Hakka Loh Mee @ Bukit Jalil

hakka mee start

One dark and stormy night…

hakka loh mee

Okay, it wasn’t stormy but it was late at night. Most of the places were closing down but I saw this coffee shop which was still open and drove in.

hakka mee 

We decided to share the Hakka Loh Mee since Caydence is of Hakka descent and would be able to gauge the authenticity of the dish. I was wrong on both counts since she doesn’t eat anything – apparently she was the inspiration for Matthew when he wrote “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God“.

hakka mee caydence

However, she does know how to cool down a piping hot bowl of Hakka Yee Mee (they ran out of Loh Mee) quickly. Don’t be fooled, she wasn’t getting a portion for herself, I did that already and she doesn’t want to eat. She’s just reducing the temperature of the Hakka noodle dish.

hakka mee macro

I wouldn’t heap accolades on the Hakka Loh Mee – it wasn’t anything special even after hefty seasoning with vinegar and pepper. It was starchy and eggy and by all accounts looks palatable but if I had one word to describe it, it would be mediocre.

hakka mee us

This place is located Somewhere in Bukit Jalil (TM) near her apartment but I’ll be damned if I can find it again since I didn’t turn on the GPS. Well, considering the quality of the food, it’s not like I want to anyway. πŸ˜‰

Porridge and chicken @ Kawan, Seremban

seremban porridge stall

I was told there’s this popular chicken rice place that’s only open from 6 pm – 8 pm in Seremban. It’s supposed to serve a mean bowl of pig innards porridge and mighty fine chicken. It usually sells out at around 8 pm so you have to go there early.

kawan seremban

I headed down with Caydence’s family before I had to drive back to KL. The place was packed and the stall was chopping up chickens like nobody’s business. Okay, their business anyway. πŸ˜‰

seremban porridge display

Look at all the pig offal displayed alongside the chicken!

seremban porridge serve

They also serve normal chicken rice but what this stall is famous for (it’s the only stall in Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman Kawan) is their pig innards porridge. It was dished out into bowls and plastic bags for those wanting a pack to go.

seremban porridge chicken

The chicken is pretty decent but I prefer Kee Kee Bentong Chicken Rice.

seremban porridge

However, what makes this place special is eating the chicken WITH the pork innards porridge. It even has some crunchy bits on top to add texture to the congee.

seremban porridge sesame oil

Splash some vinegar and sesame oil on the congee and you’re in for a real treat!

seremban porridge us

There is a reason why this place is very popular in Seremban – their porridge is infused with the essence of delectable, and eating the chicken with a mouthful of hot congee with bits of pork intestines sticking out is a very different experience.

I love it and I don’t even like porridge! πŸ™‚

Curry Laksa @ Asia Laksa House, Seremban

asia laksa house

I was brought to Asia Laksa House for some Curry Laksa while I was in Seremban. This place seems rather popular with the locals and I was told it has the best curry laksa in Seremban.

restoran asia

Asia Laksa House is the flagship stall of Restoran Asia. The place was packed when we got there with the lunchtime crowd.

seremban curry laksa dry

You can opt for the dry version which comes with a topping of minced meat (didn’t even know there was such a thing as dry curry laksa)…

seremban curry laksa

…or the regular version with rice vermicelli (that’s bee hoon).

seremban curry laksa mixed

I went for the large curry laksa with noodles mixed with rice vermicelli and optional egg and clams. Now, the best thing about this place is the prime piece of chicken they chuck into your bowl. I ended up with two coz Caydence’s mom gave mine hers.

seremban curry laksa large

The chicken is tender and flavorful and I like the clams that goes into the gravy. It’s rich, creamy and goes very well with the noodles. There is also an egg if you go for the works. Curry laksa with chicken and cockles and egg costs RM 4.80 here – a lot less than you’ll be forking out in KL.

seremban curry laksa stall

The Curry Laksa at Asia Laksa House does brisk business and it’s no surprise for they serve some really good curry laksa. I even finished the thick gravy.

seremban curry laksa caydence sis

This is Caydence’s sister. Her super tulan face is probably coz I took over her bedroom for the night. Kidding! πŸ˜‰

Seremban Beef Noodles

seremban beef noodles stall

Ask anyone what Seremban is famous for and you’ll get a unanimous answer – beef noodles. Seremban beef noodles is unlike any I’ve ever had, it’s made using different noodles and has a lot of frills to it (the down-to-earth kind of trimmings).

pasar besar seremban

The penultimate (wah, damn a lot of hyperbole in this post) Seremban Beef Noodles is located at Pasar Besar Seremban.

seremban beef noodles

It’s unfortunately numbered 748 which translates to “go die la” in Mandarin. This is the original stall – the Genesis of Seremban Beef Noodles, if you will.

seremban beef noodles caydence

This photo fake one. Caydence doesn’t eat beef (or anything else for that matter) so I ended up eating both bowls.

seremban beef noodles soup

There are dry and soup versions of Seremban beef noodles. This is the latter. I like the broth but it doesn’t have the oomph of the former.

seremban beef noodles dry

The dry beef noodles on the other hand is fucking awesome. It contains generous portions of beef (various cuts and even innards) mixed with noodles and topped with a special black sauce sprinkled with sesame seeds and peanuts.

seremban beef noodles macro

I think the brilliant bit about Seremban beef noodles is the texture of the assorted offal of beef combined with the noodles and the Crunch Factor (TM) of the peanuts.

seremban beef noodles caydence me

I highly recommend you detour into Pasar Besar Seremban when you head down (up?) to Seremban. The beef noodles alone is worth the 40 minute drive.

Of course, if you have *cough* other incentives *cough* to drive there, then all the better. πŸ˜‰

Seremban Siew Pau

caydence seremban

Caydence, the self-dubbed Princess of Seremban, brought me around her hometown for a food tour – the best of Seremban’s offerings. It is rather ironic considering that she doesn’t eat that much to begin with (understatement of the century). We went to three places, two of them with her folks who insisted on paying for everything and even bought me Seremban siew pau to bring back.

seremban siew pao

Seremban Siew Pau is a crispy BBQ bun filled with pork goodness.

I remember someone saying that you can get Seremban Siew Pau in KL now…

…but nothing beats the real thing sourced from Seremban.

seremban siew pau

I wholeheartedly agree!

The Seremban Run

seremban run

It was about 11 pm when I made an impromptu decision to drive down to Seremban with my friend (who shall for the sake of this post remain nameless coz it is too damn complicated). Friday night is DUI night, but I managed to tail her car for the entire 1 hour trip without any mishaps. πŸ˜‰

seremban room

Ha! This is where I’m staying. It’s her sister’s room and I really, really like it.

seremban stuff

At the same time I felt really, really bad about crashing at her room. I’m scared of messing it up she seems like such a neat freak. >.< I am a really messy person by nature. *makes mental note to fold the sheets after I wake up*

seremban bed

Thanks for the awesome hospitality!

seremban ticket lost

The only bad part of the trip? Losing my damn PLUS ticket stub and having to pay RM 53.60 at the Seremban exit. They must have calculated the trip from fucking Johor or something.

Okay, am going to go out and eat all the Seremban food that you suggested!!!

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