1314. It came out on Magnum 4D Draw 048/04 just now. I hardly ever
buy lottery tickets. Yesterday afternoon, I was going to get a Foochow
big pau (RM 2) for lunch and I only had RM 50 denomination notes and
they didn’t have change. The memory of the last time I bought 4D from
the accident was still fresh and the Magnum 4D outlet was just a little
down from there, so I decided to get change there, and got a number
just for fun.


1374. I figured it was an appropriate number because I was depressed
and thinking about the utter pointlessness of life. 1374 pronounces as
“once born, go die” (literal translation) in Mandarin – it fitted my
mindset because that’s what life’s about. We get born, we live through
our meaningless lease on earth, and death awaits us at the end. I was
hoping it would be sooner than later, due to my personal problems which
I would not like to talk about but you can all probably figure out
(it’s related to veritas).

Anyway, I went back with change and bought my big pau for lunch.
Walking past the outlet, I realized that there was an even better
number – 1314. It would translate as “one birth, one death” – a rather
Zen like approach to life…we live, we die. Until then, we take what
we can from the offerings of this world. I started to walk into the
Magnum 4D outlet with the full intention of buying that number, I shit
you not, I really stepped in with the FULL INTENT to get that number –
when I saw one of my coworkers walking past.

I did not want to be associated with these activities, since I do
not gamble. That is not my vice, my vice is drugs, so I immediately
walked out again to avoid being seen at this venue. Anyway, I was
posting today and remembered the 4D slip that I got and vaguely
remembered that the draw was opening at 7 PM today – it was the live
results draw on their website and I saw 1314 come out as the “Special
Prize” number, which nets RM 200.

Results from Magnum 4D website [magnum4d.com].

I was elated! RM 200 would give me a free return ticket back to Sibu
during the long Labor Day holidays! RM 200 would get me a “stick”
(about 500 mg) of methamphetamine crystals, with RM 20 left to donate
to the nice auntie who explained the semantics of this game to me! The
possibilities! It’s a small amount, no doubt, but to win by just very
casual buying (I think this is the third time in 4 years?) would be
incredibly lucky and I jumped up in elation when that number came out.

I checked my slip…it was 1374. I forgot. I didn’t go in to get
1314 because I didn’t want to be associated with this (which is
strange, since I don’t mind being associated with drug use). Fuck! The
sheer elation…and then the letdown. The disappointment at what could
have been mine. Not could have, it’s WOULD HAVE. I had the full intent of getting that number. My girlfriend says it’s not meant to be.

I fully agree. I swear that I’ll never let Magnum 4D get RM 1.10 from my pockets again. Pffftttt…

I don’t care now though, I get over things very quickly. πŸ™‚

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