The first headphones-only event in Malaysia

french house kl

I was at Maison Francaise a couple of days ago for a launch. The restaurant, literally translated, means “French House”. It’s located on Embassy Row and serves pretty decent Black Angus Carpaccio – thin slices of marbled beef topped with slivers of cheese and finely diced tomatoes.

black angus carpaccio

Oh, and they had really good organic pumpkin juice too but that was not the reason I was there.


The MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST Media Launch in Malaysia was the first to incorporate the use of headphones for the entire event. I was quite puzzled when I walked into the dark room and was handed a pair of noise-cancelling headsets with blinking LEDs.

headphones only

I was given a short primer on how to turn it on and adjust the volume and set down for the presentation.

michelin primacy media launch

The headphones are meant to illustrate the “ST” bit of MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST – the Silence Tuned part. These new types has a unique tread pattern that makes it run much more silently than all its competitors and the headphones used for the entire duration of the launch is a great idea to showcase this.

headphones wearing crowd

It was such a great idea that when I recorded a video of the interviews done with limo drivers who had gotten an advance set of these tyres, I didn’t realize that I could hear it coz I was on headphones but the rest of the room is silent.

I present to you this video I took. Haha! Apart from the occasional coughs and clearing of throats, the entire room was silent – coz everyone was on headphones. I was on them too and though it was recording as usual, not realizing that there isn’t any sound from the room at all. No worries though, it has subtitles coz the people were speaking dialects like Hokkien. 😉

headphones only event

The MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST tyres have several advanced features that provides you with silence, comfort and safety:

EvenPeak Technology
Gives you a ride 8% quieter than average of competitors with a greater variation in the size and position of the tread blocks, the noise power is spread across a wider frequency range, making no peaks of noise power.

CushionGuard Technology
Keeps the ride smooth, steady and comfortable. Cushion vibrations when the tread blocks contact the road surface using supple FlexMax compounds and absorbs bumps in the road using shock absorbent sidewalls.

michelin media launch

FlexMax Technology
With FlexMax technology, the tread adapts to the irregularities of the road surface for better connection and grip. FlexMax chamfer prevents the tread block from distorting and losing contact pressure under the centre of tread blocks, ensuring maximum rubber contact with the road when needed most.

StabiliGrip Technology
StabiliGrip technology uses self-locking bands inside the small grooves to minimise tread block deformation, improving handling and cut through water in the wet.

michelin primacy3 launch

MICHELIN Total Performance
At MICHELIN, we don’t just improve tyre performance one aspect at a time, but deliver all performance factors together. This means that you’ll experience the silence, comfort and safety of MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST tyres, whilst also enjoying 25% better longevity.

Yup, all the new performance enhancements comes with no degradation of longevity – in fact, it provides 25% longer lasting tyres when compared to the previous iterations. These are not tests done somewhere in Europe, which can cast doubts on their functionality here, but actually done on drives inside Malaysia!

michelin primacy 3 st

The Stabiligrip and FlexMax technology combines to achieve a 1.6 meter shorter braking distance in wet conditions compared to its predecessor and a staggering 2.9 meters compared to the average of leading competitors!

As drivers, I’m sure you all can fully understand the significance of even a single meter – it is a very practical and useful feature which you might thank the heavens for someday.

michelin primacy 3

On to less morbid topics, the new MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST is available in 16” to 19” sizes in Malaysia and distributed at all TYREPLUS and Michelin authorized dealers nationwide. It’s priced from RM 480 onwards.

maison francaise

Surf on over to the MICHELIN Primacy 3 ST site for more videos on how their technology works or Like the MICHELIN Facebook page and see photos from the unique launch event! 🙂

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13 thoughts on “The first headphones-only event in Malaysia”

    • It was quite an interesting event! 🙂

      I was on the headphones and filmed the video, thinking audio will get through. I didn’t even realize I was on headphones so the video is silent. Haha!

      Likewise! All the best to your and yours Yvonne!

    • Yeah, Michelin tyres are really good ones! 🙂

      I’ve had them before, not the performance range, just the standard ones and even those are great!

      Haha! Yeah, there’s no Michelin starred restaurants in KL too. 😀

  1. I salute MICHELIN tyres and could see the big difference when I drove them. That was when I had my previous continental car. Now my new local car gives me local tyres!!! Real nightmaresssss!

    • Nice! Yeah, they offer a really smooth ride eh? 🙂

      I used to own the Michelin ENERGY XM2 and it was the best drive my car ever had!

      You can always change your tyres after their lifetime. Michelin also provides tyres for local cars, I drive a Japanese one but I’ve seen local cars outfitted with the ENERGY XM2 when I went to change my tyres last time.

      I’m not sure if they’re still selling the ENERGY XM2 or if the Primacy 3 ST has replaced it but latter is really good. Primacy 3 ST has a lot of impressive features!

    • Nice! How does it run bro? 🙂

      I had a full set of Michelin ENERGY XM2 last time I changed my tyres too, this one also fits, sounds very promising!

    • Yup, it’s pretty cool eh? 🙂

      Michelin is well known not just for their elite restaurant rating system but their equally good tyres!

    • Yup, it was so immersive that I didn’t realize I had headphones on! 🙂

      The video was an honest mistake – the Michelin event was headphones only so I thought there’s also sound broadcast, but it’s just silence (with a few coughs and clearing of throats).


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