The Beautiful People

jerine beach

I’m an Aries and have strong attributes related to that horoscope. It describes me down to a T. We like beautiful things. Now, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that and there are many beautiful things in the world.

jerine bubble bath

Yes, this is what comes into mind for most guys but there are beauty in other things too.





Heck, there is even beauty to be found in random notes on a toilet door in a 10 room shared home. πŸ˜‰


However, the thing I admire the most is the design skillz that people have. I just don’t have the necessary creativity with art as I do with the written word. I’m constantly amazed by the stuff that people can come up with.

old style

This is the Best Entry in the Dell Design Studio contest. Titled “Old Style” by Amirul Hasrie it features an abstract pattern which reminds me of the concrete jungle juxtaposed with hues of green in an attempt to re-conciliate nature with the big city. He walks away with vouchers and a Dell Design Studio laptop with his design on it. How cool is that?


The other winner is the design by Sin Ong Toh called simply “Dell“. It has a very Zen feel to it with the budding lotus flowers. He won the Most Popular Design by Votes and I can certainly see why. It’s a photograph with post production elements that garnered him 333 votes.

Dell has a new range of laptops to cater to every person and the current one features a partnership with OPI, producing a series that matches your notebook to your nail color. I’m particularly intrigued by the “I’m Not Really a Waitress” design:


This design called 100 Years in NY by Deanne Cheuk is awesome too!


The Dell Studio 15 laptop is not just a pretty face but has plenty of horse power under the facade, with up to Intel Core i7 Quad-Core processors with a nifty 15.6″ 16:9 aspect ratio LED screen and other features like Blu-ray, mobile broadband and surround sound complete with sub woofer built in.


I’m quite tempted by the laptops coz it has both beauty and brains and comes at a reasonable price tag to boot! It’s very convenient to buy Dell coz they have been offering online purchases since Time Immemorial (TM).

I remember buying a Dell tower PC back when I was 14. This was in the heydays of e-commerce and understandably, my dad had reservations about using a credit card to make purchases online. How the times have changed, you’ll think of purchases online first before buying from a brick and mortar shop nowadays.

Interested in the Dell Studio series? Get it here!

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