting bread product that goes for 7 baht each – around RM 0.70. I don’t know how to translate it properly coz the writing is all in Thai. It’s just a slice of bread with either butter or milk spread on top but it’s super delicious!

Posted: 11:42 am Bangkok time (GMT +7)

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34 thoughts on “Bangkok: The airport security incident, RM 1 Red Bull and pork, pork, pork!”

    • Thanks for the correction Sherrie! 🙂

      I typed too fast, think I only used 8 minutes of the 600 baht 24 hour net access. -_-

      Corrected it, cheers for letting me know. Entire thing cost less than RM 10.

    • Yeah, but it’s sooooo commercialized now! 😡

      It was alright when I first went in 2006 – 7 years later, it’s even worse with all the people who now knows about it and is driving prices up.

      It just opened not too long when I first came to Bangkok.

  1. What a funny oversight to leave your belt behind! LOL…. I also hate to take off my belts, so I bought the latest trendy belts made of rubber with fiber glass buckles to wear overseas. The Shanghai airport insisted that I took my belt off but I merely flashed my waist to the officer. “Nah! No Metal….”

    Have fun – Mr & Mrs HB…!!!

    • I know right!

      I didn’t even realize it until *after* I arrived in Bangkok and was about to tighten my belt before I got off the plane.

      Thanks buddy! 🙂

    • Yeah, we must have been in the airport at around the same time bro! 🙂

      It’s a huge airport, love their lounges. I was delayed on a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt last year (incidentally, also took Lufthansa this time) but I was on Business Class so I had access to the awesome lounges.

      They even have places for you to shower and sleep, with people to wake you up! 😀

      • Since I work for a US carrier I try and stick to my own company for travel. I’ve flown Lufthansa before, and I like them. They treat fellow airline employees very well!
        Btw gotta love 7-11’s in Thailand, they have almost anything one could want!

        • Sounds great mate!

          I don’t have a particular carrier that I prefer, I’m okay with most of them. I’ve had good experience with Lufthansa before – interesting to know that they treat fellow airlines employees well!

          I’m guessing Qantas doesn’t, coz there seem to be a strike every other day when I was studying in Melbourne.

          Indeed! The 7-Elevens here are awesome!

  2. I thot you did some “Magic”! Now you see it…now you don’t. (Belt!) Hahaha…
    I agreed that the 7-11 there sell so many thing and also cheap. Unlike the 7-11 here. so boring……. *yawn*
    Ohh ya…I went to Platinum Mall last year. The so-called wholesale place, most of the things aren’t that cheap oso. I can get it cheaper at Siam Square Outdoor Market (Opposite of Siam Paragon).

    • Haha! Unfortunately, I didn’t even realize the belt was missing until over 2 hours later! 🙂

      I can’t imagine what possessed me – terrible memory.

      It’s a good thing it’s not my expensive belt, but my casual wear belt (have 3-4 belts at home, only wear two).

      I know right! It’s not that cheap compared to last time too – lots of people come here to buy in bulk to resell online on blogshops and stuff like that.

      The 7-Eleven here is amazing – they have everything from USB card readers to books! 😀

  3. Hello! I am a huge fan of you in Thailand. If you have sometime off, it would be my honor to treat you one nice local meal. Please also check your PM in Facebook for contact me. ^_^

    • Hey there Rutt! 🙂

      Thanks for the PM! Got your cell phone number. I replied and also your comment on my Siam Paragon checkin.

      I really appreciate the kind offer buddy! It’ll be nice to catch up, let me work out the details in the itinerary!

      Cheers for giving me a buzz mate! 😀

  4. I thought I read somewhere that Red Bull is not safe for consumption, should not drink? Hmmm…thank goodness for the few words of English – I wouldn’t know what on earth those glyphs mean.

    • Hmm…I think I read that somewhere too but it’s more like Red Bull + vodka coz the high levels of caffeine in Red Bull can cause some people who aren’t tolerant to feel the effects and that combined with the lowered inhibitions from alcohol, often results in fights and other violent acts.

