Epic Fit Meals Food Review 2018


I have been going through a bit of a body transformation as of late. I know you guys have noticed but I just want to say it to syiok sendiri k. Let me pat myself on the back sometimes, jeez. Anyway, a lot of these efforts are made in the kitchen. I do hit the weights in a systematic way everyday but to get a leaner body type, diet is very important. That’s why I’ve mostly been cooking myself at home.


However, I got an invite from Wick Kee (one of the founders of Epic Fit Meals) to drop by and check out their new, revamped menu. I went with Merryn and Joyce last Sunday. Their meals have friendly macros so it won’t affect my diet. If you didn’t know, Epic Fit Meals does Melbourne inspired meals with an emphasis on healthier options. The calories of their meals are listed on their menu. Not only this, but it also has mentioned some of the items from which people can have an allergy or intolerant. They highly recommend the people, whoever faced the problem while eating to have a food intolerance test.


I’ve actually met Wick Kee a few years ago when I went to their first outlet to see their offerings. I’m also a customer coz I saw their flyer with a free chicken deal when I was living at my previous condo. I’ve always wondered how they managed to get up there since Cascades has really strict security. Haha. It’s a higher end place. Effective marketing though.


Besides their macro friendly grilled and schnitzel chicken offerings, Epic Fit Meals also has a range of other proteins and menu items. This is perfect for people like Merryn who’s not a huge fan of chicken breast. I think it’s pretty bomb, especially when paired with their delicious range of sauces.


These sauces range from 13 – 89 calories. The most yummy one to me is their Fire S.O.S. which is a sweet sambal sauce. It’s also the 89 calorie one. Figures!


They also have pizza. This is the Pollo Supreme with lean chicken and various vegetables. It’s pretty good.


I enjoyed the Beef Buffy too. It’s a beef burrito with pulled beef and their delicious cilantro lime rice that brings a zingy zest to it. It makes the chubby very refreshing.


The Chummy Burger is another new menu item. This is the Chicken Chummy.


I also liked their OZ strip steak…


…and Butter Citrus Baked Pollock, which are both protein options in their Epic Fit Meals.


But the clear winner for me is the Herb & Lemon Crusted Pollock. It’s baked but tastes fried and I could detect a note of shrimp in the batter. I’m not sure if I’m having taste hallucinations but it’s good.


Epic Fit Meals delivers within 45 minutes to selected areas. You can order online at their website or pop into one of their 3 physical outlets.

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3 thoughts on “Epic Fit Meals Food Review 2018”

  1. I believe that body transformation do not just occur from an exercise routine. The kitchen plays an important part too as it allows you to control your portion and you know what you are eating.

    It’s definitely good to know that there is someone catering to folks who want to control their dietary intake. It definitely makes it easier because you don’t see restaurants publishing the number of calories next to the dish on the menu.

    Would you know if they deliver to SJ?

  2. Looked like Merryn was standing on the chair to take the perfect photos on the food. The food are all look delicious, a lot of efforts have put into to come out with these set of menus.

  3. One of my weakness is food and it will took me (or never) to work out a six pack! Hahahha … This macro meal with calories count seems a good initiative for bodybuilders or folks who are conscious about their diet.


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