3 images from the sick bed

sick bed

I have been down with terrible headaches, chills, rashes, a stabbing pain behind my eyes and high fever since Sunday. That’s all symptoms of dengue fever, and there’s nothing which can actually cure it – you just need your body to fight it off by itself. I’ve been bedridden since I went to the doctor, not having the energy (or rather having too much pains and aches) to get up.

sick food

I’ve been having trouble keeping food down too, so my better half cooked soup for me. It was a challenge to just eat – I did not have appetite at all, which is very unusual. I hardly ever get so sick (my dad also got dengue a couple of years back and fought it off at home) and my high fever makes it very hard to think and write.

sick pack

I haven’t been able to update the blog, could hardly get out of bed for meals! I felt a little better now so I quickly typed a short post before the nightly fever and chills come. I’ll reply all comments later, for now I need to recover! The hardest part is the fatigue and high fever and stabbing pain in the eyes but my dear has been taking care of me very well, much love. <3

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16 thoughts on “3 images from the sick bed”

  1. Oops, you really look sick πŸ™
    Oohh, I didn’t know we can fight dengue and rest at home. I thought we must be admitted and get that IV drip thingy.. But yes, I agree with you, if I can fight it at home, I would.. Who wants to go to the hospital and stay there for 5 days?
    But did you test your blood? Is it really dengue? I think I can see some red spots/rashes on your face..

  2. I had dengue a couple of weeks ago. The rash is an allergic reaction to the antigens (something like that), it’s a sign that the initial phase is over I think.
    Watch out for any signs of haemorrhaging (eg bleeding gums), and extreme low blood pressure (eg dizzyness, fainting). These mean you should go to the hospital.
    I had the papaya leaf juice. It tastes awful but may have helped.
    Get well soon!

  3. Don’t worry about placing the blog on the backburner, HB. The most important now for you to have enough rest and ensure that your body is still being replenished by nutritious foods.

    Take care and I wish you a speedy recovery.

  4. I think you should try taking 100 plus. It helps a lot of people sustain and re-energise themselves. Try it now and continuous drinking it. Maybe a few bottle each day to help you in hydration.


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