Watching movies at home…with a pint of ice cream!

ice cream pint

Me and my girlfriend watch a lot of movies at home. It’s nice to be able to eat whatever you want instead of crappy concession stand food. We also eat a lot of ice cream so that has become a weekly tradition – snuggling up in bed with blankets and a pint of ice cream.


concession stand food

It also has a lot of practical upsides – we can pause the movie whenever we want to go to the toilet or keep an eye out on whatever’s cooking on the stove. Another common reason to pause a movie midway is to put the ice cream back in the freezer and take a different flavored pint out. Haha!

You just can’t do that in cinemas.

Of course, cinemas are great for big budget releases that you want to watch in IMAX but those are few and far in between. The last summer action flick we watched was Star Trek Into Darkness. We haven’t been to a theatre since!


I speak of this coz there’s an awesome new entertainment portal out, aptly called ESCAPE. It not only offers the latest Hollywood movies but also a whole online library full of Korean, Hindi, Indonesian and local releases. I checked it out and it’s become our favorite way to enjoy movies at home – all from just RM 0.80 per hour!

rent iron man 3

Even blockbusters like Iron Man 3 (with a production budget of USD 200 million) is there for your viewing pleasure at any time for just RM 9.

That’s less than a movie ticket (for one) and you can enjoy it with as many people as you can.

the little nyonya

ESCAPE not only offers movies though – there’s TV series like The Little Nyonya, live events, live news and even concerts!

featured movies

The method of browsing is very intuitive too – it’s sorted by genre so you can find the movie that you like easily. There’s also comments (and related titles) on the bottom so you can see what the movie is all about before watching it.

movie chat

However, the *best* thing about ESCAPE is that you can view it across multiple platforms! There’s a lot of times when we couldn’t finish watching a movie coz one of us is sleepy. Now, you can start watching a movie on your home computer or laptop and continue the next day on your tablet or cell phone! The app is a free download to boot!

kl gangster exclusive

That’s right – ESCAPE is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and MacOS! There’s none of that clicking-to-guess-where-we-left-off nonsense either – the Pause & Play feature automatically saves where you last paused your selected movie and you can continue watching the same movie seamlessly…even on *another* device!

Yup, that’s Pause & Play – now you never have to miss your favorite show or guess which scene you last watched!


I find this to be absolutely perfect for my needs as we usually watch our movies late at night with thick blankets around us on the bed while eating ice cream. However, if you prefer watching it on a bigger screen, you can always use the HDMI or A/V output on your notebook to connect to a large screen LCD TV!

No long lines at the cinema. No one telling you you can’t eat the food you want while you watch a movie. You can wear whatever you want. The world of entertainment in your hands sounds right!

I think it’s an awesome trend – I can select whatever movie I want to watch from a massive online library and it automatically gets deducted from my Celcom account. Escape is exclusively for Celcom subscribers so check it out at!

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16 thoughts on “Watching movies at home…with a pint of ice cream!”

  1. What ice cream was that? I hear from my KL friends that King’s tiramisu is very nice – drown that with Khalua and it will transport you to 7th Heaven. Can’t get the flavour here, or not that I know of.

    • King’s as in the local brand? I haven’t seen that flavor here too!

      The ice cream we had was from Baskin-Robbins – the first picture is Chocolate Mousse Royale and I chose Sweet & Salty coz they have 31% off their hand-packed pints each month. I like the hand packed ones, even though they’re more expensive coz it has that soft serve ice cream taste.

      We do get the US and EU brands too but those are usually packed harder by machines – still good though – Ben & Jerry’s is good if you don’t mind spending a bit extra (about RM 30 per pint) but if you want decent quality at a good quantity, we usually go Death by Chocolate from California. 🙂

  2. Wah! This couple is a copy cat hah! I also watch movies like 1-2 times a week and down BR Ice Cream very often! I have been tempted to rent movies via Astro and watch at home but it has difference. I like to walk inside the mall for a quickie meal before going into darkness to watch movies. It gives us total distraction from your homely kitchens & toilets & pause which will not remove the stress from my wife’s head. I felt that the movie-going therapy helps anyone to remove mental stress with no interruptions. Anyway……I am considering of “renting” this cheap deals of ESCAPE like your style at home besides going to cinemas! I am kinda TV addict too. How nice if you are my neighbour! We can share TV cables and I can always pop over for supper to try your water buffaloes, pig skin, edible flowers, donkeys and what next. LOL

    • Haha! I would think most couples watch movies mate. 🙂

      Yeah, I like their hand-packed ice cream too. The same ones that’s machine packed (sold as pints in grocery shops) tastes different due to the way it’s done and 31% is a pretty good discount! I didn’t get salty pretzels in mine though, don’t know what’s up with that.

      Well, most of the movies we watch are at home – we only go for the big releases for IMAX and 3D so ESCAPE is perfect for us since we watch most movies on the PC.

  3. HB, I have a big bowl filled with lot of different toppings for ice cream for unable to make up mind of a certain one to put on ice cream. Must have big bottle of soft drink near me also then all set for movie.

    • Nice! That must be awesome! 🙂

      The problem is that ice cream melts fast in our climate, you’re stateside so it’s different. I can open a 2 liter box of Caramello ice cream in Australia and eat it for 2 hours while watching a movie and it’ll still be cold.

      Doing that here will melt it, so the pause feature is really essential to put ice cream back and get some more.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty interesting eh? 🙂

      I thought the best part was the exclusives you can get, the behind-the-scenes stuff of local movies. I used my Celcom broadband USB stick to watch the KL Gangster 2 Exclusive.

    • Haha! No, it’s actually a lot of fun! 🙂

      Cheers! Yeah, it’s quite interesting, and good to have movies to watch online whenever you want.


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