The 4 hour Christmas Eve sale!

Donutes Bakery

I was at my local bakery in anticipation for their 4 hour Christmas Eve sale where *everything* is 50% off. It was crazy, there was a velvet rope at the front due to the large amount of people queuing up. I’m a member at Donutes so I got advance notice of this, but there’s no additional benefits for members at this sale (usually we get 5% off).

Donutes Xmas Promo

I think I waited 30 minutes just to get in – there was someone there for crowd control since there’s only a small amount of space inside so someone has to come out before another person is let in. Worse still is the people queuing for the entire family! I don’t know why they allow that, it makes the wait even longer than it should be.

Donutes Xmas Queue

Everyone got heaps of stuff since 50% off is a great deal and it applies to everything from drinks to cakes. Unfortunately, all of their cakes were sold out way before I came so I didn’t manage to get any of the large ones.

Donutes Xmas Bakery

I did get some gingerbread reindeer for the kids and also a panettone style cake they call β€œFruity Christmas”.

Donutes Xmas Line

The queue at the cashier was insane as well but it was worth it coz for everything I got…

Donutes Xmas Bill

…the bill came up to only RM 30.30! πŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “The 4 hour Christmas Eve sale!”

  1. This reminds me of the experience garnered while queuing for Uniqlo’s Paradigm Mall opening and the clearance sale in Padini’s Glenmarie warehouse.

    Um, perhaps it was the bakery’s way of celebrating Christmas with their customers?

  2. Errr, queue? Phobia leh, especially after having kids, and bringing them out.. They get restless pretty fast, so I would rather go somewhere without queuing (for food usually).. But yep, I have to say, for the loot you got, it was very worth it.. I see cream puffs, chocolate donuts and some reindeer thingy, nice.. I think I would attack all the cakes first instead of the breads and pastries, but well, sometimes depends on luck too, the youngsters could run and attack faster, haha..


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