7 photos from the weekend

happy grumpy

1. Happy and Grumpy


2. Churros dipped in chocolate

toilet photo

3. Funny toilet mirror

hot chocolate

4. Hot chocolate


5. Coloring with pencils

strawberry chocolate pops

6. Strawberry coated chocolate pops

dog bum

7. A dog’s bum

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20 thoughts on “7 photos from the weekend”

    • Yeah, I thought that was really funny too! :)

      It was pink too, I would have love to have that picture on my wall at home. Haha.

    • Haha! Thanks Kathy! :)

      Yeah, I thought it was a nice photo too, coz the little one was coloring her picture, so I played Tower Defence with the bigger one and I thought to take a photo where we each made a different face from one of the characters from the 7 Dwarfs story.

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