McD Chicken Porridge (Bubur Ayam McD)

mcd bubur ayam

McDonald’s has a range of porridge in their menu in Malaysia and has
for quite some time. It’s our “healthy” alternative to the burgers and
fried chicken that is a staple of McDonald’s. Bubur Ayam McD
(McD Chicken Porridge) is billed as “hot and tasty” and while I can
attest that it’s definitely hot (eating it before it cools down will
definitely give your tongue a good scalding), I’m not so sure about the
tasty part.

mcd bubur ayam serving

This is a large serving of Bubur Ayam McD. It literally translates to McD Chicken Porridge
and costs RM 5.20 for a large Styrofoam container full of chicken
porridge. It’s about as big as one of the premium Ramen bowls out there
and comes with a plastic spoon (Western spoon as opposed to the Chinese
“soup” spoon usually used to eat porridge) and four packets of pepper
(which you’ll need).

mcd bubur ayam open

Here’s what McD Chicken Porridge looks like when it’s opened – it’s
steaming hot chicken porridge with spring onions, fried onions, chilli
and various other condiments. It doesn’t taste so good out of the bowl,
so I recommend…

mcd bubur ayam pepper

…using all four pepper sachets to spice the McD Chicken Porridge up a bit…

mcd bubur ayam close

McD Chicken Porridge isn’t so bad when liberal amounts of pepper is
used to flavor the otherwise bland porridge. It’s good for the times
you’re not really hungry at lunch and want something light.

Bubur Ayam McD has nice, large and tender chicken chunks too…

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