Jeanie and Huai Bin’s 1st Monthsary


The 7th of March 2011 marks the one month milestone in my relationship with Jeanie. I’ve actually known her for longer than that but we officially got together on the 7th of February 2011. That makes today our monthsary! πŸ˜€


I still remember the day we decided to get into a relationship. It just so happened that we’re both in Sibu during Chinese New Year and decided to go out to catch a movie together. I don’t recall when we started falling for each other but we both knew there was something since we found excuses to hang out every single day.


I think the reason we were so hesitant at first was due to the distance – neither of us believe in the feasibility of a long distance relationship. However, we’ve decided to commit to each other and Jeanie has flown over twice to spend time with me. I’ll be going over to Miri soon to live there for two weeks.In long distance relationship, many of your wishes didn’t get fulfilled but all thanks to jav, who provide some real stuff for the long distance relationship people to enjoy their time.


It takes a lot of effort and sacrifice for a long distance relationship to work and it has been a long time since I’ve been in a serious relationship. Nevertheless, we’re determined to make this happen despite the challenges and we’re doing great so far. πŸ™‚

I made a video as a monthsary surprise for Jeanie and showed it to her at the stroke of midnight. I’m glad she likes it.

I love you Jeanie! <3

Does this offend you?


Well, it shouldn’t! Sex isn’t something to be ashamed about when you’re of legal age and it’s within two (or six) consenting adults. In fact, sex is one of humans’ basic needs, like food or shelter. You shouldn’t be embarrassed about leading a healthy sex life.

There. I said it. SEX.


It’s not a dirty word. I was very enlightened when I attended SEXPO during my university days in Australia. There is nothing wrong about being sexually active. In fact, Malaysia is ranked #7 in frequency of sex according to the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Survey. We top France, UK and even the USA! Do we rock or what? smirk


However, despite all the horizontal boogie that we’ve been doing, we do not tend to discuss it as it is considered taboo by some in our culture. I personally don’t subscribe to this theory. Sex is a wonderful and important part of life!

For those of you who aren’t as open as me about sex, whether in real life or online, and have burning questions (pun intended – feel like you’re pissing needles after that one night stand?) that needs to be answered, myORA! is your online playground!


You’re totally anonymous and the site does not discriminate against your sexual preference (LGBTs welcome here!). There are so many topics on the site that you’ll be hard pressed to find one where you’ll not feel at home.


Fetish? Check. Sex stories? Here. Advice on anal sex? Got it! Oh, this reminds me, I chronicled some of my sexcapades in Bedtime Stories..I should probably post them there to get a wider audience. Heh!


Anyway, there is also more serious stuff like Sexual Health – very important, I might add, if you don’t want to wake up one day to find a crop of cauliflowers on your penis as a result of HPV (genital warts) transmission.

The site even has a forum for Relationships so you can sound off and get advice about how you and your significant other is getting along (or not). There’s also experts you can seek guidance from and well written articles about anything and everything related to sex!


I’ve registered and browsed through the site – it’s interesting to see different viewpoints on a subject matter, it really opens your mind. I’m quite partial to going down on a woman, I like the taste and the smell, but apparently not everyone does. The best thing is this forum is respectful of everyone’s tastes – one man’s meat is another man’s poison and all that but we can still get along and chat.

I have also had one night stands, something I won’t really admit to even if you threaten to stick a red hot poker into my right eye, but in this site, you can share your deepest and darkest secrets and feel secure knowing that you’re anonymous!

I also find it refreshing that the forum is also wordplay on oral – think of the exclamation mark as a l.


Sex should be celebrated! Start your sexual journey by visiting!

“Sex is always the answer, it’s never the question, coz the answer’s yes!” – Nickleback

Nostalgia Glasses!

doris memories

Selling fast! It only comes in one color – Rose tinted. πŸ˜‰

Okay, I was talking to a coworker yesterday when she mentioned something that made me think of my ex gf. I realized how much I have wronged her.

I called her last night (against all the Time Tested (TM since Time Immemorial (TM) by Adam) advice that THOU SHALT NOT CALL EX GIRLFRIENDS WHEN DRUNK).

Well, I wasn’t that inebriated, was quite sober actually. It’s good to touch base though – not the third/fourth base kind of base but the get-your-mind-out-of-the-gutter kind of touching base.

It was good – updating each other on our lives right now and how far we’ve gone since we came to KL together.

