The awesome Pocky and Teagurt collaboration!

Pocky Teagurt Collaboration

I saw this unique packaging while at a konbini (convenience store) in Japan. This new collaboration brings the two FMCG giants together for a unique promotion that’s super innovative. This isn’t a Pocky x Teagurt (or Teagurt x Pocky) promo, the two products each created something that’s meant to be eaten together to produce a cheesecake sensation!

Pocky Midi Lemon Cheesecake

Kirin owns Teagurt (which isn’t very well known here) but Pocky (Glico) should be familiar to just about anyone. This Pocky midi Sicilian Lemon (225 yen or RM 9.80) has several pictures of girls and guys getting ready to kiss. The Teagurt Gogo no Koucha (午後の紅茶) yoghurt drink (184 yen or RM 8.10) has a couple of males and females in the same pose, except opposite.

Teagurt Pocky

You’re supposed to combine them together to make a cast of characters – and yes, you can combine male with male and female with female too! smirk

Pocky Cheesecake

There’s actually a picture on the back of each product that asks you to buy the other one for the cheesecake combo! The Teagurt one features the Pocky midi and vice versa.


I was so intrigued by this that I had to try it! It gave my better half an I an entertaining night in the apartment we rented in Sapporo.


We brought one each and checked out the two possible variations. There are two characters on the Teagurt bottle but only one on the Pocky. You’re supposed to eat them together, but before that, you can put them together and download an app to see what the stories are.

Pocky Midi Movie

The instructions at the back has images so it’s easy to understand what you’re meant to do even if you don’t read Japanese. You put the two together (Teagurt and Pocky) to make the characters “kiss” and take a photo with the AR app. The app then plays a short superimposed augmented reality style movie which shows what happens to the two people in the packaging.

Pocky Sicilian Lemon

There is no LGBT scene here though, I tried making a girl and a girl kiss but it turns out they’re love rivals. Still, it’s fun to be able to choose which characters you want to put together and it’s things like these which makes Japanese snacks awesome. It’s displayed like this in stores too so you know you’re meant to eat them together.


The packaging says to take a bite of Pocky midi and then drink a swing of the Teagurt, which is supposed to produce a totally new flavor. The Sicilian Lemon Pocky midi tastes like lemon on its own and the Teagurt tastes a little like Calpis. However, when you take a bite/sip of each as instructed, it really produces a lemon cheesecake flavor!

Pocky Teagurt

I was very impressed! I think the lemon comes from the Sicilian Lemon Pocky midi and the cheese notes comes from the yoghurt drink Teagurt. However, the thing that sells it is the pretzel sticks that Pocky is mounted on – that tastes like the base of a cheesecake. It’s wonderful and I like the idea that the products are willing to come up with limited edition Japan-only collaborations like this which combines together to not just create a new flavor, but tell a (very high tech) story! 🙂

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20 thoughts on “The awesome Pocky and Teagurt collaboration!”

    • Yup, the funny thing is that they taste like their own selves otherwise but if you combine the two (and there are instructions behind the packs of each to do so) it’ll taste like cheesecake.

  1. Ooo-la-la, I love Pocky. Previously it was Rocky.. Mothers with kids especially, who doesn’t know Pocky? But here, we only have strawberry and chocolate.. As for Meiji Panda biscuits, they have banana and milk vanilla too.. But lemon Pocky, first time I see it, and I bet you only get it there, and it will never get here, sobs..

    • Yeah, this is a Japan-only exclusive. This flavor of Pocky can only get in Japan coz it’s supposed to go with the Teagurt. There are actually a lot of Pocky flavors which we never get in Malaysia, not even in the Japanese import shops. It’s coz they’re limited or regional specific.

  2. Your eyes are so sharp! I went inside their marts everyday to pick up something to drink and munch. I believed I saw these Pocky stuffs but it never crossed my mind they could match and kiss!! LOL

    • They had a huge marketing campaign and the products are shown side by side. I first saw it in Otaru where the two products were shown together and I thought it was really interesting but I didn’t buy it then and since it was limited edition, by the time we got back to Sapporo, a lot of the konbinis weren’t carrying it anymore.

  3. Pocky! <3 I prefer their Green Tea flavor, though.

    I won't be surprised if both brands are owned by the same company or it's part of a marketing strategy to drive up the business for both.

    • Pocky is owned by Glico and Teagurt is owned by Kirin. It’s a collaboration they signed together, at first it was just meant to use each other’s distribution avenues (or so I read) but they thought they could make something better, a marketing strategy to drive up sales for each and they made something which is meant to go with the other. Brilliant eh?

      The only stuff by Kirin we get locally is Kirin beer.

  4. This is a brilliant marketing campaign. How did you find out about this? You are so observant even when everything is written in Japanese.

    • I saw this in Otaru. Haha! The two products were shown side by side and I thought, how cute! The diagrams at the back has pictures though so I figured it was meant to go together. It’s actually very user friendly, can see the cheesecake picture at the back of each.

  5. such a creative way of boosting the sales of pocky + teagurt. I hope they have this in Malaysia…It’s jst so unique of having a story behind 2 products from different brand.

    • Yup, it’s amazing eh?

      I’ve never seen Teagurt in Malaysia. I suspect it might need refrigeration since it’s a yoghurt drink e.g. it’s not shelf stable. It’s made by Kirin but we hardly get stuff which aren’t shelf stable here, so I’ve never seen it. This Pocky flavor is made to be distributed in Japan only so without the Teagurt to go with it, definitely can’t find it here.

  6. A clever marketing idea and takes in all the details too.

    I have seen Pocky around Malaysia and some quarters even made an issue of the name too. So far i have not seen any Tegurt here. Will keep my eyes open for it . Maybe Isetan will have.

    Thank you very much for the goodies from Japan. Very thoughtful of you and Ling. Saw the message behind the kitkat. Thanks again

    • Yup, Glico actually setup Pocky in Thailand ages ago. It doesn’t taste the same though, the Japan Pocky is the best (which is why they still import in Japanese ones) and they have a lot of flavors which we don’t get here, not even in Japanese import shops. I know this will never arrive in Malaysia since it’s limited edition so I got it in Japan. Haha.

      No worries at all Kathy! Hope you and your family can enjoy the Japanese Kit Kats. I love the Hokkaido Red Bean Kit Kat.

    • Yeah, companies there are so willing to do stuff like this. Kit Kat also partnered up with cafes (!!!) to produce desserts based on their baked Kit Kats. It’s a real partnership e.g. the cafe is advertised on the Kit Kat official Japanese page and gets authentic Kit Kat wrappers for their desserts.

  7. So naughty you trying to make girl n girl kiss!

    Trust the Japanese to come out with these kind of ideas. I can’t imagine how taking a bite of that Pocky and drinking the teagurt can produce such awesomeness!

    • Haha! It was possible from the packaging. 🙂

      It just didn’t come out the way I expected. It turns out they’re love rivals. Oh well…

      Yup, it’s nice for them to collaborate like this. I think the Pocky has part of the flavor that produces cheesecake so you get a hint of it and the Teagurt has the other half of the taste molecule (so to speak) so when it combines is only when your tongue recognizes it as cheesecake. It’s quite ingenious.


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