Life is like a roller coaster

You know this cliched phrase right? Our time on Earth is full of ups and downs. However, it seems that my life as of late has been nothing but a series of downs.

21000 cash

I lost nearly RM 50,000 in a month on the tables when I should have used that that to pay for my condo down payment. I have to move out in October so it would take a very long time for me to get this back again.


My mother was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and had to go for a operation to remove part of her lung.


Hell, if I was a lesser man, I might have just thrown in the towel and stepped of the edge of a very tall building. πŸ˜‰


However, I am a firm believer in family. My dad has always preached and practised agape. It’s a Greek word meaning unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, volitional, and thoughtful love. That is what family means to me. We care for each other – we support each other in times of need, we remain strong for each other, and we celebrate our milestones in life.


Family is about being there for each other – I flew down to New Zealand to be with my mom during her operation and I don’t know how many times my dad and mom has been there for me during my darkest times.

Sure, we have our disagreements just like any other family but I think we’ll have a fighting chance in the Exora My Unbeatable Family that’s going to be airing soon on 8TV. smirk


Exora My Unbeatable Family is a reality TV series about families competing with each other using a Proton Exora.


The Proton Exora is an MPV that can easily seat 7 people and starts at a very affordable RM 57,548. Families don’t come as large as they used to so I imagine most of the challenges and obstacles in Exora My Unbeatable Family would have something to do with the flexible seating configuration that allows you to rearrange the seats into space.


The teams will complete challenges every week and there will be an elimination process every week until the grand final!


It looks rather promising so don’t forget to tune in to 8TV at 7 pm every Sunday. You can also catch it on Astro Channel 708. Go to for more information!

There is also a weekly contest where you can win a RM 500 cash prize. Surf over to for details!

P/S – You can even view the episodes online! smirk

China YongJin Acrobatic Show

China Yong Jin Acrobatic Show at the Center Court

I was in MidValley Megamall for most of the day and caught the Yong
Jin acrobatic troupe. The first act has a girl with a steel support on
her head holding up a boy who’s progressively putting on more and more


Pile ’em high.
A remarkable balancing act – the girl just had to move around to counter balance the action above.


The second one was of a contortionist who’s pretty good at balancing
things as well – besides the lit lamps, she’s holding one unwieldy set
with a rod in her mouth. Did that sound a little off?


Moving on, the third act is a little girl on a makeshift trapeze
type setup involving a long bamboo pole, a ladder and the actual


The forth one had a girl juggling a table with her feet.


The last act had all of the members out, jumping about and generally
doing acrobatic type stuff before forming a human pyramid…


and a teeming mass of humanity on a pole.


Thus ends the show.

My apologies, I’m depressed – apathy has rained on me and all that.
It’s funny how nothing seems much fun anymore to me now that I’ve quit.
Blah blah blah. By the way, the lyrics go “that I’ve quit the drink”
i.e. alcohol so no one thinking along other lines. Thank God it’s
Monday. Heh. Right. Bye and take care.

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