Hilux vs Wira accident and 4D numbers

hilux vs wira

There was a vehicular collision involving a Toyota Hilux rear ending
a Proton Wira just a little down from where I work right before lunch
break. I didn’t hear the accident but Evelyn from Accounts informed me
that there was a loud collision and showed me where it happened. I
tried to look out of the second floor window, but couldn’t see anything
– apparently the vehicles have moved to the side to allow traffic to
flow along the busy and narrow Jalan Padungan road.

Anyway, after ascertaining from her that it seems to be a rather
gnarly accident, I was disappointed when I went down, digital camera in
hand, to see there was only a damaged bumper and boot to the white
Wira, and hardly any signs of damage on the front of the Hilux.
Nevertheless, it seems that people like to buy 4D (lottery prediction
numbers) based on the victim’s car number plate, and I decided to go
during lunch break to this 4D outlet near my workplace to get one just
in the spirit of fun.

4d is closed

I must say that I can’t remember the last time I bought 4D since
gambling is not one of my interests, so I was surprised to see that the
outlet was closed. Another coworker who saw me photographing the closed
outlet told me that all prediction number agencies are closed on
Thursday. I guess I’ll have to get it tomorrow then. πŸ˜‰

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