KFC O.R. (Original Recipe) Fillet Burger

kfc or burger banner

KFC OR Fillet Burger is the latest addition to KFC’s admittedly paltry burger portfolio. The O.R. stands for Original Recipe, as in the KFC chicken.

kfc or burger lost

The advertisements and promos for the KFC O.R. Fillet Burger centers
around “missing” and “lost” themes involving the burger in question.

kfc or burger car

One particularly amusing one involves a “car missing” poster which
describes the lost car, which was last seen with a KFC O.R. Fillet
Burger on the front seat.

The KFC Original Recipe (O.R.) Fillet Burger is basically a Zinger
with an Original Recipe fillet inside, instead of the Hot and Spicy
breaded fillet used in the Zinger.

kfc or burger size

The diminutive size hardly makes it justifiable for a meal though…and yes, that is the real size, it’s smaller than a soda can…

kfc or burger wrapper

The KFC O.R. Fillet Burger comes in a mild blue colored wrapping, which is a contrast to the siren red Zinger wrappers.

kfc or burger filling

The O.R. Fillet Burger comprises of a tender cut of KFC Original
Recipe chicken, lettuce and mayo…and that’s about it. It tastes good
though, a simple but satisfying burger. I have no beef (pun not
intended) with it except for the below average size (for a burger).

It’s just not meant for big appetites…

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