Blog giveaway: Get a weBoost Drive 3G-S (worth RM 389) just by commenting!

Check out the animation video above!

sand animation

I took this video during the weBoost launch at Connexion@Nexus Bangsar South on 29th October 2014. It’s a very apt visual description on what weBoost is all about and how it works. weBoost is made by Wilson Electronics, the Utah based global leader in cellular signal boosters and they’re bringing two of their award-winning lines to Malaysia.

weBoost launch

The weBoost line of products works by boosting both voice and data signals for 2G and 3G and best of all, it works with *all* cellular carriers. It’s carrier-independent so it doesn’t matter which telco you signed up with. It also works seamlessly when you’re moving from outside to inside the enhanced area so there’s no need to end your call and reconnect when you’re walking outside into your office or your car.

weBoost me

The signal is automatically boosted when you’re within the weBoost coverage area.

weBoost Connect3G

The Connect 3G is meant for homes and offices for those who depend on reliable connectivity indoors. It captures the outside, usable signal and amplifies it before redistributing the boosted and usable signal throughout the entire home/office and will be launched soon, so stay tuned!

weBoost Drive3G

The Drive 3G-S is an all-in-one phone cradle and signal booster and the best thing about this in-car device is that it can extend your phone battery life by as much as 3 hours of talktime (average 20% better battery life) when you’re using it. It also boosts both voice and data.


I got a unit of the Drive 3G-S to test out and I must say that I’m very impressed. I can already think of the variety of uses for this unit – as someone who uses Google Maps/Waze a lot, I need a cradle for my car anyway. This does away with 3rd party car cradles and also extends the range where a call can be made, virtually eliminating areas of poor coverage.

weBoost 3GS install

It’s very easy to install too!

weBoost 3GS review

Step 1: Clean the area you want to install the cradle with the provided alcohol wipe

weBoost 3GS mount

Step 2: Peel back the adhesive from the backing of the mount (allow 24 hours to cure before attaching Drive 3G-S)

weBoost 3GS unboxing

Step 3: Hook up the antenna into the Drive 3G-S

weBoost antenna

Step 4: Put the magnetic antenna on top of your car

weBoost test

Step 5: Plug in the power source and hook up the mini-USB to the port on the Drive 3G-S

weBoost LED

That’s all there is to it! You can see the Drive 3G-S light up via a small LED light to the side to show that it’s powered up.

weBoost 3GS adhesive

You’ll also realize that there’s no need for DIY skills on your part – the cable that leads to the antenna can be just strung directly out and your door closed over it. It won’t damage the cable – it’s very strong – as you can see there’s a soft polymer at the car door seam which allows the cable to securely go outside and to the antenna at the roof of your car.

weBoost antenna placement

I experimented with antenna placement and found that it works best when it’s directly upright and at the center of the vehicle roof at least 16 cm away from windows. It’s a very strong magnet – you won’t have to worry about it flying off even if you’re quite the speed demon.

weBoost 3GS arms

The cradle can fit any sized phone too – there are attachments called “arms” provided that can be secured to existing latches on the cradle. You can just slip them in and out until you find a snug fit for your phone.

weBoost 3GS cradle

My smartphone has a very unusual on/off button – it’s to the side instead of to the top but that doesn’t present a problem. There are different shapes and sized arms which allows you to fit the slimmest basic phone to the largest smartphone.

weBoost signal

My experience driving around with the Drive 3G-S was very positive. I know certain areas are prone to weak (but not non-existent) signals e.g. tunnels and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I can now make calls from previously blocked areas.

weBoost 3G data

There is also a notorious stretch of poor coverage area when you drive to Ipoh where the signal is weak from the surrounding hills and I’m here to report that you can use the Drive 3G-S to even watch YouTube videos at the usually denied area. Not that I recommend you do that, this was just a test, you see. *cough*

weBoost 3G data test

The Drive 3G-S also provided me with strong signal strength even at my in-laws place, which is notorious for having a weak signal. Did you know that your phone actually uses up battery life when you’re in a weak reception area coz it’s constantly jumping between cell towers and trying to get a better signal?

weBoost 3G voice

The weBoost Drive 3G-S resolves that problem by providing you with longer battery life and better voice and data signal with the all-in-one cradle so it’s really useful to people like me. If you drive around a lot in the city where there are weak coverage areas or want to have constant connectivity during road trips, the Drive 3G-S will be a useful investment indeed.

