The 60’s Teow Chew Fishball

60s teochew fishball

I was driving my coworker back after a late night working in the office when she told me about this homemade fishball eating establishment (just love the contrast in the words) near her place. Windy lives in Sea Park and is familiar with the eateries around the area. We decided to grab a late dinner since we’ve both not eaten.

60s house of fishball

The 60’s Teow Chew Fishball is a quaintly named place which specializes in (no prizes for guessing) homemade fishballs. They serve Teochew style food and I was surprised to find the place packed this late at night. It was about 10:30 pm or so when we got there. Windy told me the reason – the eatery has an ingenious marketing strategy. The food and drinks are 50% off after 9:30 pm!

60s mee pok

I had the Tien Pin Mee Pok (Dry). This self-dubbed House of Fishball serves the noodles with slices of fish cake and a separate bowl containing two of their famous fishballs for RM 5. I like the springiness of the noodles. The noodles are the flat variety, which I’ve always found puzzling. In Sarawak, mee pok is synonymous with curly noodles.

60s celery noodles
Windy opted for the healthy sounding Celery Noodles (RM 6.50). It’s a soup based dish with plenty of their renowned fishballs floating in the broth. I’m not a big fan of soup and the only dry noodles they have is the dish I had, so you might want to consider that if you share a similar antipathy to soup dishes.

60s fishball

I reckon that since we’re in a fishball specialty shop, I might as well go the full Monty and ordered a large bowl of homemade fishballs (RM 10). The fishballs are surprisingly good. I’ve been increasingly adverse to highly processed foods (possibly due to my failing liver) but I liked the fishballs in The 60’s Teow Chew Fishball restaurant. The texture is supple and yielding and although it doesn’t have any detectable taste on its own, it goes very well with their sauce.

60s chee cheong fun

We also ordered a side dish of chee cheong fun (RM 1.50) which Windy got the proprietor to fry up. I’m pleased to report that fried chee cheong fun tastes better than the regular steamed version, at least over here. They added a lot of spring onions and bean sprouts, as well as an (un)healthy but generous shake of the soy sauce bottle.

60s discount

The 60’s Teow Chew Fishball restaurant USP (Unique Selling Point) is the 50% discount after 9:30 pm. I’m sure most of the diners are residents of the area, but it’s still a great gimmick to get the crowds in. The bill came up to a grand total of just RM 12 (!) for all that food and drinks for both of us.

It’s a bargain! πŸ™‚

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Here’s a map for the directionally challenged. The 60’s Teow Chew Fishball is located at the same row as KFC in front of the old Ruby cinema.

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