A very unfortunate Sunday

new outfit

I went shopping at Pavilion on Sunday coz I had RM 600 vouchers to clear. I got:

1 x shoes
1 x shirt
1 x pants
4 x socks
2 x belts

And that came up to a total of RM 775 so I topped up RM 175. I was enamored by this large belt which cost about RM 220. It is made of faux snake skin (?) and every guy needs a huge belt. I don’t have one.

I was feeling a little inadequate in the manhood department so I decided to get it. I am going to try and wear it with one of my work outfits. Aza says it doesn’t really gel and the other belt I got looks more like I’m about to go out and ask for more budget from clients. Haha!

Anyway, after all that restocking the wardrobe bit, we went to find the car…which was a bit of a challenge. I was rushing to an event and it took us almost an hour (!!!) to find the car. I should have taken a photo like I always do. >.<

parking waiting lost ticket

Naturally, the ticket had expired (15 minutes grace period after you pay at the autopay stations) so I talked to the lady at the intercom, but she was adamant about not letting me out. Grr…

Thus, my friend went down to pay the ticket…and promptly dropped the ticket somewhere.

Lost parking ticket fee: RM 50
Shopping for clothes: RM 775
Getting to the event on time: Priceless

We also gave a piece of our mind to the intercom lady about not getting into the festive spirit and all that.

Not in English of course, I think we spoke in French. πŸ˜‰

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