3 interesting stalls @ Eveleigh Farmers Market

watsons orchard

Eveleigh Farmers Market is an “all weather” market open every Saturday and it’s home to fresh and seasonal produce! There’s so many stores that it’ll take you an hour to walk and every single one has *samples* for you to try, spread out in front!


There’s these Mandarin oranges grown on a personal orchard. That’s the primary theme of the market – everything there is organic and small batch – mom and pop operations mostly, with a great love of what they’re selling.

billy kwong everleigh

There’s a lot of things to see (and taste) here – especially if you like low-food miles organic produce.

Here’s 3 of my favorite stalls:

1. Kylie Kwong @ Billy Kwong

billy kwong

Yes, this is also where the famous Kylie Kwong will be every Saturday. I hear she’s here without fail, once a week to tend to the Billy Kwong stall. There are heaps of her fans (mostly, I gather from MasterChef Australia Season Six since she’s in charge of the Immunity Pin now) gathered here and you’ll see Instagram filled with tags every Saturday with photos of her.

kylie kwong

Billy Kwong supposedly sells “Home-Style Chinese Cooking” but I’ll rather call it “Australian-Style Chinese”. However, they do have quite a good Steamed Pork Bun with House Chilli for AUD 8.50. It’s basically a bao/pao that has chilli on top, like how an Australian pie would have ketchup on top. She’ll swap in beetroot puree if you can’t take the heat.

steamed buns

There’s also a special every week and that was Steamed Sticky Rice Parcel with Macadamias, Warrigals, Goji Berries & Roasted Insects. Don’t worry, warrigals aren’t dingos, it’s an Aboriginal word meaning “wild” and refers to a spinach type vegetable with arrow-root like leaves. It’s basically “bak zhang” with insects for the protein instead of meat. This one goes for AUD 9 and I like how there’s roasted insects in them.

kylie kwong everleigh

However, her best-seller has got to be the Steamed Savoury Pancakes with Organic Egg, Saltbush, Caramel-Tamari (AUD 12.50). Saltbush is an Aboriginal native herb/vegetable that also makes a huge appearance in this season of MasterChef Australia.

kylie kwong fans

I came here to get an autograph for my better half and it took me an hour of waiting to get it!

2. Spuds Galore!


Have you ever seen so many varieties of different potatoes in one place? They’re all artisan farm-grown organic spuds and there’s more than 12 of them!

  1. Dutch Creme
  2. Kennebec
  3. Ida Rose
  4. Sapphire
  5. Charlotte
  6. Snow Gem
  7. Spunta
  8. Kestrel
  9. Pink Kiss
  10. Emma
  11. Kipfler
  12. Burgundy Beauty

everleigh farmers market

Some of the potatoes are good for boiling (Ida Rose), Charlottes are good for roasting in its skin, Kennebec makes for great chips. I love the idea – different strains of potatoes with different starch content for different cooking purposes!

3. Hand n’ Hoe Organic Macadamia Butter

organic macadamia butter

This is my favorite stall hands down. I’m still kicking myself for not gettng more jars back. The small ones retails for AUD 12 and they have two varieties – Natural Smooth and Roasted Crunchy. Hand n’ Hoe Organic Macadamias is a small Australian family owned business located in the pristine and remote rainforest off the Comboyne plateau in New South Wales. I tasted both and knew I had to get some to bring home.

hand-n-hoe macadamias

All their macadamia nuts are hand harvested, made into butter and vacuum sealed right on their farm, which is also solar powered (!!!). The friendly brothers manning the store says they’re the only family owned macadamia nut farm left in Australia and even though their macadamia butter (100% pure crushed macadamia nuts, no preservatives) is slightly more expensive than store-bought ones, it tastes a lot better too.

macadamia butter

However, you have to consume it within 3 days of opening (since they don’t use preservatives) but that won’t be a problem – it was so delicious that I ate it within 24 hours…and I wish I had bought more! Arrggghhhh….

everleigh market

Eveleigh Farmers Market
Every Saturday 8 am – 1 pm
243 Wilson Street,
Darlington, Sydney NSW

Interesting fact: My Kitchen Rules Season 5 (2014) Australia was filmed in this exact location! Episode 35 features the pop-up restaurants of the Final 8 teams and their challenge was held at the Eveleigh Farmer’s Market.

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16 thoughts on “3 interesting stalls @ Eveleigh Farmers Market”

  1. I love the farmers’ markets overseas – so interesting, very different and all the interesting things to see…and the weather is so nice for walking and browsing around. This one is even more so – it has Kylie.

    • Yeah, the stuff there is so nice and every stall has free samples to boot! 🙂

      You can just walk around trying stuff and buying the things you like. Too bad we don’t have a similar system here, even our artisanal and organic community isn’t as mature as Australia.

    • Yeah, Kylie Kwong is there every Saturday! 🙂

      It’s very hard to get an autograph though, most people just take photos of her. Haha.

      The street food scene in Australia is different and very vibrant while over here it’s more established but both are delicious in its own way.

  2. warrigal … thanks for teaching us a new word, i hadn’t heard of that one before! 😀
    the produce all looks interesting and fresh … no wonder there’s a happy crowd here! and macadamia butter sounds awesome … would love to try to find them somewhere in kl, but i guess it’s difficult to replicate the goodness of a small, family-owned farm …
    and great photo of you in those funky glasses!

    • Yeah, a lot of people eat breakfast here! 🙂

      Even though the price is slightly more expensive, a growing number of people in Australia are moving towards small batch family owned local food instead of chain / franchise restaurants.

      A classic example is Starbucks, they don’t do well in Australia coz the local cafe scene is way to established, and people want to support local products and coffee beans.

      Thanks mate!

    • Yup, it’s the most delicious bread spread I’ve ever had! 🙂

      I tasted both when I was there but only bought one back coz my luggage was so packed I had to bring another bag as carry on luggage (good thing we were not flying on a low cost airline or I’ll never have been allowed on board with 4 pieces of carry on luggage).

      I wish I could go back and get more of the macadamia nut spread – it’s the only family owned farm left in Australia!

  3. This is definitely something that my Mom would love to go to when she’s heading down to Sydney. She loves organic-made products to the core. ^^

    • Yeah, she’ll definitely love this farmer’s market then! 🙂

      Most of the stalls here have hats awarded by the Good Food Guide, Australia’s version of the Michelin guide, if you will.

      Some say that breakfast at one of the stalls here is the best in Sydney! I was full so I can’t comment. Haha.

    • Yup! I love the macadamia spread too! 🙂

      Too bad I only got one back and I told my dear that I’ll have to use her fridge coz I wouldn’t be able to finish it but I ate all of it within less than 24 hours. Haha!


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