The Original 80’s Power Breakfast

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Growing up as a kid in Malaysia in the 80’s was a very interesting experience which I’m sure a lot of us share. I drank a lot of Milo growing up but one of the quirks that us 80’s babies did was pour Milo over our cornflakes. It was the original power breakfast! smirk

I haven’t had cornflakes in a while since I switched to granola / muesli and raw milk but back then such things were scarce, especially in a relatively remote rural area. I tried it again this morning and I have to say, the way the hot Milo makes the cornflakes soggy really brings me back to my childhood.


There’s also another “secret” recipe me and my sister did when we were kids – she likes to mix pure Milo powder and sugar and eat it *JUST LIKE THAT*. I prefered to pour sweetened condensed milk over Milo powder and slowly lick the spoon while watching cartoons – it was the chocolate of our day.

I’m sure everyone in Malaysia grew up with Milo, and now that we’re all adults we’re also incorporating it into our diets. After all, the 3 most common office-sponsored drinks are coffee, tea and Milo.

All nostalgia aside though, the importance of breakfast is something a lot of us don’t really think about in our busy lifestyles nowadays. How many people do you know skip breakfast altogether?

malaysia breakfast day

It’s quite common in every single company I’ve worked in. Start your day by eating right, get positive energy with Milo. Milo is here to set you right with Malaysia Breakfast Day 2014!

milo breakfast day

There’s a lot of healthy recipes on their website (remember to click on the Like button – half a million people can’t be wrong)…

positive energy

…as well as interesting facts about positive energy and breakfast. It’s really important to get that good kickstart to your day and a cup of Milo can provide your with a lot of the major requirements for you to start your day with a smile instead of slogging through until lunch (upon which you go into a food coma).

milo instagram

Milo is also out to spread the #MILOPositiveEnergy with a Twitter and Instagram initiative (OMG, that bowl of soggy cornflakes with MILO is sooo goood :D) which you can participate in. I just said that coz I’m taking bites/slurps in between writing – I’ve forgotten how much I loved this as a kid!

milo tarik

There will also be a celebration of breakfast at the 2014 Malaysia Breakfast Day Run. There will be performances, games, a fun run which you can start registering for right now, and the deliciously good MILO van!

Venue: Perbadanan Putrajaya
Date: 20th April 2014

There will be an 7 km competitive run and a 3 km family fun run – get details on how to register, and the prizes, race bibs, finishing medals and goodie bags at the Malaysia Breakfast Day page. There’s also a lot of information on what Positive Energy is all about!

Imagine the good feeling of having a deliciously cold cup of Milo from the truck on a hot day! I can never get my Milo as good as the ones from the van so I always look forward to it! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “The Original 80’s Power Breakfast”

  1. Jealous!!! I loved Milo when I was an exchange student in New Zealand in the early 90’s. I didn’t have it again until we moved to Chile last year (go figure, they love it in Chile!) and now that I’m back in the US, I have to order Milo imported from Singapore through Amazon. Why didn’t it ever catch on in the US? It’s great stuff! I even mailed some to my friend in France so she could try it, too, and now she loves it.

    • Yeah, it’s hard to find in some countries! 🙂

      We can’t find it here too. However, there’s a lot of hot chocolate and more recently, “candy bar based drinks” eg. Lion Bar by Nestle (which they have in a form of a drink and powder, as well as candy and cereal in France!

      That’s nice, I didn’t know you can import it from Amazon! Yeah, Milo’s the best!

  2. Yup!!! Milo, typical Foochow breakfast. I take it for my night cap though – maybe that’s why whenever I drink Milo, I’d feel sleepy. Bet that’s psychological! LOL!!!

    • Yeah, that’s what we ate for breakfast too! 🙂

      Milo with eggs or Milo with cornflakes. Haha! Yeah, it could be psychological, coz I don’t get sleepy when I drink Milo.

      Hmm…but it’s a good thing though, as a nightcap, it should work like milk and thus, maybe not 100% psychological e.g. it promotes sleep!

  3. I grew up with Milo and might even be my last cuppa before I kick the bucket. Wakakakaka
    Hey, I was like you too – licking Milo with condensed milk. When we meet someday, we can bring our own spoons to lick again. Kakakakaka

    • Haha! That’s not a bad way to go buddy! 🙂

      It’s a delicious drink!

      Yeah, that’s what me and my sis used to do on Saturday mornings – eat Milo with condensed milk while watching cartoons! Glad to hear it’s a Malaysian thing!

    • Yeah, me neither! 🙂

      It’s a special formula, that stuff from the Milo truck, specially made for deliciousness! That’s why I try to go when I know there’s one!

    • Yeah, I think us Malaysians have been doing that for ages! 🙂

      Haha! We’ll do it on Saturday mornings before the cartoons are up, make our Milo with condensed milk and sit in front of the TV watching cartoons! The good ol innocent childhood days!

  4. i remember how the MILO truck would come to school for events & activities like Hari Sukan and there’d be a long long queue.. which made no sense since you could very well go home and make your own MILO! lol. somehow the ones off the truck always tasted better though!! love love MILO. #miloneverdies

  5. I’m American but I drank Milo as a kid. There was (and still is) an asian food market near a city market my mom shops at. She got Milo for me and it reminded me of a less sugary Nesquick. I could never get it to completely blend with my milk, today I would probably put that sucker in the blender hahahaha.


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