Interview with Linora on Red FM

linora me

I was at the Red FM studio this afternoon for an interview session with Linora. She was doing the 2 pm slot and I was intrigued by everything inside. It was a very interesting experience to see how she does things on her show.

linora low

I first met up with Pei Yi in Starbucks who tagged me into the Red FM studio. I didn’t know what to expect but Linora turned out to be a really nice person that really made me feel at ease.


Notice that they’re using beats by Dr Dre as the studio headphones. I had an encounter with them a while ago. Heh.

I somehow got this idea in my head that I could choose songs to play, but obviously that didn’t happen. I *did* get to intro a couple of songs though, including one where I made a stupid (but hilarious) comment while doing it.


Fun stuff.

Anyway, the interview is about the blog being a finalist in Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards for Best Lifestyle Blog. I was talking about how it got started, went off in a tangent about one of my favorite videos on the blog:

and generally enjoyed myself.

redfm on air

I had to be really careful not to swear – you’ll hear me stopping and thinking for another word for “crap” when I said “I write about all kinds of (crap)”. I ended up using “stuff”. I couldn’t go into a lot of detail about my really colorful life (which most of you might know a bit of anyway) but I had really, really wanted to dedicate this song:

I think it sums me up perfectly. Love the lyrics. And it’s NOFX, hands down my favorite band.

I said something on air about blogging – “It’s an immortality of sorts”…and went on about wanting my (as yet unborn) children knowing who I am.

linora facebook
Picture nicked from Linora while she was updating the Red FM Facebook.

The session went very well. I had a lot of fun.

Anyway, she was asking me about my blog Facebook page and I said I didn’t have one. It got me thinking and I started to create one when I came back just now before I realized that Aud actually did it for me ages ago. I thought she forgot.

…so if you want, join the coolest Facebook blog page – on Facebook – it has 2 Likes to date (one of them mine). smirk

Hell, I just liked it myself a couple of hours ago coz I never even knew it existed. Heh.

redfm studio

Thanks for having me Linora!

Grace Ng, CUBE on ntv7 and bloggers

grace ng

I just got a text from Grace Ng (one of the hosts of Cube on ntv7) a couple of hours ago that the show featuring bloggers which I am on is airing tonight at 8:30 pm. It was filmed in Empire, Subang a couple of weeks back. I still remember something she mentioned when I first met her and commented on her innocent and likable personality. Her reply is classic! =D

richard goh

This is the man who made it all happen – Richard Goh, the producer and an old friend of mine. I’ve known him for years – he is my mentor in some ways but I shall not comment further than that. A very cool guy to hang out with and a bro I can totally click with.

ntv7 cube

Anyway, the show is available for viewing online, just surf over to their website. I missed it coz I’ve been down with the flu for two days, but I’m watching it now. 🙂

Red Ribbon Media Awards 2004 Thank You Luncheon

mac letter

I got a letter today from the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC).

letter rrma

It has the Red Ribbon Media Awards logo in the upper right corner of the envelope so I knew it was about the RRMA Media Awards [], where I was nominated for the Main Award Winner for the Non-Traditional Category – Blogs category.

rrma card

There was a card inside with a see through window cut into the cardboard with the words “Thank You Luncheon”.

thank you luncheon

Here’s a closer look at the invitation. It’s for a Thank You
Luncheon at the Pacifica Grill and Bar at Mandarin Oriental, KL at
12:30 pm – 2:00 pm this Saturday (2nd October 2004). It’s an invitation
for two – it goes “Poh Huai Bin & partner”, and although I would
very much like to go, I won’t be able to make it, so I emailed back to
tell MAC so.

I work on Saturdays so I’ll have to take leave if I were to go and I
already applied for leave later in October. I appreciate the gesture
though and I’ll like to say a big Thank You for Ely Azyze for
everything that she’s done for me. Thanks! 🙂

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