Horlicks NutriQuest Roadshow @ Orange Concourse, Sunway Pyramid

Horlicks NutriQuest Game

I was at the Horlicks NutriQuest event over the weekend. It took up one of the concourses of Sunway Pyramid and the Horlicks NutriQuest roadshow is open to the public. However, on the event day, media and bloggers were invited to join the exclusive campaign launch session. The roadshow was meant to introduce a new game for iOS and Android which is incorporated with the story elements of being Tall, Strong and Sharp in the mobile game play. The story elements are coincidentally also what Horlicks is all about. Horlicks wants to engage kids of all ages through fun adventures available online and on ground by being Tall, Strong and Sharp! Check out Top Health Journal

Horlicks MidValley

Dr Greedy is the key character in the game. He is an evil scientist and the mastermind of the robbery in the Horlicks Factory because he does not want our kids to benefit from the nutrition provided by Horlicks. I also met him in person over the weekend. Haha. He (and his Metaloids) destroyed all Horlicks caches to prevent kids from growing Tall, Strong and Sharp. You’re one of the adventurers that steps up to stop him. This was reflected in the booths too – in addition to the one which had demos of the game running, there were three (3) activity booths.

Horlicks Tall

Tall is a Horlicks NutriQuest booth set up according to your height. Thus, this goes up if you’re higher and down if you’re lower. It’s all about giving a fair chance to kids, so it’s set to your relative height. You’re supposed to catch the Horlicks star. Are you tall enough to defeat Dr Greedy?

Horlicks Strong

Strong is where they set up a Bop Bag. This is a HUGE plastic Dr Greedy which has been bottom stabilized so it never topples over. You try and punch it as hard as you can to earn a stamp on your card. This is meant for kids but I tried punching the Bop Bag as hard as I could. It actually went over but didn’t topple, just as it was designed to do. Nifty.

Horlicks Sharp

Sharp is where they had a wild west rogue’s gallery of Dr Greedy and his henchmen. You’re armed with a semi-automatic Nerf gun full of foam darts. Your aim is to take out the entire board with just one bullet each. It was quite a challenge since Nerf guns don’t always shoot straight. I had fun at this booth, as did most older kids.

Nerf Gun

Stacy Wallace, the General Manager of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare Malaysia launched the Horlicks NutriQuest Campaign and the mobile game app with the media after that. We also had lunch at Delicious courtesy of GSK. I have two kids and there was one (1) watch in the media kit so I asked her if it was possible to get another one. Thanks to her, I managed to get another one so the kids won’t fight. πŸ™‚

Horlicks NutriQuest

Plus, she’s a mom too so she knows how it’s like having two kids. You either don’t give it to them at all (since you only have one) or you get another one and she was kind enough to procure another watch for me. What’s this watch, you say? Well, it’s an item from Horlicks which you can redeem too!

Horlicks Fun

Each Horlicks pack will have Horlicks NutriCoins inside within the duration of this campaign and the Horlicks NutriCoins can be redeemed for both in-game levels *and* exclusive prizes through online redemption.

Horlicks Event

I’ll showcase more about the Horlicks NutriQuest interactive adventure game in a separate post. Horlicks also offers 23 vital nutrients which are essential for growth and children development and I though it’s a great idea for the NutriCoins to be redeemable for awesome merchandise like watches in addition to in-game levels such as to unlock exclusive levels in the 4th Dimension world.

Dr Greedy

No, I’m not acting cool. I’m defeating Dr Greedy in-game and IRL at the same time! The game is very we-well-polished and fun, go download it for either iOS or Android now!

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9 thoughts on “Horlicks NutriQuest Roadshow @ Orange Concourse, Sunway Pyramid”

  1. Horlicks has always been a hot favourite for my wifey and myself. We love their white malt drink which is the only beverage that could make us happy! I am serious.

    Dr. Greedy doesn’t look greedy at all but looks like a smart scientist.

    • Yeah, I love the malt taste too! πŸ™‚

      I’ve been drinking a lot of it lately too, and they have more versions nowadays. I don’t know if it’s sold here but one of my aunts have a Horlicks Lite which she imports in, it’s the only kind approved for adult diabetics.

  2. I missed this event. Was supposed to bring my boys there too but ended up in the hospital πŸ™

    Anyway, I downloaded the game for them while we were in the hospital and they had fun playing it even until today. Ethan has yet managed to complete the game and still keeps on trying. I am not helping him. Haha. Let him do it on his own.

    Bought Horlicks again last weekend for the NutriCoins πŸ˜€

    • Yup, I was told you would be there! πŸ™‚

      It was fun to play the games and there was lunch at delicious courtesy of GSK too. The game is fun, and it’s great that you can redeem not just in-game items but things like watches with the NutriCoins. I had one watch in my media kit and I requested for another from the events people but they didn’t want to give another one. I asked Stacy Wallace and told her about the situation and she was kind enough to get another one for me. Haha. You can’t just give one of the girls a watch, has to be two for the both of them, or they’ll fight.

    • Yup, I’ve been there a couple of times! πŸ™‚

      I prefer the Horlicks Godzilla too. I actually will order Horlicks when I go out coz Milo is quite common and while both are malt drinks, Horlicks has a purer malt aftertaste. I love it.

  3. After I read your first paragraph, I faster search for Horlicks in my Play Store, just to check.. And I got it! By GSK hor.. Ok, I wana download the apps for the boys tonight at home.. To be honest, Horlicks is a lil pricey, I always “mm seh tak” buy..But I love those Horlicks malties chewies, sedap.. Oh, we drink Milo πŸ™‚

    • Yup, GSK is the parent company! πŸ™‚

      You can get the game for free, it’s a lot of fun. I’ve been playing a lot myself too. Haha. Yeah, I love those Horlicks malt tablets too, they taste remarkably like Horlicks. You can kinda make them yourself if you mix up Horlicks with a bit of condensed milk. Good stuff!


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