Tongkat Ali vs Kacip Fatimah

Battle Royale – Tongkat Ali vs Kacip Fatimah!

tongkat ali

Tongkat Ali is a preparation that is marketed as a libido enhancer
and performance booster for men. It is said to be the “herbal Viagra”,
and it claims to be effective against Erectile Dysfunction (ED). I
discarded my skepticism and decided to sample one of this to establish
the efficacy. πŸ˜‰

tongkat ali contents

Captain’s Log:
This beverage does not only contain Tongkat Ali but ginseng for extra fortification. 250 ml was consumed in a single sitting.

T+ 0:15
Mr. Happy is still not showing up.

T+ 0:30
The trouser snake lies dormant.

T+ 0:45
Subject tried to potentiate with visual stimulation. Normal results
were noted. Length and girth did not exceed regular measurements.
Duration of erection was within the normal values.

T+ 1:00
Tongkat Ali did not give me a tongkat.

Rating: 0/10
Dud. Avoid unless you’re thirsty.

kacipm fatimah

Kacip Fatimah is another famous preparation. It’s dubbed “Tongkat
Ali for women” and is marketed for women as a libido enhancer. Despite
being the wrong gender, I took this for a spin as well.

kacip fatimah contents

Captain’s Log:
250 ml of Pearl Kacip Fatimah was consumed in a single setting.

T+ 0:15
Captain does not have a log.

T+ 0:30
No wood in the captain’s log.

T+ 0:45
Looking at the silhouette of a female figure on the tin. Slight
stirring in the nether regions, but that could just be my imagination.

T+ 1:00
Fatimah did nothing for me.

Rating: 0/10
Dud. It tastes good though, sweet and tangy, unlike the Tongkat Ali preparation.

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