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phobia /f’oʊbiΙ™/
noun: fear
phobias (plural)
A phobia is a very strong irrational fear or hatred of something

twin towers

Remember my post entitled Fear of the dark? BTW, for red blooded men “hatred” is a synonym for “fear”. πŸ˜‰

party people

I just thought you’ll like to have an insight into the XY Chromosome brain.

sony tx7 touch screen

I managed to get my grubby paws on a Cyber-shot TX7 and decided to take it out for a night out of clubbing!


Their were hens night too.A hen party is seen as a special event their. All were dancing with pole and shirtless. That was really a treat for girls eye.


I’ve always been apprehensive (Read: afraid) of taking photos at night due to the tragic results that inevitably happens. I’ll take 10 photos in a row and ALL of them will turn out bad. >.<


However, ever since the Cyber-shot TX7 I have faced my fears and conquered them! Here’s my awesome night out at Zouk in KL with friends the previous weekend.


I love the rich and textured quality of the photos. There’s Intelligent Auto Adjustment – perfect for the lazy ones among us.

the girls

Hand-held Twilight is another Godsend from the good people at Sony. A lot of clubs don’t allow you to bring in dSLRs so a compact that can rival a dSLR in night shots is your best bet.

night out

There are also heaps of Scene Selection options – from Twilight Portrait to Gourmet (for taking food photos) in addition to whimsical features like Pet.


Food, glorious food! It finally looks like what it should be!


A panoramic shot! Easy peasy to do.

our family

The thing that really takes the cake in terms of the Cyber-shot TX7 is the option of taking 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio photos.


You won’t know how useful widescreen is until you’ve used it in a club with people jostling you around and elbowing you to get some dance space. You can also take 8 photos in a row – perfect for OCD people like me who likes to choose the best possible picture from a range.


Personally, the feature I like the most in the TX7 is the ability to shoot in HD quality video, so I’m going to show you how well it performs in low lighting conditions with multi colored strobe lights messing with the sensor.

I have had a lot of problems with shooting videos in my previous digicam and with the HD quality video recording with this, it’s really tempting me to go back to Cyber-shot digicams. It’s sleek as hell and easy to slip into your pocket or purse for a great night out. The touch screen works wonders too in getting a lot of appreciative glances from the people around you. πŸ˜‰

Check out the full product specs here. All photos taken with the TX7, except the ones featuring it, obviously.

I only have one complain about the Cyber-shot TX7. I’ll have to return it tomorrow. πŸ™

sony tx7 model

Can I keep it please?

Soi 11 Unplugged Bar and Restaurant

soi 11

We hit the night scene in Penang with Cheryl and Kah Wheng on Saturday night. I had gone to Slippery Senoritas the night before so this time we did Soi 11 – a pub of sorts located just a stone’s throw away from Cititel Hotel (if you’re an Olympic gold medalist shot-putter that is).

Cheryl: Check out the table of girls at my 3 o’clock.

soi 11 girls

There were a group of three girls on that table drinking a beer tower.

Cheryl: Go pick them up! πŸ™‚

Cheryl was trying to get me to have a good time but I had a better idea…get Simon drunk enough so he would have enough good ‘ol Dutch Courage to approach the girls. Heh!

soi 11 us

I had to scull a lot of beers and Simon puked several times (and my memory was fucked after 1 am).

Four buckets of beer later…

soi 11 interior

I laid down the groundwork by approaching the girls first and getting all their numbers and Simon finally came over when I asked him to take a photo of us. Heh!

soi 11 chicks

It was good fun…thanks for the awesome night Cheryl and Kah Wheng! πŸ™‚

I can’t really remember much after 1 am due to…er, ExtERNal cIRcuMstaNcEs. However, I do remember bits and pieces, including dragging Simon to eat Sup Torpedo at 3 am in the morning.

me torpedo

Sup Torpedo is supposed to be an aphrodisiac and I ordered a HUGE one…more on that (and the efficacy) soon. πŸ˜‰

Exclusive Singles Valentine’s Night @ Mist Club


I was at toptorontoclubs in Bangsar on Valentine’s Day courtesy of Chingy, who got me three tickets to the event. It’s organized in conjunction with Lunch Actually – the premier dating company in Asia. The event started at 7:30 pm but I was there early with Charlz and Joyce in tow to cover the event. Chingy has just started working in Mist Club, Bangsar.