weBoost data test

I have had my car break down once on the KL-Ipoh route and it was at a weak coverage zone and I actually had to walk to find a usable signal and that’s an emergency where I wish I had the Drive 3G-S. I drove through that area again and managed to get both voice and data signal from the weak coverage area due to the hilly terrain.

weBoost 3G

This product will soon hit the shelves in Malaysia and if you want to be one of the first few Malaysians to own it, good news:

I have one (1) brand new weBoost Drive 3G-S Cellular Signal Booster (worth RM 389) to giveaway on! You just need to answer the following two questions in the comments section:

1. Name the two weBoost products that were recently launched in Malaysia
2. Why do you need a mobile booster in your daily life?

Participants must be based in Malaysia and the contest will end on 30th January 2015. Just comment with the answers and your email address and I’ll choose one lucky winner from the comments.

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32 thoughts on “Blog giveaway: Get a weBoost Drive 3G-S (worth RM 389) just by commenting!”

  1. 1. 2 products
    DRIVE 3G-S

    To have seamless mobile connection at home or on the road and improve “always-connection” experience with stronger and reliable connection

  2. 1. Name the two weBoost products that were recently launched in Malaysia
    a. CONNECT 3G
    b. DRIVE 3G-S

    2. Why do you need a mobile booster in your daily life?
    I’m a frequent traveler travel between KL and Ipoh. The mobile booster give me a complete peace of mind. I’ve experience my car break down in road trip from Kampar to Ipoh by using the old kampung road. And the mobile connection signal was very bad and couldn’t even make a call. Thank god, a good samaritan who owns a durian stall helped us to make a call to the car mechanics.

  3. 1. Connect 3G and Drive 3G-S
    2. Honestly i don’t know WHY but i just know i need this for my significant half as i know that this would come in handy for him when he goes to work as he drives around most of the time and always complaint bad reception and battery life sux so it would be happy yangyang year to be able to present him this gadget 😀

  4. Dude…. this product line making it’s way to Malaysia, hopefully an entrepreneur will bring the products to Sarawak. A “properly” designed, signal booster improves coverage independent of the service provider adding more repeater in their service area or developers adding structure in the metropolis causing weak signal. The mobile version , 23 dB of gain = amplify the signal 200 time, and the home at 70dB , it’s 10,000,000 X.

    btw, yours truly have been working on evaluation of this technology for the last couple year…… great to see it launch in Malaysia.

  5. My wife modem is in the living room…and I am using a wireless usb modem on my PC in my computer room. Signal gets pretty bad at times, have to connect and re-connect…and sometimes, not very helpful either. I wonder if this can help.

  6. 1) Connect 3G and Drive 3G-S

    2) I drive a lot and D**i being the cellular network that it is tends to drop a lot of signals usually right about the time when you need it. Would help immensely in terms of maps, etc..

    And congratulations, btw. When was/is the big day? I don’t remember reading about it in here?

  7. 1-Name the two weBoost products that were recently launched in Malaysia

    weBoost Connect 3G and weBoost Drive 3G-S

    2-Why do you need a mobile booster in your daily life?

    Constant & quality cellular internet connection is so very important to each and everyone of us these days.We need it for our communications needs,work needs and most of all, to keep the kids entertained at home and whilst travelling. 🙂

  8. 1)
    weBoost Drive 3G-S
    weBoost Connect 3G

    I drive from Miri to Bintulu regularly a few times per month. Like most Sarawakians who have experienced poor mobile reception in the during such journeys, a booster device like the weBoost Drive 3G-S would be a great safety net, especially when faced with emergencies or critical moments where getting a connection is a must. You definitely don’t want to be stuck in the middle of Sarawak without any way to call for help 🙂

  9. 1. Drive 3G-S & Connect 3G
    2. I stay in Kuching Sarawak & the place I stay barely have the telco signal. I want to see the product you recommend really does it work or just another normal gadget in town.

  10. 1. Connect 3G & Drive 3G-S
    2. I need mobile booster in your daily life because every time i drove back to sibu from kuching, some of the places don’t have any signal. Reminds me of last time, my car broke down midway, i need to hike up a hill just for a phone signal to make a phone call.

