Nostalgia Glasses!

doris memories

Selling fast! It only comes in one color – Rose tinted. πŸ˜‰

Okay, I was talking to a coworker yesterday when she mentioned something that made me think of my ex gf. I realized how much I have wronged her.

I called her last night (against all the Time Tested (TM since Time Immemorial (TM) by Adam) advice that THOU SHALT NOT CALL EX GIRLFRIENDS WHEN DRUNK).

Well, I wasn’t that inebriated, was quite sober actually. It’s good to touch base though – not the third/fourth base kind of base but the get-your-mind-out-of-the-gutter kind of touching base.

It was good – updating each other on our lives right now and how far we’ve gone since we came to KL together.

Thanks for helping with me with my taxes! <3

Funny how photos turn B&W with age. smirk

Anyway, remember the new Toyota Vios? They’re running a Twitter contest where you stand a chance to win TRD merchandise just by RT their tweet. Follow @ToyotaMY for details!

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