China YongJin Acrobatic Show

China Yong Jin Acrobatic Show at the Center Court

I was in MidValley Megamall for most of the day and caught the Yong
Jin acrobatic troupe. The first act has a girl with a steel support on
her head holding up a boy who’s progressively putting on more and more


Pile ’em high.
A remarkable balancing act – the girl just had to move around to counter balance the action above.


The second one was of a contortionist who’s pretty good at balancing
things as well – besides the lit lamps, she’s holding one unwieldy set
with a rod in her mouth. Did that sound a little off?


Moving on, the third act is a little girl on a makeshift trapeze
type setup involving a long bamboo pole, a ladder and the actual


The forth one had a girl juggling a table with her feet.


The last act had all of the members out, jumping about and generally
doing acrobatic type stuff before forming a human pyramid…


and a teeming mass of humanity on a pole.


Thus ends the show.

My apologies, I’m depressed – apathy has rained on me and all that.
It’s funny how nothing seems much fun anymore to me now that I’ve quit.
Blah blah blah. By the way, the lyrics go “that I’ve quit the drink”
i.e. alcohol so no one thinking along other lines. Thank God it’s
Monday. Heh. Right. Bye and take care.

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