The Seremban Run

seremban run

It was about 11 pm when I made an impromptu decision to drive down to Seremban with my friend (who shall for the sake of this post remain nameless coz it is too damn complicated). Friday night is DUI night, but I managed to tail her car for the entire 1 hour trip without any mishaps. πŸ˜‰

seremban room

Ha! This is where I’m staying. It’s her sister’s room and I really, really like it.

seremban stuff

At the same time I felt really, really bad about crashing at her room. I’m scared of messing it up she seems like such a neat freak. >.< I am a really messy person by nature. *makes mental note to fold the sheets after I wake up*

seremban bed

Thanks for the awesome hospitality!

seremban ticket lost

The only bad part of the trip? Losing my damn PLUS ticket stub and having to pay RM 53.60 at the Seremban exit. They must have calculated the trip from fucking Johor or something.

Okay, am going to go out and eat all the Seremban food that you suggested!!!

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