Grand Taipei, Sunway Giza Mall

Grand Taipei

Grand Taipei is a relatively new cafe, restaurant and tea house (that’s what they call themselves) in Sunway Giza. If you thought it looked kinda familiar, you’ll be correct. There was a place called Taipei Taipei inside the mall a few years back. It didn’t do well and closed permanently. The old Taipei Taipei has been relaunched as Grand Taipei but the chopstick covers still has the old name.

Grand Taipei Sunway Giza

This spot seems to have bad feng shui or something. There has been a lot of different bars and restaurants at this exact spot which shuttered and got replaced by a new one. The latest to try is the ex-Taipei Taipei from inside the mall. The interior looks really nice – there’s an old movie projected to the walls, vintage furniture, jukebox, and a small stage.

Taiwanese Style Pork Chop with Rice (RM 15.90)

Taiwanese Pork Chop Rice

This is their signature dish! Grand Taipei does a mean pork chop rice. There’s a large slice of savory and delicious pork chop on top of a mound of rice. The rice isn’t just plain rice but mixed with minced stewed pork (what the Taiwanese called kou rou). There’s also a triangle of vinegar tofu which balances out the dish with a bit of acid, as well as vegetables. It’s pretty good, reminds me of the food I had in Taiwan.

Brown Sugar Red Bean Milk Tea (RM 9.90)

Red Bean Milk Tea

This is Taiwanese milk tea but with red bean instead of tapioca balls. They have a tapioca ball style bubble tea version for RM 8.90 too. It’s better to order the โ€œRM 8 Business Lunch Setโ€ which allows you to choose a drink and provides you with a daily side dish (pickled cucumbers shown above) so you save between RM 1 – RM 2 on your drink and get a small side.

Grand Taipei Me

Grand Taipei will have familiar food if you’ve been to the old Taipei Taipei. They specialize in pork chop rice and they’re pretty good at it. The pork chops are fried to order and it’s served hot. I like how they have multiple sourish sides (pickles, tofu) coz the oily pork chop can be a bit hard to stomach after a few bites and the acidic dishes help cleanse your palate. Lunch for me cost RM 23.90 which isn’t bad for the amount of meat they serve.

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6 thoughts on “Grand Taipei, Sunway Giza Mall”

  1. I love that Taiwan pork chop rice with that delicious slab of meat and some salted veg by the side – used to go for the ones at a stall at Sing Kwong in Salim, so far away – no more around. I spotted a Taiwan place in Sg Merah the other day, dunno if it’s any good. Hopefully, I can drop by one of these days to check it out.

  2. This reminds me somewhat of that pork chop franchise (Tai Lei Loi Kei) which isn’t doing too well now (quite a few of their branches have since closed down). The pork chop looks good….so, here’s wishing the relaunched Grand Taipei does better than the Old Taipei Taipei! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Hey Handsome, this must be your favourite shirt, worn at Steak House and here.. LOLOL

    The Taiwanese are experts in making pork & boneless chicken chops besides cooling dessert drinks. I love their food! I think this Taipei Taipei has shifted to Damansara Kim.
    Someone told me the whole area has weak feng shui for businesses, not just inside this mall.

  4. I like pork chop cooked this way. Although I don’t eat much meat but as soon as I see pork chop cooked this way, I will order it and share half with my eating companion/s.


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