Our Pandoro Party!

Kid Eating Pandoro

We’ve been eating a lot of panettone this year so I got a large pandoro this time. I love eating panettone and pandoro but I’m usually the only one who ends up finishing it. I can snack on it all night long – that’s how much I love the stuff.

Pandoro Verona

However, I opened a 1 kg pandoro last night and the kids loved it! smirk

Pandoro Mountain

There’s a lot of confusion about the difference between a pandoro and a panettone – even Jamie Oliver got it wrong. He referred to a pandoro as a panettone in his program “Jamie’s Cracking Christmas” and no one in the production crew thought to correct it. Panettone is from Milan and it’s a brioche like bread filled with pieces of fruit while pandoro is from Verona (popular in Venice too) and very distinctively shaped. There are six different types of Christmas cakes in Italy!

Pandoro Sugar

A pandoro is very different from a panettone – it’s a frustum shaped soft sponge like cake, very light, with a heaping of powdered icing sugar on top. There’s a packet of icing sugar included in the box for you to dust the top. You can either dump it right on top or roll the pandoro around it and I chose the former. The 8 pointed star of pandoro makes it look like a snow covered mountain!

Slicing Pandoro

The kids loved pulling pieces of the pandoro and eating it with the powdered vanilla icing sugar! 🙂

Pandoro Icing Sugar

It was a lot of fun and it’s delicious too! Some people don’t like the bits of fruit in panettone and I’ve seen pandoro grow in popularity this year – it’s plain, but that doesn’t mean it tastes simple. The texture of pandoro is softer than panettone and it’s great when you eat it with ice cream or gelato! It has a different texture altogether and it’s perfect for a Christmas centrepiece.

Pandoro Party

I think we ate 1/3 of the 1 kg pandoro within 30 minutes! It’s supposed to look like the Italian Alps during Christmas and it sure is a wonderful sight to behold! We’ll be getting another one next year, in addition to a pandolce (a Genova classic) or a panforte from Sienna.

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12 thoughts on “Our Pandoro Party!”

  1. Wow, giant turkey, and now giant pandoro.. Looks like pudding shape, eh.. I’m imagining myself eating a slice with vanilla ice cream, or whipped cream with strawberries.. So it taste like butter cake?

  2. Yeah, I’m one of those who doesn’t like panettone (coz I don’t like fruit cakes either) but I’ve never had a pandoro before (pandora I know-lah…kekeke). That pandoro mountain looks like it needs 10 people to finish leh!

  3. paiseh. Have no idea what is a pandoro and a panettone till you highlighted it here. The kids sure had fun munching that.

    Happy New Year to you

  4. It certainly looks like a panettone to me…. but I guess the difference would be in the ingredients used and the place of manufacture. O.o

    Gosh, I’m salivating at it now..

  5. omigosh, what a really festive-looking treat … i like the look of the sugar dusting on top. i don’t think i’ve ever had this before … but ya, it sounds like it’d be a fun tradition to get this (or a variation of it) every year for christmas 😀

  6. I wanted to buy either a pandoro or a panettone to try but the price is very expensive – more than RM30 each. What does it taste like? Sponge cake or butter cake?


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