The day won’t be quite as bright…

Cut Hand

I accidentally cut my hand just now while trying to slice a mango (of all things). My better half gave me a bunch of mangoes to eat and what I’ll do is slice the top off of each one and peel downwards.

However, this particular mango was rather slippery and the knife slipped and I sliced into my right arm instead.

Deep Cut

It turns out that the skin at this particular area is actually quite thick, and it took considerable force to make such a deep cut. I think the fact that my knife is about as sharp as a pair of children’s scissors helped, or else it’ll have been much worse. 😑

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18 thoughts on “The day won’t be quite as bright…”

    • Yeah, I just stuck it with surgical tape. πŸ™‚

      Not sure if it’s a good idea though coz since it has no exposure to oxygen, the wound seems to be not healing at all. No scabs, still open.

    • Thanks mate! πŸ™‚

      Yeah, I think my method of just sticking surgical tape on the wound is not helping. I don’t have cotton swabs so it’s not being exposed to oxygen and the would is still open and weeping.

    • Yeah, if it was sharp, I don’t know how deep it would have went in! πŸ™‚

      Haha! But I like to do it myself, the way I cut is different, I don’t slice the mangoes (they’re actually not supposed to be sliced for maximum enjoyment) but I just peel the skin down so you have one whole mango for you to bite into. YUM!

  1. You are trying to kill yourself!

    Omg! Thank god the knife was not sharp or you would have deeper cut. Please be careful next time or get wifey to do for you.

    • Oh no, if you’re trying to kill yourself you actually have to slice vertically down your arm, not horizontally like the movies! πŸ™‚

      I will be more careful. Thanks Rose!

  2. Eh, how come the direction you kena the knife is there ahh? hehehe.. I’m imagining how it kena-ed you.. Normally kena the fingers la, especially the thumb or the 3rd finger, but definitely won’t kena my upper wrist there la..

    • Haha! I was holding down the cutting board with my right arm. πŸ™‚

      The place where I placed the cutting board is the front of the sink, so it’s not very stable, so I have to stabilize it by pressing downward with my right arm. Thus, I needed to use my left hand to cut, which is not a problem as it’s a simple cut to the top of the mango. However, I’m right handed so my left hand dexterity is very low, when it slipped across the mango, I pressed down instead of letting go and it went into my right arm.

      That’s why it’s there, coz I was using it to hold down the cutting board.

  3. that a very unique way of cutting mangoes, to get cut that position lol. You better be careful with knife, never know where next! mangoes are pretty difficult to peel the skin. somehow tricky.

  4. Dude, actually, a sharp knife is a safe knife, because it’ll cut the object instead slip and cut of you…….something I learned from cooperate sponsored workplace safety class.

  5. How’s the wound? I hope it has closed and healed by now. Please be more careful when handling sharp objects. I like to peel my mangoes like how you described but then I find that a lot of flesh gets removed along with the skin, then I use the peeler to remove the skin but then it goes the other way, too little skin gets removed and the inner bitter parts of the skin gets eaten by me too along with the flesh.


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