7 things we did on Mid-Autumn Festival

ramen lunch

1. Had ramen for lunch

m&m cone

2. Shared an M&M cone for dessert while grocery shopping

maxim mooncakes

3. Bought (even more) mooncakes

cooking dinner

4. Cooked together (kinda, my better half did the cooking, I did the washing)

mid autumn dinner

5. Binged on my favorite dinner

eating mooncakes

6. Ate way too much mooncakes during Mid-Autumn Festival

treasure box

7. Opened a *treasure box* together! smirk

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18 thoughts on “7 things we did on Mid-Autumn Festival”

  1. In advance, I guess? The actual day’s today. That chicken rice Ling cooked sure looked good! Can give the shops a run for their money. Hey!!! I love the sauce saucer – I have this soft spot for blue and white. So nice!

    • That’s my favorite chicken rice! πŸ™‚

      The best I ever had, even better than the chicken rice shops. I always ask her to cook it for me, especially with that coriander sauce/side – it’s very tasty.

      I like the pattern on the saucer too! It’s supposed to be a (very small) rice bowl, but I eat more rice that that so we use it for other things.

      Yeah, I remember in Sarawak we always got at least half day off, and it’s off the record too e.g. not deducted from leave. We’re not the majority here so there’s no such allowances over here, people usually celebrate it over the weekend.

    • Hello Cydney! πŸ™‚

      Haha! Yeah, Karen did a great job! I was very, very impressed!

      It not only arrived safe and sound, but there was nary a scratch on it! The way she packed the 4 diagonally made it extra strong (coz of the inner translucent tube stacking on each other, supporting against external weight/pressure) and there’s foam padding too!

      Surprisingly, the temperature was constant throughout the trip – no large fluctuations, so it wasn’t even slightly melted. It was better than I expected (honestly, I thought they would be slightly melted, but it wasn’t at all) and I’ll write about that soon. Good to know you can actually mail them safely without melting.

      We ate some yesterday dy, saw you guys eating them on the photo you posted on my FB and it is really good. My better half says it tastes like cake and I agree. Awesome stuff!

  2. Ramen! That was a yummylicious lunch we had,dear. Superb like it and hoping to try the Black Garlic Ramen next time =P

    I think we had too much mooncakes just like previous year..haha. I just have to stop you from visiting mooncake stalls. I certainly heart the egg yolk pies you gotten from Sibu. Thanks dear <3

    Glad to know you enjoy the chicken rice even though it's really a simple dish that can make you and your tummy happy =)

    • Yeah, we’ll go again and I can try the lemon ramen! πŸ™‚

      Haha! Thanks for the chicken rice dear, you know that’s my favorite dish and I always enjoy it so much. It’s a good thing you always cook extra so I can eat it the next day too.

      I am going to eat it for lunch after heating it up.

      It’s good to eat mooncakes though, coz it’s just once a year. I like the durian ones that you got, that’s really nice! I think both the D24 durian coulis and Musang King ones are good.

      Oh, I think that’s the Shanghai style mooncakes – there’s 8 in the box and each has an egg yolk so it’s very rich but also very nice. I thought it’s quite interesting coz it’s so small but it still has one egg yolk per mooncake and I prefer the Shanghai style mooncakes (flaky pastry) to the baked ones, although the baked ones are also good. I still have the home made ones I bought from my dad’s favorite baker that we haven’t eaten dear.

      Love you always! <3

    • Haha! It’s once a year only so it’s okay! πŸ™‚

      Gotta indulge once in a while! I always have liked mooncakes and every year has different ones – it seems like Maxim (from Hong Kong) has pushed into the market very heavily this year, lots of places are selling their mooncakes.

      I’ve tried their pineapple tarts before during CNY and they’re pretty good, but all that we saw are the normal Maxim mooncakes, couldn’t find the custard ones.

    • Yeah, Mid-Autumn Festival only comes once a year! πŸ™‚

      I’ve always liked mooncakes and there’s new ones coming out each year. It seems that I always get more than we can eat. Haha!

      Had to really eat a lot yesterday but that’s okay since it’s fun to see what new mooncakes are around too.

      I was surprised to find that Starbucks has mooncakes this year too – my better half bought a box for my dad which I brought back home to Sibu. I thought they were quite nice – RM 48 per box or RM 288 for two boxes in a set.

  3. I love that bowl of ramen and your plate of chicken rice.. The drumstick is huge, oh my, you make me wana go eat chicken rice afterwards, haha.. Wait, M&M ice cream cone? I’ve never seen this before, local?

    • The ramen was pretty good! πŸ™‚

      It’s flavored with yuzu – very unusual, but nice.

      The M&M cone is made in Europe, it’s RM 7.50 and you can get it at Ben’s Independent Grocer in Publika. It’s not very big though, it just looks that way coz the M&M are not full sized ones, it’s M&M Minis!

  4. Happy MoonCake Festival Huai Bin and le lady love! Your chicken rice looks awesome, the chicken looks very fresh. This kinda make me wanna delve into my own chicken rice cooking soon!

    • Thanks for the well wishes! πŸ™‚

      Yeah, it’s my favorite dish and my better half cooks the best ever! I love eating her chicken rice, it’s the coriander side dish that makes it awesome. You need a lot of coriander but it’s very tasty!

  5. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival HB! Ramen looks good bro. Have you been researching on ramen for your Japan trip? And the chicken rice looks damn good. Nothing like a hearty whole chicken leg.

    • Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Vincent! πŸ™‚

      Yeah, that’s yuzu ramen, it’s actually a franchise from Japan!

      Haha! That, and more, have been thinking a lot about Sukiyabashi Jiro too. I’m quite keen to eat his sushi before he passes on, I hear he’s quite old now.


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