      Haha! I managed to decipher some of the Thai script for cooking – we’re in a serviced apartment hotel today, some of the things we got were all in Thai! 🙂

  5. HB, it fun to see other countries 7-11 stores. I seen one in HongKong and sure different from states and even in Hawaii different with Filipino food island style steam pork bun called manapua and musubi also.
    The Red Bull sold in states in cans not bottles.

    • Indeed! There’s food in the 7-Elevens here too. 🙂

      I think among all the 7-Elevens in Asia, the best 3 are:
      1. Korea
      2. Bali
      3. Hong Kong

      Yup, Red Bull is produced in Thailand – there are two versions, the cheaper and more powerful (feels more loaded with caffeine anyway) local one and the European version.

  6. I’ve always preferred the Thai Red Bull because it is non-carbonated (the Singapore version is carbonated). But I’ve also read that the Thai version is apparently not that safe for consumption? And to think it was part of my staple diet come exam season in uni. Hah.

    • Yup, we get the European Red Bull in our local stores too! 🙂

      The Thai version is harder to get – it’s sold in some countries like Indonesia though. I remember one sadistic magic mushroom shop owner blending 4-6 bottles (!!!) of classic Thai Red Bull with the psilocybin mushrooms!

      Needless to say, a friend of mine had a bad trip due to the high caffeine loads (causes jitters, nervousness, anxiety etc in large doses).

      I had an interesting trip too. 😉

      I think it’s pretty safe, although I’ve heard of the “unsafe” legend too. Maybe it’s unsafe in large amounts? 😀

  7. The 7 eleven thr is heaven!! I just came back from Thailand and never one day in the whole trip we missed the 7 eleven. Haha It was something I always look fwd when in Thailand. Don’t miss the cola in glass bottle for THB10. Somehow the cola taste better there.

    • I totally agree! 🙂

      It’s my second day here and we stocked up at 7-Eleven before coming back to the hotel each night. They have all sorts of wonderful stuff.

      I like Thai coke too but I mostly drink caffeine energy drinks here coz it’s really cheap! 😀

    • Thanks buddy! 🙂

      Yup, I wanted to get the Lipovitan but I’ve had that before so I’m going for the interesting ones that I’ve never seen – M150 Storm, C-Vit etc.

      I noticed that too – the larger blue bottle doesn’t seem to have much caffeine in it at all! The smaller white bottle is more intense (and the ones the sadistic magic mushroom cafe operator used in Bali).

      There’s also a smaller Red Bull Extra can (Thai recipe instead of Europe recipe) that has collectible game characters at the back.


  8. Go for couple’s cooking class! It’s really fun : – D
    Eat at SomTamNua, Greyhound @ Thonglor and Mango Tango.

    • Thanks Diana! 🙂

      I think it’ll be fun too – we’ll go if we have the time. I haven’t heard of the first one (Greyhound) but I love som tam, we ate some yesterday at a roadside stall that’s *VERY VERY* popular with the locals. I think we might have been the only non-Thai there.

      Mango Tango is still around? It was getting hugely famous in 2006, went there last time I was in Bangkok:

      I just read that post and realized that their menu is even cheaper than the mango with sticky rice we got from street vendors. I still prefer the latter to Mango Tango though, wanted to get some again last night after dinner – awesome stuff! 😀

      I’ll check out Greyhound, it sounds interesting. Thanks!

      • Som Tam Nua is near Mango Tango at Siam Square. You won’t miss it . Long queues but quick turnarounds 🙂 Plenty of som tam variations!
        Pork sausage and sticky rice is a must.

        Don’t forget to check out After You honey toasts for dessert! Also available at Paragon if not mistaken.

        • Nice! I love som tam, I went to one with lots of variations the first time too!

          They even had blue crab to put into som tam and that was in 2006!

          Thanks for the tip on the honey toast. We went for pork sausages and a lot of mango sticky rice too! 😀

    • Yeah, it’s good stuff eh? 🙂

      We stocked up on the microwave rice pork burgers from 7-Eleven – bought a load back, I still have some in the freezer right now.

      Awesome reheatable rice pork burgers!


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