Thanks for helping with me with my taxes! <3

Funny how photos turn B&W with age. smirk

Anyway, remember the new Toyota Vios? They’re running a Twitter contest where you stand a chance to win TRD merchandise just by RT their tweet. Follow @ToyotaMY for details!

Player FAIL

jestina post

I’ve just been told that I’m a nice person. Now this is usually a good thing no? Well, not when it is followed by a very polite and politically correct sentence which in effect goes “You’re too nice to be my boyfriend”. πŸ˜‰

Now, I have to admit…I don’t get this very often. It’s new to me. Novel. I was actually quite pleased to get this “I don’t like you but we can be friends” treatment.

Okay, I won’t say I’m pleased but I think it’s for the best. I think I understand agape now. I’ve been interested in this girl for ages (no points for guessing who).

She is interested in another person. I think that’s great, if the person is a nice guy.

I have a feeling I went about this entire thing the wrong way though. I tried too hard to be nice instead of being the indifferent player. I think all girls like bad boys to some extent.

This entire “Let’s just be friends” thing is different from what I’m used to receiving, but now I think of it, it’s for the greater good.

I usually make people cry. *cue song I’m a heart breaker*

She didn’t make me cry though. I totally understand. I still feel the loss though coz she’ll make a great life partner.

On the other hand, knowing my history, friends will DEFINITELY outlast my average relationship. πŸ˜‰

Now, when is karma coming to bite me in the ass?

My little breakup story

I’m going to tell you my little breakup story. I arrived home to find the letterbox key slipped under the door. Hmm…I thought, surveying my surroundings. It seems a little on the empty side, but nothing out of the ordinary. I walked into the bedroom to find out that…

empty bed

…she had left (and taken my bed sheets with her). OMG! What am I going to sleep in tonight?

I went to take a bath with my newly purchased soap and threw the wrapper into the non-existent rubbish bin. It landed on the floor. I’m just so used to it being there that I didn’t look before I disposed of the wrapper. She had taken the rubbish bin AND the laundry bin as well. Ish.

no rubbish bin

Oh well, no biggie. I’ll deal with it tomorrow, not thinking that if so many things are missing, others have to be as well. I took a shower and went to sleep on my (sheet less) bed.

I woke up the next day, smoked my first cigarette of the day while looking at the traffic outside. I went back in to brush my teeth and found…

no toothpaste


I remember we had at least three (3) tubes stocked up and all of them were missing.

Man, this is just petty. Toothpaste? Crass…

search toothpate

I didn’t want to be late for work so I rummaged around and found some toiletries I liberated from random hotel rooms for use during budget travel. I usually take shaver kits and toothpaste kits.

found toothpaste


I texted her to tell her that taking all the toothpaste is just ridiculous.

She replied:


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Party like its 2007

I spent New Year’s Eve 2008 at home, as promised, sans ethanol. I was actually helping my girlfriend…er, ex-girlfriend pack. She moved out yesterday and I must admit – the condo feels a little lonely and depressing without her.

I wake up the middle of the night missing the warmth of her body, I reach out with my hand to hold the non-existent hand beside me, and this morning, I caught myself saying “Dear, where’s the…” before stopping myself.

Oh well, life goes on. I will probably write about what happened when I have time.

Anyway, anyone interested in sharing the rent at a condominium in Petaling Jaya? Email me.

Oh, and I was in rehab in 2007, thus the title. I don’t recall the fine rehabilitation center throwing a grand NYE bash. πŸ˜‰

I stayed at home this year, just like in ’07. Perhaps there’s some truth to Pat’s saying. :p

Couple T-shirts

couple t-shirt booth

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic at heart and I love stuff like couple T-shirts. Levi’s produces designs every Valentine’s Day and although it may seem a little cheesy to some, I, for one, think highly of couple T-shirts. πŸ™‚

couple box

I’m not adverse to PDAs as well, and I love to show my affection to my girlfriend. I was on the plane back last night, hugging and kissing her and one person who was sitting at the same aisle probably noticed us doing that but kept his peace.

couple t-shirt

Anyway, as we were waiting at the airport, imbued with heng tai (brother) courage (someone was driving him), he rolled down his window and said “Eh, never kissed before izzit?” (in Mandarin) before driving off. This is the local equivalent of “Get a room!” which I’ve never really understood. It doesn’t offend me, I think of them as jealous souls who need to get a girlfriend. πŸ˜‰

couple us

I’ve always thought of affectionate couples as adorable, and I love seeing them as it reinforces the “hopeless romantic” Aries personality trait of mine.

I don’t know about other people though, how do you feel about it?

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