  11. Connect 3G and Drive 3G-S

    I need a mobile booster in my daily life because we have all experienced the infamous dropped signal or a lack of cellular data coverage at the most inopportune time especially whilst traversing the back roads of Sarawak or along stretches of the east coast highway in the peninsula
    and after reading your review, a feasible solution is finally on the market,

  12. To answer your questions:
    1) Connect 3G & Drive 3G-S
    2) Not sure if I really need it but I’m answering for the sake of answering question # 2, haha. I don’t drive a lot, but I’m always afraid to drive. The only route I know is from house to office, and office back to house.. So if there’s any breakdown *touch wood* or if I need to drive further to somewhere else, I won’t be afraid anymore.. weBoost – always with me 🙂

  13. Sure or not? It’s that good? Hmm…I wonder if it works in my “jungle” . Very hard to get signal at my place.

    Going to try my luck on this. Here are my answers : –

    1. Name the two weBoost products that were recently launched in Malaysia

    weBoost Connect 3G and weBoost Drive 3G-S.

    2. Why do you need a mobile booster in your daily life?

    Coz I want to try out this weBoost as I doubt that it would help in at my “black hole” area. Even my service provider also said they can’t help it. It would be great if this thing really works.

  14. weBoost Connect 3G and weBoost Drive 3G-S

    one time not too long ago i was cruising around and chatting this hot chick up on wechat (found her through look around). things were really going good and i was making excellent progress to hookup with her. then i drove into mordor or some place where the sun dont shine that had weak data coverage and wasnt able to continue my chat. later when i reemerged from the depths and finally got reception again to continue the chat, she already hooked up with another guy. she was an air stewardess over here on a long lay-over, horny, bored and looking for company. couple days later i found out that had i managed to stay on the chat with her, i would have been invited over to her hotel to claim her oyster. i blew the chance cos the damn fucking D*G* network sucks. true story.

    help a bro out.

  15. Here are my answers : –

    1. Name the two weBoost products that were recently launched in Malaysia
    weBoost Connect 3G and weBoost Drive 3G-S.

    2. Why do you need a mobile booster in your daily life?
    Travelling time from home to work and vice versa takes up about 3 hours per day; In the 3 hours in my car, i take the opportunity to:
    1) call up family members like my Dad who lives out of KL to check out how he is
    2) to return missed calls during the day
    3) at traffic lights, i can attend to short and quick email replies, thus improving my efficiency and work productivity
    4) use Waze to check up on traffic reports, so a good strong stable phoneline/connectivity is utterly important
    5) call up my fav cafe in advance to pre-order dinner for my family on the way home from work

    Thank you.

  16. 1. weBoost Connect 3G and weBoost Drive 3G-S
    2. I am actually trying to win this for a dear friend from Kuching who recently moved to KL. Since he is new in KL, he mainly relies on his GPS on his smartphone to navigate his way through the very confusing KL roads (what with the many changes in road names recently).

  17. 1. Drive 3G-S & Connect 3G
    2. I live in Sabah, whereby generally the signal outskirt of town (where I live) are very patchy… The device will be a lifesaver

  18. Hi,
    Here are my answers:

    1.weBoost Drive 3G-S &
    weBoost Connect 3G
    2. I just recently came over to KL for my new job and my fear of driving around in KL incredibly affects my quality of life. I have huge difficulty in remembering routes, and almost no sense of directions. My greatest fear is mobile running out of battery while trying to use waze or disconnected from 3G, plus I’m new in driving which adds on the fear. Having the weBoost Drive 3G-S Cellular Signal Booster will definitely assist me in doing the simple things in my daily life such as driving peacefully without worries!

  19. 1. weBoost Connect 3G and weBoost Drive 3G-S
    2. I need a mobile booster in my daily life because I am still using wifi via my smartphone, as I don’t subscribe to any data plan due to my complicated background that I am not well-off. So, I believe the mobile booster can make a big difference in my daily life because whenever I encounter emergence or urgent matters, I need to use whatsapp / Skype messenger to contact my family or cousin in the event of running out of prepaid balance. Otherwise, I cannot imagine how can I get into trouble or how can my life be at stake.
    Thank you very much for the giveaway chance!

  20. Thanks for all the awesome entries everyone! 🙂

    I was so amazed by some of your stories and I wish I had more than 1 unit to giveaway. I put all the winning entries (funny, touching and practical ones) and ran a random number generator to come up with the winner, out of the 9 shortlisted ones…

    …and the winner is:

    Kathy Chung (KT)

    Congrats! I’ve already sent you an email as per your email address.


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