1314. It came out on Magnum 4D Draw 048/04 just now. I hardly ever
buy lottery tickets. Yesterday afternoon, I was going to get a Foochow
big pau (RM 2) for lunch and I only had RM 50 denomination notes and
they didn’t have change. The memory of the last time I bought 4D from
the accident was still fresh and the Magnum 4D outlet was just a little
down from there, so I decided to get change there, and got a number
just for fun.


1374. I figured it was an appropriate number because I was depressed
and thinking about the utter pointlessness of life. 1374 pronounces as
“once born, go die” (literal translation) in Mandarin – it fitted my
mindset because that’s what life’s about. We get born, we live through
our meaningless lease on earth, and death awaits us at the end. I was
hoping it would be sooner than later, due to my personal problems which
I would not like to talk about but you can all probably figure out
(it’s related to veritas).

Anyway, I went back with change and bought my big pau for lunch.
Walking past the outlet, I realized that there was an even better
number – 1314. It would translate as “one birth, one death” – a rather
Zen like approach to life…we live, we die. Until then, we take what
we can from the offerings of this world. I started to walk into the
Magnum 4D outlet with the full intention of buying that number, I shit
you not, I really stepped in with the FULL INTENT to get that number –
when I saw one of my coworkers walking past.

I did not want to be associated with these activities, since I do
not gamble. That is not my vice, my vice is drugs, so I immediately
walked out again to avoid being seen at this venue. Anyway, I was
posting today and remembered the 4D slip that I got and vaguely
remembered that the draw was opening at 7 PM today – it was the live
results draw on their website and I saw 1314 come out as the “Special
Prize” number, which nets RM 200.

Results from Magnum 4D website [magnum4d.com].

I was elated! RM 200 would give me a free return ticket back to Sibu
during the long Labor Day holidays! RM 200 would get me a “stick”
(about 500 mg) of methamphetamine crystals, with RM 20 left to donate
to the nice auntie who explained the semantics of this game to me! The
possibilities! It’s a small amount, no doubt, but to win by just very
casual buying (I think this is the third time in 4 years?) would be
incredibly lucky and I jumped up in elation when that number came out.

I checked my slip…it was 1374. I forgot. I didn’t go in to get
1314 because I didn’t want to be associated with this (which is
strange, since I don’t mind being associated with drug use). Fuck! The
sheer elation…and then the letdown. The disappointment at what could
have been mine. Not could have, it’s WOULD HAVE. I had the full intent of getting that number. My girlfriend says it’s not meant to be.

I fully agree. I swear that I’ll never let Magnum 4D get RM 1.10 from my pockets again. Pffftttt…

I don’t care now though, I get over things very quickly. πŸ™‚

Hilux vs Wira accident and 4D numbers

hilux vs wira

There was a vehicular collision involving a Toyota Hilux rear ending
a Proton Wira just a little down from where I work right before lunch
break. I didn’t hear the accident but Evelyn from Accounts informed me
that there was a loud collision and showed me where it happened. I
tried to look out of the second floor window, but couldn’t see anything
– apparently the vehicles have moved to the side to allow traffic to
flow along the busy and narrow Jalan Padungan road.

Anyway, after ascertaining from her that it seems to be a rather
gnarly accident, I was disappointed when I went down, digital camera in
hand, to see there was only a damaged bumper and boot to the white
Wira, and hardly any signs of damage on the front of the Hilux.
Nevertheless, it seems that people like to buy 4D (lottery prediction
numbers) based on the victim’s car number plate, and I decided to go
during lunch break to this 4D outlet near my workplace to get one just
in the spirit of fun.

4d is closed

I must say that I can’t remember the last time I bought 4D since
gambling is not one of my interests, so I was surprised to see that the
outlet was closed. Another coworker who saw me photographing the closed
outlet told me that all prediction number agencies are closed on
Thursday. I guess I’ll have to get it tomorrow then. πŸ˜‰

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