I met Pam there who arranged for me to get in earlier to take photos and cover the event. She also generously provided me with a lot of drinks vouchers, thanks for the great hospitality! =D

Everyone who went in got a bag of schwag containing party favors, a shot glass and forms (with the obligatory pencil) for games.


These are my coworkers – Charlz and Joyce. Er…Charlz, you should make it a habit to wear longer skirts to clubs. πŸ˜‰ It saves me the time of having to apply mosaic. :p


Anyway, Mist started filling up with people as the night progressed…


…and games went underway. The audience participation was lukewarm (I wanted to go up but the MC started pulling out name cards before I could) but most people were game enough to go on stage when their names were called. There was this funny dancing competition where the music is cut into English, techno and Chinese songs and the paired up couples had to dance according to the beats.


The winner walked away with a bottle of champagne. Nice!


The next game involved women, lipstick and kisses. The females are supposed to plant as many kisses as they can on their male partners (selected at random). I love shooting this scene. πŸ™‚


We interrupt this program to bring you an XX Chromosome photo – this is one of the staff at Mist.


Back to the games, the last one was a challenge where the fastest person to obtain:
A blown up condom
Two pairs of heels
A pair of earrings
Wins a prize. Some guy snagged it in like 3 minutes. Respect.


There was also a lucky draw – a trip for two (2) for three days two nights to Pulau Redang, all expenses paid. Lina, a girl who was sitting with us, won the prize. I’m so gonna suck up to her so she’s gonna take me there with her. πŸ˜‰

Thanks to Chingy, Pamela and Justin for the warm hospitality (and the massive amount of drink vouchers). πŸ™‚

I had a great time!

(and I met someone special that night – yes, you S)

Island Country Club and Island Pub & Lounge in Miri

island club

I went to Island after dinner at Shiki with Kim and Mark for a couple of drinks. We were planning to head over to a Middle Eastern joint for shisha but the place was closed so we ended up at Island Country Club while waiting for Darren to join us.

island country club

It turns out the Island is comprised of two isles (?) – one is the more upscale Island Country Club where we were and the other is the more chilled out Island Pub & Lounge (also called Island Wine & Cocktail) where Darren was.

island club bar

The interior of Island Country Club is more upmarket with a small bar seating area and more comfortable tables and chairs.

island al fresco

There is also an al fresco seating area running the entire length of the two Island clubs.

island pub lounge

The drinks menu is similar in the two Island clubs – the drinks are made at the larger bar at Island Pub & Lounge and sent over through a slot in the wall to Island Country Club.

island decor

The prices are the same too, so it’s a matter of preference as to the ambiance of the two different watering holes.

island pool

There is a pool table at Island Country Club, while Island Pub & Lounge has more TV sets playing sports channels.

island tribal

I lost my digital camera that very same night and I remembered going there again with Faye, LV and her husband just to get photos of the very same drinks we ordered that day. I know, it’s being obsessive, but I just couldn’t get over losing the photos. :p

dirty pussy

This is Licking Dirty Pussy (RM 15) – a shooter that I had the first night with Kim, Mark and Darren that I had before lounging with a Margarita and then nursing a Kilkenny.


I did the exact same thing the last night, but without the Kilkenny coz Darren already got a photo of me with that. πŸ˜‰

island margarita deluxe

I had the Island Margarita Deluxe (RM 18) – the strongest Margarita on their menu. It seems that the Margarita is the signature drink of Island Club – it was what the waitress recommended and they have three featured versions of the frozen concoction.

island margarita blue

I insisted that Faye ordered the Island Blue Curacao Margarita (RM 18) that Kim had the first night. I wanted to take a photo of the drink for consistency. πŸ™‚

island margarita mango

LV went with the Island Mango Margarita (RM 18). The margaritas at Island are all of the frozen variety.

island club redux

This is from the second time I patronized Island. The first time was with Kim, Mark and Darren during the Miri bloggers meet and the very night I lost my digicam. This reenactment is brought to you by my new Sony T70 instead of my missing Sony T2.

kim me

This is me with Kim on the first night I came to Miri.

island me darren

We hooked up with Darren too, which is a really cool guy in real life.

island me kim

This is another shot of me and the gorgeous Kim – she’s just so photogenic that I have to put up her photos. πŸ™‚

kim hb

It was great to meet up with Kim and everyone else in Miri.

island group

Check out the posts of Kimberley and Darren of the night. It was fun hanging out with them. Thanks for the excellent hospitality, guys! πŸ™‚

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